Monday, October 20, 2008

flowers for pt / desiree's 21st

Random shot: Roomie and me at Old Town having supper...Freakin' coffee made me freakin' awake until freakin' 3am


Haven't update for a while's study week...yawn...zzz...welcome to dullsville...

On 10 October 2008, I followed my coursemates Terev, WaiKuan, YongXin and YongXin's Physiotherapy housemate, Xiao Ku to Petaling Street. All of them (except WaiKuan) wanted to buy flowers for their little buddies in conjunction with Pesta Tanglung UKM. WaiKuan wanted to buy a bday present for her little buddy, Song Ing.

Me? I haven't been to Petaling Street for a while now so decided to just go and see it again for old time's sake.

Walking along the busy and dirty roads does bring back memories of how back in Form 6, I would walk along these same roads with my BF classmates. I am a lazy student (then and also still, now) so I took a lot of tuitions back in Form 6. Pengajian Am, Physics, and Biology were all taken in tuition centres in Petaling St, so four days out of a week were spend here.

Since I had most experience out of the group, they suggested I bring them to somewhere nice for lunch. The first place that struck my mind was "Ming Tea Vessel", a place CCH introduced me to. I have not been there for ages.

But so sad ok? The place had closed down. Wuwuwu...T________T...And it had occurred to me that I must not have been to Petaling St for months now to not have realized that the place had bankrupted. memories fade so easily with time...

So instead we settle for this place next to the Yakin tuition centre, for some who still remember where it is. Had the vegetarian mixed rice, like I used to back then. Nice but overpriced.

After lunch, it was straight to business. I did not have anything on my shopping list since I was still broke (T___T) so I accompanied WaiKuan who wanted to buy a new outfit to wear to PT on Saturday night.

WaiKuan dear, I luurrrveee you bcoz you are such a sweet girl but I have never seen someone so fickle-minded before...I think we must have entered almost every clothing shop/boutique in PS and still she could not find one outfit she liked. When it was time to go, she decided to return to one of the shops we already went to and still, could not decided if she wanted to buy the top because of the price. Eventually, all of us returned with her to that shop, waiting for her to make up her mind if she wanted to buy it or not. Alas, she did (thank gawd).

I guess, in a way, it is good she is fickle-minded, must have save lots of money during shopping then:)

So here are some pics we took:

At the flower shop where they bought the flowers, I spotted this cute piggie bouquet

Fresh fresh roses...beautiful ain't they?

The lovely WaiKuan posing with the flowers the others bought

Along the way, we decided to try this snack. Its like tongyuen but with multiple flavours and scattered with nuts topping. WaiKuan mentioned that she saw this lady and her vendor stall on that famous Chinese food program, Ho Chak before.

After getting all the stuff we wanted, we embarked home to Setapak via the LRT, camwhoring along the way...

WaiKuan and the blogger. Ya la, I know I look like crap since the day before I came back from One Utama pretty late and after spending so many hours in Petaling St, I was so so tired.

Future Pharmacists WeiPing and WaiKuan

Bloggers Fifiona and Terev.Dickxon

Moi holding up bouquets for Guat Tee (WeiPing's xiao buddy), PauCheong (KweeSze's xiao buddy) and the blue one is for WeiPing's friend.

Of course, WeiPing's bouquet is the nicest since he specially custom-designed it. He did not like any of the ready-made bouquets so he chose all the flowers, dolls and colour papers for the lady to make it from scratch...

This is Ah Wei's bouquet for her xiao buddy, Ooi Tche


Initially, I planned to go to this year's PT since I enjoyed it very much last year but alas, it was the same day as Desiree's 21st birthday dinner and at the same time too!

I could not decide which one to go to but figured that since I have not seen my cow Daisy for so long...wth? And since it is held in Cititel Hotel, I decided to attend this function instead on 11th October 2008.

As mentioned previously, yes, I have not seen Desiree for years now. Before I moved to SMK Seri Bintang Utara, KL, I was previously studying in SMK Perimbun, this not so well-known school in Kajang. In Form 2, I sat next to this Portugese-Chinese girl called Desiree Lynn. I did not know her that well since we were in different primary schools before being transferred to the same secondary school but I found that Desiree is so much fun to chat to and with her, we pretty much "pat" about almost everyone we know.

Desiree with her family and her god-family

Moi and the birthday girl, Desiree

Moi, Gary and Desiree

My long-lost brother, Gary Leon

I know the quality of the pics suck (oh gawd, I wished I can get my camera fixed soon!!!!) and halfway during the function, my battery gone dead so could not take any more pics. But I am also happy to see Gary, Malvina, Munirah, Thasha and Thashini! All my ex-schoolmates from Perimbun!

Desiree is currently doing Food Science & Nutrition at UCSI, Gary is doing E&E engineering at UNITEN and Malvina is working for her father.

Lolz...could not resist taking pic of the new dress that I wore

I just realized soon it will be my turn to start planning my 21st bday bash. Yes I am doing one but have yet to send any invitations. The sad part is, I have to planned whilst at the same time juggling my studies for the finals since it is going to be the day right after my last paper....*sigh*


Anonymous said...

do u know how hard it is to find the comment tab among those messy words?
anyway i like the flower with moo moo...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

hanson said...

haih... a bit sad when i know "Ming Chuan" has closed down.. It was the place where i had fond memories with CLU ppl and FM girls... It was also a place where jino, waiyin, u and i have knee-chat b4 (when we are very closest to each other).. With time, all changed.. place changed, people also changed..

missing those days when we had not grown up yet..

sad... T.T


FIFIONA said...

jino > berani call messy, if got heart to leave comments, mmg tak susah mau cari wan;)

cch > what is knee-chat?

hanson said...

haih.. knee-chat is we sit closely to each other, ur knees touches my knee and my knee touches ur knee and chat lorr....

FIFIONA said...

got meh all our knees touch? u make it sound like ming chuan very sempit place padahal no such thing...i still dun get what u trying to say...(-.-||)



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