Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tokyo Shopping Hauls

Been wanting to write about this post for a while now but kept making up excuses lol. It is the middle of March and I am blogging about my trip back in January wtf.

Going there, I did not really have a list in mind about things to buy, well except for Emoda as I have read about it prior in Fourfeetnine and Cheeserland blogs.

I am quite shocked (and guilty wtf) about how much I have spend but there is also a huge sense of satisfaction when I see my loot from Japan.

Took me a long time to arrange all my buys so I can take a "group" pic. After I finish clearing up everything, I realized I forgot to insert my MUJI pillow inside so sad ok TT______TT.

First pic: Actually these are not my buys from Japan lol. They are souvenirs from HK by Suzy M. The pouch is real handy to store all my important belongings when I go for my lunch breaks :) 

Assortment of souvenirs from Asakusa and also pins from gatcha-gatcha that we spun at Tokyo, Hakone and also Kyoto.

Amulets from temples, mostly in Kyoto - Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu-Dera.

My first Starbucks tumbler! Combination of my two favourite things - Tokyo and coffee :)

One place that I could shop whole day at was the 100 yen shop LOL. I just kept putting stuff inside my shopping basket, so much so that before I went to the cashier I had to do a double take and realized wtf why am I getting stuff I don't need LOL. My favourite is definitely the pink card case, very handy for my HKL pass :)

Sad to say, although I am in my mid-twenties, I know zilch when it comes to make-up. To me, I only have BB cream, gel eyeliner and lipstick in my cosmetics case. But then again, I don't really wear make-up to work, coz I am lazy like that. Anyway, Majolica Majorca is a Japanese brand recommended by Suzy M (who else lol) and this mascara has been quite ok :)

Snacks! Although I didn't really buy as much as the others lol. Because they can be a bit bulky and luggage space is a huge headache for me. My favourites were definitely the green tea crackers in the middle and the wasabi peanuts. The peanuts were so addictive it was finished in less than a week back home.

Shopping at Tokyo Disneyland! We didn't visit the theme park, so we had time to shop at their huge souvenirs store. The chocolates were really cute, in mickey shapes and heart shapes. I have a pic of it somewhere inside my phone but am too lazy to look for it now wtf.

Postcards! One of the must-buy things when I travel coz I am an avid collector of travel postcards. Got one in Tokyo, Hakone and also Kyoto. Send out a few to friends and of course, to myself too :)

This is the MUJI neck pillow I forgot to include in the "group" pic! I first fell in love with this pillow at the MUJI store in Pavilion. I always have trouble sleeping in planes, especially in long flights. I absolutely hate long hours flight, I almost died when I went to Italy last year. This pillow is so soft and comfy I am hoping it will prove useful next time I get on a long hours flight. Btw, it was cheaper at Tokyo, that is why I bought it there rather than at KL.

Kit-Kat - wasabi flavour and rum & raisin. I didn't buy the green tea ones although they are my favourite because quite expensive and a candy shop at KLCC sells them too.

Of course, I cannot ignore my love for all things K-pop. Yes, I am such a fangirl. Got this CD at Tsutaya music store in Shibuya. I am not sure if they are selling this album back in KL but since it is a Japanese edition album, I can only assumed it wil be cheaper in Japan (I hope!).

On my last day in Tokyo, I was so desperate to visit this Kpop shop at Harajuku that I ventured alone to this shop taking the subway train by myself from Shibuya to Harajuku (without a working phone!). I admit I was quite scared to go by myself in case I got lost, but I didn't want to miss the chance to see this shop for one last time.

This is the Kpop shop I was so keen on visiting at Harajuku. I forgot to take a pic of the shop (silly me) so I had to steal one from Google. Credited to whoever took this pic ok.

Anyway, I didn't regret it because I was like a kid in a candy store. So many awesome Kpop goodies. If I didn't have to worry so much about luggage space, I would have bought more stuff from there. As was the case, I only got Infinite-H latest album and 2PM calendar. I am in love with Hoya from Infinite-H ever since Reply 1997. I was kinda disappointed they didn't have the Reply 1997 OST though, it is a real problem looking for that album.

Japanese fashion magazine! Even back in KL, I sometimes buy the English version of ViVi Japan but I don't know what got into me that made me buy a magazine in Japan. I bought this one because one of the cheaper ones there, 500 yen. Clara looked and it and totally disapprove, "You know how to read meh? Waste money," she said bluntly to me :(

This is my absolute favourite buy from Japan. Always wanted to get one of these 2-sided caps since I saw them in Instagram and other Kpop websites. We went to Shibuya 109 mall on our last night and I walked the whole mall, unable to buy anything I like so I was kind of disappointed. And then, I saw this cap in one of the shops and though I hesitated for a long time, I finally bought it.

UNIQLO products are apparently cheaper in Japan, I was told before going there. You can find UNIQLO in almost every nook and cranny of Tokyo. But, weather in KL hardly permits you to wear winter clothings. I got this jacket for my Mom as they were having sales that time. UNIQLO down jackets are really light and warm, I practically survived on mine during my entire trip.

EMODA goodies. I actually browsed through their website prior to the trip and had my eye on a really cute t-shirt but so sad I could not find it at their store in Shibuya 109. To contend myself for flying more than three thousand miles, I could not leave empty handed so I got a t-shirt and a pair of stockings from EMODA. I know, impulse shopper totally comes to mind now.

My loot from H&M. Not as much compared to my other shopping buddies. Probably because I frequent H&M quite often even back in KL, so I wasn't particularly excited about it. They were having sales though so copped two cardis and a scarf.

A really cute collared shirt from Harajuku. It was our last day and almost all my money were gone. But I gave in and got this Alice in Wonderland inspired shirt, together with Suzy M. Thank goodness for credit cards lol.

Lastly, my buys from Kyoto Underground Mall. Really love these two jackets so much that I wore them in Japan already lol. Really cheap too, about 700 yen each. Wished I bought more from that shop!


nichella tjendana said...

hey :) i'm going to japan next june and can i ask you something? what/where is the store where you buy the infinite h cd + 2pm calendar? and also are there many kpop stores at japan? thank you :)

FIFIONA said...

Hi Nichella, if you click on the jump and scroll down my post, you will see a pic of the shop. Its called 1 DOL Park and you have to walk further inside Takeshita Dori to locate it. Yes, there are many but I only found one at Harajuku

FIFIONA said...

Hi Nichella, if you click on the jump and scroll down my post, you will see a pic of the shop. Its called 1 DOL Park and you have to walk further inside Takeshita Dori to locate it. Yes, there are many but I only found one at Harajuku



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