Monday, August 31, 2009

during and post-exams: i wanna, i wanna touch you, you wanna touch me too…

Freakin about LI right now, will I ever find a place to do my industrial training?


There is current LI talk among us 3rd years and how some are so kiasu, applying so early and about applying to 6 or 7 places when our lecturer only asked us to apply to 3. I have not started on my LI application yet…so does that mean I am not so kiasu or that I am ignorant? I wonder…

*updated: I am done with the LI letters already…*

#4: A lovely surprise on 27th August 2009.

Not too long ago, I just casted a vote for fun on FlyFm’s night flight. I usually listen to the radio at night when I am studying and sometimes when I am bored, I play sms with the radio station.

I am currently digging All-American Rejects “I Wanna” song so I cast in ONE vote so the DJ will play the song. I never expect to win…I didn’t even know what prize was up for stake.

As I am reading my notes, suddenly I received a phone call from a private number. It was Hunny Madu on the line and she  called me to tell me I won! Walao, I only send in ONE sms still can win meh? I was so confused. LOL.

Anyway, after that I told my roommates that a DJ called me and BB recorded my part on the radio. My voice like damn blur lar but so happy I won! First time winning something on radio leh!

The prize? Four movie passes to “The Orphan”. The package came on Thursday and I am still excited about it ;)

surprise1 surprise2 surprise3 -4 complimentary passes for “The Orphan” at any cinema. Hopefully I will have the time to utilise these tickets!-

#5: Shopping at Jusco Wangsa Maju on 28th August 2009.

buka puasa

-Picture of our dinner at Jusco – buying food at the “buka puasa” food bazaar just outside Jusco-

How to de-stress after exams? By retail therapy of course!

Went to the nearest mall in Setapak with Wei2 and Beng2. Initially my Biomed housemates were supposed to go with us but Ngiik Ling fell sick and so the other two accompanied her to the clinic.

Bought some stuff, will post them at my other blog when I find the time. One really significant thing that happened today?

I pierced my ears again! I can’t believe I let others talk me into it again. Since the last time I pierced my ears (last October), my roommate Suzane has been saying how she wanted to pierce her ears again (I am such a trendsetter le? Hehe…jk jk) and then my housemate Wei2 also followed suit and said the same thing. And then, they found Ai Li who wanted to pierce again too, but she later dropped out. And then Ngiik Ling said she wanted too but she got sick and Suz M and Mei Chen could not make it to Jusco with us.

The final result: Me and Wei2 both pierced our ears. Everyone I know is always saying how painful it is but the way I see it is that if you don’t think about it, you won’t feel it. So if i don’t think about the pain, the I don’t feel pain. Does it sound too easy? Maybe.

I am getting addicted to piercing ears already. This is seriously my last one, or else my Mom won’t like it. Hehe ;)



Spend Malaysia’s Independence day by hitting the mall. Mom wanted to help me de-stress after exams so we went to watch the Pixar-animated movie “UP”.


My verdict: Seriously, must go watch it. Although the plot/storyline is really far-fetched (sorry, I am kind of realistic), it has a really good meaning to it. Some touching parts are definitely about Carl and his love for his wife Ellie and not able to forget about her even if she is no longer alive.

The music is also really good. It is kind of like a reminiscence kind of music, makes you think back on those memories and at times, so sad and melancholic.

I won’t give much of the story away as it is a really simple yet touching story. An old man, Carl wants to fulfilled his late wife’s wish of having a house on Paradise Falls, Venezuela. So on the morning that Carl was assigned to an old folks home by the court, he tied hundreds of balloons to this house and floated the whole house to Venezuela. Of course, on the way, he met this cute boy, Russell who cannot leave him alone but eventually Carl grew fond of Russell.

Seriously, a touching and meaningful movie, this. Must-watch!


-Mid Valley is feeling the Hari Raya festive mood-


This year’s deco is about animated-like kampung atmosphere. I feel like it is a page from Lat’s comic book. (I hope people know who Lat is, the famous Malaysian cartoonist. I used to read his comics)

movie3 movie4   -Lunch was the food court where I tried the Korean cuisine this time. Really special. Above pic was how my food set was given to me. The “super-friendly” guy told me must mixed the sweet sauce with the rice. Hence, the second pic, after mixing. Verdict: I love it, absolutely spicy and sweet. But it was too full for me and a little too much vegetables. Haha, I am not a veggie person. But definitely will try it again!-


Sunday, August 30, 2009

pre-exams: did you miss me?

On 18th August, this young man would have turned 22 years old and one year shy of graduating as an engineer. Please show your support in memory of my good friend by signing up as members here:


Finally I am back blogging after my hectic mid-semester exams are finally over. I have so much stuff to update and I had originally intended to blog all day for this three days but since I have a report due Monday and lots of LI-related stuff (that I had procrastinated before this) to do, I decided to keep this post short and simple (hopefully).

#1: Tze Im’s bday on 1st August 2009.

I know this happened ages ago and I had intended to blog about this earlier, but with the sudden passing of Gary, I thought it might be a little inappropriate…

Anyway, this was a birthday surprise gone wrong. We wanted to surprise Tze Im with a bday cake as she come back to Setapak from Penang but tak jadi lor. When Wei Wei and I went to their Prima house, we found out that Janice and MC went down to eat dinner. Wei2 and me were in charge of buying the cake and then we passed it to Ai Li to put into the fridge. Few minutes later, Ai Li came out, looking worried. We wondered what was wrong.

“I cannot fit the cake into the fridge.”

HAHAHAHA. Ai Li is so so cute ;)

So, the 3 of us tried to fit the bday cake into their small fridge by removing some of their groceries. Suddenly, Tze Im came back with Jia Ying. Panicked, I went and greeted her with the bday candles in my hand. But she already suspected something wrong when she saw Wei2 and me in her house.

Worse thing is, while waiting for Janice and MC to returned from dinner, Tze Im had opened the fridge and we didn’t know how to stop her. Haih…

Ya lor, so no surprise but still got bday cake. Hehe…so,

Happy 22nd Birthday “Lao Im!”


-the cake, the birthday girl and the present-

random updates1

#2: Mice lab (again!) on 10th August 2009.


The last time was back in 2nd year. Needless to say I was not thrilled when I heard that our CNS lab is about doing experiments on mice again.

The objective of this time’s lab? To test the sensory nerves of the mice. Sounds kesian right?

My group had to forced the mouse into a restrainer and place its tail into warm water. When the tail flicks, then we recorded the time. Second time, we injected morphine (as an analgesic) and repeat the whole thing again.


The mice this time around are super ganas lor. Will not stop struggling, unlike the last time. Will not stay still at all, made me so freaked out just trying to put its tail into the water. And, really, touching the tail was so so disgusting. And freakin’ scary!

I seriously hope I don’t get the mice clinical test for my thesis next year…:(


-my group did the Tail-Flick test-


-this is the group that sat next to my group, which we had nicknamed “The Group with the Olympic Mouse”. Why? because their mouse jumped out of the container. Super jumper lor. That is why they had to put the metal grill on the top to prevent it from jumping for its freedom. This group did the Hot-Plate test-

#3: Visit to Nuclear Agency Malaysia on 13th August 2009.

I think the place is kind of interesting but don’t know whether is it because we don’t know much about nuclear energy, we all got kind of confused listening to the explanations, up to a point when we got kind of bored already.

The worst part of the day is not the trip but the logistics is so crap and a waste of time. Imagine waiting for the bus for 2 whole hours just to bring us back to Setapak. Why everyone was so stressful? The next day we had a Biopharmquiz with Dr Haliza.

We got on the bus at around 1pm. But reached back home at 9pm even though the visit ended at office hours at 5pm. Why? Thanks to logistics lor.

One thing I cannot stand my coursemates doing is to stick together like glue. The X of them are always together, whenever we are divided into non-formal sub-groups like this. What is this? Kindergarten? How old are you until you are so socially inept to mingle with your own coursemates? Haih…

Conclusion: The place is very interesting to learn about nuclear energy but maybe next time I should come prepared so I would not feel blur most of the time. Logistics is crap.

For more, click about Wei2’s experience and all the pics are on her facebook.


-On the way there, sat with Sia. Hehe. I am never going to sit near JC (the one in the background) and Gan Boon Yan anymore. Boys that cannot stay still-


-the nuclear reactor is seriously, the highlight of the trip. Super cool weii. But no pics allowed so this is the miniature version of the actual reactor that is 1000X bigger lar of course. Funny part is how they actually use a custom-made fishing rod to fished out the radioactive material-

mint2-the seven of us good friends. Tze Im wore black, she absorbed the most radiation.

Hahaha. No lar, that is not true-


-The two Carolyns and Wei Ping aka Terev Dickxon were in the same sub-group as me. It was fun hanging out with them-


-Mr. Emo-

-Finally he is back in the blogging scene after a super long hiatus-


-Bloggers Rock!!! Ai Li baybeh, Babi Sia, me and Ah Jane-


-the younger and cuter bunch out of the 7 of us. Hahaha-


-(L-R): YongXin, TzeIm, MeiChieng, Janice, JiaYing, AiLi, me, YuSiang and SzeWei-

mint9 -Everyone is not wasting time studying for the quiz the next day and also the upcoming mid-sem exams-

#4: My mom’s birthday lunch @ Mid Valley on 15th August 2009

My Mom turns XX years old on 13th August but because I was not around then, I treated her to a birthday lunch at Manhattan Fish Market @ Mid Valley on a Saturday.

Mom’s grilled seafood platter was heaven and my fish fillet was fails miserably. Not tasty at all lor.

Also tried this Korean sushi / sandwich that tasted good but very filling with all the rice.

Did some shopping but nothing interesting to look at. Bought something though. Will post it up in my shopping blog soon (hopefully!)

stuff to blog

#5: ALICE’S GRADUATION PARTY on 15th August 2009

After lunch in the afternoon with Mom. at night I had dinner at an old friend’s house, Alice Pushpanathan. She graduated from UM recently. I know, so fast right? Sob Sob…I still got one and a half more years to go. Alice went to matriculation so that is why she is graduating a lot sooner than me.

Thanks to Stephanie who became our driver that day to Alice’s house, which is quite far. All the way at Seri Kembangan. We even got lost TWICE. First time around Stephanie misunderstood the directions. Second time, Jagdeesh who was guiding Stephanie through directions given by Alice via SMS told Steph to turn left. Only after she turned left, Jag said, “But the directions ask to turn right.” Hahahaha. That was a riot.

Ok-lar cannot blame the girl. She rarely comes back to Malaysia since she is busy becoming a future doctor, studying Medicine at Kursk, Russia. Cool right? She is really awesome for being able to survive so long in a tough course so far away. Currently, in her 4th year of studies.

Stephanie, on the other hand, is in her final year studying Biology at UKM. Her thesis is more on zoology, studying about some rare crocodile species. Ya, I didn’t really get it. Hahaha. I am sorry, I am not so in touch with the animal kingdom.

Malvina, she is working with her Dad right now. And honestly, Malvina is such a great motivational speaker that she has insipired me very much to put all my effort in my studies right now. She is right, we need to think positive in order to attract positive energy and giving yourself a time limit to make mistakes in order to grow from it. Jagdeesh emphasized to me about getting my basics strong and although I cannot finish reading a certain subject, make sure what I know, I know it damn well.

Thanks friends for everything!

alice graduation

-Malvina, Jagdeesh, Alice, me and Stephanie-

Post-exams post is after this…


Saturday, August 08, 2009

so difficult

Unanswered questions surround sportsman’s last moments
Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 06:49:00

THE mysterious death of a young sports enthusiast has shocked family and friends.

Electronics engineering student, Gary Leon Robert, 22 (pic), was found dead near Shah Alam stadium a day after completing the King of the Road Run, organised by Adidas last Sunday.

He was reported missing after collapsing at the finish line. A video recording of him fainting has been circulating on the Internet.

“It’s shocking and bizarre at the same time because he was a fit person,” said housemate and best friend, Ramesh Manimaran, 22.

“He participated in the run with two friends and they made plans to meet back at the parking lot after the run. They waited for one-and-a- half hours but there was no sign of him,” added Ramesh.

Upon learning the news that he was missing, family members and friends started a search. Many online
threads were started by friends immediately after but the search ended when a body was found at the construction waste dump site at the stadium’s basement the next day.

“It doesn’t make sense! Knowing him personally, he wouldn’t have gone there alone, especially after collapsing earlier. And the place where his body was found was just opposite the medic camp and it isn’t near at all,” said Ramesh.

Facebook’s statuses were also flooded with the search and news of finding him.

Another friend Hafisz Faiesall, 22, described Gary as a very promising guy and an all-rounder. “It just saddens me because he was a really good friend. I’ve known him for more than five years and I certainly did not see any of this coming,” he said.

“When I arrived at the office and got myself online on Facebook, I was really horrified with my friends’ status updates. I kept on praying that it wasn’t true,” he added.

Ramesh told Malay Mail that Gary was a kind-hearted, happy and great person to be around citing that: “He was a very gentle person and extremely close to his family. In short, any parents would want him as their son.”

An unidentified person, who participated in the run also lent a helping hand by alerting the public. He posted
a blog and uploaded a video of Gary passing out at the finish line.

He also provided his readers with details of Gary’s features, identification number, shirt number and what he was last seen wearing before he disappeared.

Second of three siblings, Gary was the only boy in the family and loved sports.

He was associated with the Selangor Football Club and attended University of Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN). The marathon marked his first time running a 22km race.

According to another unidentified witness: “Gary was last seen on a stretcher due to over exhaustion in the stadium being carried to the medic camp.”

I sorry but I will stop updating for a while now. This week has been an extremely difficult week for me with the passing of my friend, Gary. Every day, my mind is flooded with memories of him. I have been having sleepless nights as well because I am still not over the shock that Gary is no longer here.

Every day I am filled with regrets for not keeping in touch with him. You just think there will always be tomorrow and there will be other functions where you will meet up with your childhood friends. I still cannot bring myself to delete his handphone number. Maybe I will leave it inside to remember him. Gary, if you are still alive and you don't remember me, I don't blame you. All those times I could have kept in touch with you but I never did. And now, all I have are regrets that I did not treasured you when you were still alive.

I am still really angry over the organisers. If anyone who knew Gary, they would have known that he was an all-round athlete. He played in every type of sports there is. So how can he die from extreme dehydration? It is just so unfair that he is gone due to some stupid organiser's negligence.

I have tried to move on since attending his funeral service on Tuesday night. I have tried to keep myself busy by concentrating on my mid-sem exam preparations but every now and then, little things I see remind me of Gary. The worst was when I went to Petaling St yesterday. The whole lrt is plastered with posters of UNITEN. It is just so difficult. I do not want my UKM friends to also be affected by my emotions so I never said anything. In fact, if I can, I don't really want to talk about it. Those faces at the funeral, the open casket and his family...they still remain fresh in my mind.

We really miss you a lot, Gary. He was the one who would smile a lot and make jokes all the time. The last time I saw him was last October, where I sat next to him at Desiree's 21st. There was the time back in primary school when we represented our school for Mathematics Quiz in Std 6 , when we won first place for peringkat zon. And then, in Form 2, when we got 2nd place for Choral Speaking and he sat next to me in the bus. We were all shouting and being euphoric because it was the first time Perimbun actually got any placing in a choral speaking competition. Then I saw him again in Form 5, when we went to the same tuition together. Since we both live on the same road, we would go to Mr. Jasbir's house together.

I always told him if I ever have an elder brother, I would want it to be him. And he still remembers that because every year, on my birthday, he would msg me "happy birthday sis." And I have been such a lousy friend because sometimes I even forgot to message and wish him happy birthday. Now I will never be able to. So many things I could have done, now I just wished I can turned back time and do them all before he passed away.

I miss you, bro.

I am sorry this post is so messy and has many language mistakes. My mind is in mess-up shit mode now.

For more about Gary,
Here are some tributes I found online *here*, *here*, *here*
Here is a facebook group dedicated to him *here*. He already has over 1,000 fans, that shows what a great guy he is and how many people he has affected.

My deepest condolences to his family, whom Gary loved so much when he was still alive...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


In Loving Memory....


(1987 - 2009)

*Although Gary and I have not really kept in touch since our Perimbun classmates days, I still remember him as a very good, humble and friendly person. It is so sad to mourn the loss of a friend, even more painful since he is such a good and kind soul. Rest in peace, Gary, you will be dearly missed by all of us...

*Gary passed away from dehydration after participating in a marathon Adidas run in Shah Alam...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

i need motivation

and now that my sudden quarantine week is almost over

Why am I always feeling depressed?

Today is Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday. And then the day after is Monday.

*Sigh* How fast time passes. Tomorrow I will be going back to Setapak and Monday, classes will resume back to normal.

So before I go back to my "stress-hole", here is a short quickie on my one week break.

Finally I completed my small diy project. Thanks to Ah Wei for accompanying me to buy the studs =) Read more about it *here*

Retail pharmacy and hospital pharmacy side-by-side

Yesterday I followed my Mom to SIME DARBY HEALTHCARE (previously known as SJMC - Subang Jaya Medical Centre) for her annual medical check up. I was very impressed by how organized and modern-looking SJMC was (although the parking bays should be expanded) I was initially thinking of applying to do my LI here next year, but judging from the distance and traffic from my house to this hospital, maybe it is not such a good idea after all.

I got so excited when I saw the bunting for PET/CT scan. The reason being just last week I had my first class on Nuclear Pharmacy and the lecturer mentioned that SJMC is one of the few places that have this sophisticated (and highly expensive) diagnostic machine, mainly used to detect tumors. There are more of these machines in KL, in other states they have only one or none at all.

Mom had to do several tests and although doing each test is really quite brief, the waiting period is really long. There were so many people that day. But best thing is, not only each waiting room is air-conditioned, but there are televisions! Yes, with Astro too! In the diagnostic imaging waiting room, I was watching "Over My Dead Body" (Eva Longoria) which was so funny that I was slightly disappointed I did not get to finish the movie. Lol.

And so, after the hospital visit, we went to Berjaya Plaza because Mom wanted to do a re-dye job since her white roots are showing. Since I was already there at the saloon, I had a haircut too. But people will probably not notice it because it is nothing drastic. Just shorten my fringe and re-layer my hair. I know, I am pretty boring :(

On the way to Bukit Bintang area, however, I spotted this vandalism on one of the Pudu Prison murals. What do you think? Pretty funny to me, and pretty creative also lar.

Had dinner at SWEETCHAT where I had the noodle salad. Yum yum. The sauce is fantastic, I tell ya ;)

And to end my outing that day, Mom and I went out to watch "THE PROPOSAL". Finally! This is one of the movies I really wanted to watch since knowing Sandra and Ryan are in it.
So I am not going to elaborate much on the storyline. Sure, the storyline sounds pretty much like the generic, totally run-of-the-mill kind of plot. Boy hates girl. Girl also hates boy. Some difficult circumstance came up and boy + girl have to pretend to be a couple. Through everything that happens, boy and girl falls for one another. The end. Oh, and I forgot "they lived happily ever after".

Lol. Do I sound very cynical there?

Anyway, if there is one thing I want to say, is just to watch this movie not because of the generic storyline, but because of all the witty dialogues and great acting from Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. I knew this movie is going to be funny, but didn't expect it to be THIS DAMN FREAKIN' FUNNY! LOL!

Ryan Reynolds, I remember him best from "Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place" (that TV comedy - does anyone still remember it?) and OMG, he look so hot in Wolverine as well. And then Sandra Bullock, whom I always love as an actress, she will always be that lovable "Miss Congeniality". Together, they have such great and believable chemistry that I would think something would have sparked, if not because I knew both are already happily married.

Yes, I totally have a crush on RYAN REYNOLDS. The guy is so hot and handsome. Totally not the skinny guy from TV I once knew. Too bad he is already married to the bombshell Scarlet Johansson.
Ryan and Sandra during the premiere

I don't even have a favourite scene. I love all of them because they all made me laugh. Do go watch it, it is seriously funny wei...

And so that ends my week.



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