Friday, May 05, 2017


It feels weird posting here. The only reason I return is because I was stalking a friend's blog and somehow I miss the therapeutic feeling of penning my thoughts down.

On my relationship status:
I am "overjoyed" to announce I am still single. Shocking, yes *roll eyes*. But after all these years, I have learned that it is not a bad thing at all to be single. I enjoy the freedom and the feeling that I don't have to commit to someone that I am not sure will even be there for me.

I am on tinder. The cat is out of the bag. I started tinder late last year when some weird shit happen and also because my friend was on it and it wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. Sure, I do get guys asking me for sex / hook-ups / one night stands / friends with benefits. You get the gist. But I have been interacting with more guys in 3 months that I have ever had in my past years. Granted, it is so time consuming and at times I just "ghost" on them because I am too tired and you don't want to mess with me when I am tired.

Currently there are 3 that I have maintain my chatting progress with although I am aware it will end anytime soon. C is the guy I have been chatting with the longest. Young and handsome, he is currently training overseas which is probably the reason we maintained our conversation. Because we have yet to meet. Anyway, our relationship is purely based on lust - lots of sexting and he constantly ask me to be his fwb. But at times, he lament how lonely he is being overseas away from his family.

Then there is J, the sweet boy-next-door. I have been seeing him for a few times now. He is not exactly my type of guy but then again, it is not easy to meet decent guys on tinder. He already said he is not into hook ups or anything short term. Well, we will wait and see. I don't want to break his heart but honestly, I get bored of nice guys pretty quickly.

Finally there is M who is so complicated that even my chats with him are complicated. M seems perfect to me in textbook but truth is, we won't last at all if we ended up together. He is the type of guy I used to admire back in school - handsome and smart. But there is a reason guys like that and me don't blend well together. They are way too narcissistic and might just be too much for me to handle. That being said, I do enjoy bantering with him on a regular basis. He basically has opinions for just about everything under the sun and like it or not, some of them make complete sense.

On my addiction:
My current addiction is on make-up products. I have been constantly buying them on a monthly basis since last October. I need to stop by the way. It is getting way out of hand already. But those damn pretty things! Why my heart cannot be stronger against them.

I realized my shopaholic habit is often due to me trying to fill some kind of void inside. I know those purchases I make? It is just for that short moment of happiness and satisfaction. I don't really need all those stuff. One of my biggest resolutions for this year is to learn to handle my finances. I am terrible at it, so bad at it. It is self-explanatory.

I would like to continue typing but laziness got the better of me so I am just going to post this now else it will remain forever inside my drafts folder, just like the other 11 posts inside that never got to see the daylight.

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