Friday, December 24, 2010

day V: of ephesus and meryemana

On the 5th day of our journey across Turkey, we went to the great ruins of Ephesus. I bought some postcards while in Troy and I was excited because I saw this place of attraction in the postcards and there was some really beautiful architecture.


The pillars I saw at the entrance
This site is so huge, we didn't have the time to walk the entire site. There are much more we didn't see.

Some creatures I saw at the walls
Much of the city is in ruins, by earthquakes and wars. But there are still some interesting parts left.

Monday, December 13, 2010

day IV: of troy and pergamon

After crossing the Dardanelles Straits, we checked into a hotel at Canakkale. The next day, we were off to Troia or Truva, a place in Turkey, famous for Ruins of Troy.


Miniature version at breakfast buffet
This town is famous for Troy. Everywhere, you see lots of Troy or Trojan Horse souvenirs. Having just watched the movie, "Troy", last month, I was especially ecstatic to visit this attraction.

The Trojan Horse comes to life~
At the entrance, you can see giant replica of Trojan Horse. It is two stories high and you can see a nice mural of trojan horse on the ground from the top.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Oh, I just can't get enough~"

A song I have been liking lately:

"You Got Me" by Colbie Caillat

You're stuck on me
and my laughing eyes
I can't pretend though
I try to hide, I like you...
I like you...
I think I felt my heart skip a beat
I'm standing here and I can't hardly breathe, you got me, yeah
You got me...
The way you take my hand is just so sweet
And that crooked smile of yours
it knocks me off my feet....

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

day III: along the river and crossing the straits

Today was the day that we would be leaving Istanbul to Truva but we were going to spend the night at Kusadasi. Istanbul is mostly divided into 3 parts: The Asiatic region or Anatolia, the New European and the Old European. The 3% Europe region was called Thrace. Old European consisted of historical monuments, beautful architecture left by Byzantine and Ottoman Empires whilst the New European was mainly Istanbul's financial and business districts.

Dolmabache Palace
In the morning, as the bus passes through the city, you can get a glimpse of beautiful architectural buildings. We didn't get a chance to tour this palace, there was not enough time...

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

day II part 2: cannon palace and shopping

Topkapı Palace or Topkapi Sarayı was our next destination after having lunch. It is also within the compound of Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. According to Eric, Topkapı means "Cannon Palace".


Walking along the path to the palace
After getting our entrance tickets, we walked along a path to the main palace gate. Along the way, there are many beautiful buildings too, like Church of Hagia Eirene, that is now used as a music hall.

day II part 1: within lstanbul, all attractions are in close proximity

What I meant from the title was the fact that, all the sites of attraction in this post were within walking distance from one another so it made it easier to view all of them within one day. Turkey is a country rich in history, as it was once a Christian country and then it became Muslim country through Ottoman Empire rule.


Also known as Sultan Ahmet Meydani (Square). Hippodrome comes from Greek words "Hippos" meaning horse and "Dromos" meaning path or way. The area here used to be a chariot-racing track.

German or Kaiser-Wilhelm fountain
The German emperor presented this fountain to then Emperor of Turkey as token of friendship. Do look at the ceiling of the dome, its colours were beautiful.

Monday, December 06, 2010

day I: KL --> qatar --> istanbul

My roommates made it to Timothy Tiah's blog. Lol. Congrats Suz M and BB. Too bad I wasn't able to join them as I had exams the next day. T.T. *The link that made them famous*Click~!

Overview of our journey from Istanbul to Ankara via tour bus
As you might have read from my previous post, yes, the blogger went to Turkey just around 2 weeks ago. This is the first time I traveled such a long distance, as previously I have only been to countries around Asia. Well, Turkey is Asia too, specifically 97% Asia and 3% of Istanbul is on the European Continent. Overall, this was one of the best holiday trips I have ever had. Turkey is so different from other Asian countries, a fresh breath of air. Furthermore, the history and culture there is so rich and so interesting. I really had loads of fun, seriously :)

I haven't blog a good long post for a while now and have not been doing much reading, either fiction or non-fiction so if my writing bores you, please forgive me. Hey, at least I warn you beforehand right? Lol.

I took gazillions of photos (okay, 1000+, previous was an exaggeration). But to ensure each post is concise, I will only put 15 photos in each post. 15 is also quite a lot, I think.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

hello from istanbul!!!!!

Hihi right now the blogger is online from Istanbul, Turkey. The hotel I am staying right now offers free internet - Sheraton Istanbul but problem is the keyboard is totally foreign to me so I am typing super slow right now as I am learning to adjust to it. It has been a tiring almost 12 hours journey to reach here from KL. Imagine stuck in a plane that LONG! I think I can finally understand my friends who study overseas. How tiring they must be. There is also a 6 hours difference here so I think I now understand what jetlag means. I took my flight at 10.10 am and arrived here at 11.10pm Msian time. So actually we should sleep right. But Turkey time showed 5pm so it was dinner time. Oh we were all so tired and lack sleep that we did not have appetite to eat at all.
The temperature here is quite cooling, just like Genting but today we had a slight rain and quite strong winds so the photos I took came out quite gloomy. But we visited some really awesome architecture marvels today and I finally saw Hagia Sophia, the place in that facebook game Geo Challenge. The thing about winter is that nights are long so although it was 5pm, the night was so dark already.
Ok, I am getting annoyed now with the keyboard as the symbols shown on the buttons, when I press on them, a different symbol appears so please dont mind my awful grammar and punctuation here as I simply dont understand the Turkish keyboard.
The younger kids in my tour group here are all in their teens and they all have dslr! so jealous ok. Its time for me to sleep now, really exhausted and I must have gained so much weight with all the food they are feeding us. Aaah! Time for diet when I get back to KL. Oh ya, the traffic here is so bad! Luckily I am from KL so jam is something I am used to but I reckon here is even worse.
We are leaving Istanbul tomorrow. Love this city although it is so highly populated. The people are beautiful and today a group of small kids, students I think keep waving to us and talking in a foreign language (good I hope) while smiling. So cute. The men are very charming, especially enticing us to buy stuff at Grand bazaar.
Wish me luck. I hope I can go online at my next destination. Its now 10pm here but it will be 4am in KL. Pray for a safe journey for me ok:)

Monday, November 22, 2010

happy 3rd anniversary

Dear blog,

Today is 22nd November 2010. It has been 3 years and this blog is still alive. Lol. Besides being yours truly's bday, today also marks the 3rd anniversary of, whose first ever post was dated 22 Nov 2007.

I'm not missing you - Stacie Orrico

Just a random thought: You know how in Korean dramas, there is sometimes a female protagonist who is caught in a love triangle? (cue: Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Boys Over Flowers, You're Beautiful, etc.) The girl always likes the male who is cool, cold and distant, a guy she knows will just break her heart? Then there is always the other guy, the nice one, the one who is always there for her, especially when the guy she is in love with breaks her heart and she starts crying and crying. Of course, there is also an additional female who is in love with the male lead. And she will create drama for the female lead, causing jealousy and hopelessness. The ending will always be the female lead will end up together with the guy who breaks her heart (who also is secretly in love with her). And then the good guy gets tossed away.

But you know reality and dramas are two different things. What happens when the guy you like doesn't like you but really likes the other girl? What happens if he truly is breaking your heart into pieces? Do you still cling on to him? Or do you accept the good guy in the hope you can still find love and mend your broken heart?

Sometimes we wish for drama in our life. But most often, we should be sensible. To me, forget both the guys. LOL. I just want less drama in my life. Haha.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

“A friend is one who knows you and likes you just the same” – Elbert Hubbard


My birthday is on 22nd November. As I am typing this, there is approximately 45mins until I officially turned 23 years old. This year’s bday also marks the final time I will be able to celebrate my bday with my uni mates as we would all be graduating next year. So this year’s bday is slightly bittersweet as I would miss all my UKM friends dearly.

I actually had a not-so-good day on Monday, no thanks to my lacklustre performance in VIVA. But I am glad that there were friends who comforted and consoled me. Thanks peeps~! After VIVA, those bitter memories seemed to disappear as I was truly having fun with so much activities planned out that week =) I also want to take this opportunity to thank all 7 dwarfs / princesses plus my 2 lovely roommates - Suz M + Beng Beng, and also my housemate, Ngiik Ling for chipping in to share my bday present. I love it so much. Hehe ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Levain Boulangerie Pattiserie

Finally my VIVA is done. Now the corrections need to be done. After sending it for hard-binding, it will be over (hopefully). Anyway, I have been meaning to post about this quaint bakery I went some time ago but I was too busy with my research project. Also, I have decided to finally limit each post to about 13 – 15 photos from now onwards. I will post all photos on my facebook instead.


Levain is located in Imbi, KL. It is one of those huge bungalows-turned-restaurants that are abundant in that area.


You won’t miss it due to its cute architecture. Looks like those winter cottages. But in case you do, it is next to Fukuya Japanese Restaurant.

 02 11

The outside exterior exudes an European cafe feel, no? | Levain has two floors so it can accommodate quite a number of customers at one time, which is good, considering the fact that day I decided to visit Levain was a public holiday and boy, it was seriously people mountain, people sea that day.


I went with my Mom and aunt, because we were all small-eaters. Nothing like bread and soup for a light lunch.


There were a variety of breads, muffins, sandwiches, and pastries to choose from. Due to high demand from overload of customers that day, some trays were empty (sadly).


This is just one of the dishes we had. I personally like the egg-ham bread (not shown in pic) and the pumpkin cream soup is also not bad.

07    Menu of the day – Love the old-fashioned black chalkboard style. P.S. Btw, I went there for a second time already and the pasta is not bad ;)


At the entrance, you will notice 2 glass cabinets filled with antique coffee-making equipments. Love~!. Kinda looks like a museum, no? I always love vintage and nostalgia. I think it was a really wonderful “exhibition”. Lol.


Another thing I love about Levain (besides food, interior and exterior design and the antiques) is the array of paintings decorated all over the place. I simply love the art displayed here because they oil-based paintings of beautiful sceneries. These two were my favourites – one of French cafes and one of all kinds of sinfully delicious carbs. LOL;D


This painting was my favourite, and still is =)

Monday, November 15, 2010

151110 1430hours

D-day is finally here. Super freakin' out now. I seriously do not know what he will ask. It can be "anything under the sun". Thank you to friends who have wished me, in sms and facebook. Please pray hard for me peeps. *Crosses fingers*.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

five more days

Today was my results presentation for my research project. Presentation for 7 minutes, and then Q&A for 3 minutes. The presentation part has never been much of a problem for me. My greatest concern has always been the Q&A part. Doing a clinical research project, I have realized, is not easy at all. Especially since you really need experience in this field in order to do it well. The clinical lecturers are all so experienced, they know if you have missed out something in your work. Plus, there were just too many variables to consider that at times, it gets so stressed just thinking about it. But the worst part of my research is definitely the statistics. I did not have a strong background in statistics, and I overestimated myself, thinking I can do it without any help. Boy, was I wrong. From beginning till the end, my statistics keep giving me problems after problems.

The worst was last night when I found out I made a grave mistake in my study, statistically. It was my fault, entirely. I was well-aware of that point before I started my study but I didn't know how I could have forgotten such an important point during my analysis. When I heard about it, my mind just went blank. No words could come out from my mouth.

Last night, I was just so upset with myself. I totally regret myself for not taking the statistics part of my study seriously. But I also realized it was too late to change or correct what has been done wrong. It was time for damage control. I search all over internet hoping to find an answer, a good explanation to the errors of my doing. However, to no avail, it was a futile effort.

I woke up at 5.30am, hoping to continue my sleep. But my mind started wondering to the possibility of lecturers questioning me on my mistakes. What was I going to answer? Dozens of answers raced through my mind, but none of it satisfactory. It has occurred to me this is reality, it was not a bad dream. Finally, I decided to go for my last resort - look for a statistics lecturer for a consultation.

When I was in the bus on my way to campus, my mind was in a mess. There I was , worried like hell. I knew it was not easy to look for a statistics lecturer, especially at such a time constraint. I keep blaming myself.

The bus was almost full. An elderly Indian gentleman saw my roommate standing and offered her a seat next to him. She gladly took that offer. So he got up and let her in. After she sat, he still stood. Then, he looked at me and offer me his seat instead.

I was surprised. Here I was, a twenty-something student and an elderly gentleman, who could easily be my grandfather offered me his seat! Of course, I declined. How could I sit and let an elderly man stand? That is no good on my conscience. But he insisted, claiming that he has been sitting for a long time. No, it's okay, I said, you can sit. Finally, to avoid making a scene, I sat in his place as he stood until his stop.

That was the 1st fortunate thing that happened to me that morning. Growing up in an urban city like Kuala Lumpur, I have seen the good and bad side of the people here (well, mostly bad). It has never ceases to amaze me that chivalry can still exist despite all the selfishness I have witnessed. I wanted to tell the uncle that thank you, I have been having a really rough night and morning and your little gesture has made my morning a little better.

When I finally reached campus, I hurried to the offices of all 3 statistics lecturers. As I expected, none of them were in their rooms. I started to panic. There was 1 more hour left till presentation starts. And 2 more hours before it will be my turn to present. What if I am still not able to seek any help before then? But I decided to try my luck and waited outside one of the lecturer's office. 30 minutes passed and I wanted to give up and look for my supervisor instead but I convinced myself to wait a little while longer.

Finally, like a spotlight, the much-sought lecturer returned to his office. I was so happy I could burst into tears. I quickly told him my dilemma, hoping he can give me an answer that I want to hear. He was not pleased to hear about my mistake, saying that it is indeed wrong. However, he said that it was still acceptable. There it is, just what I needed, a reassurance.

So after thanking him, I quickly rushed to see my supervisor whose office was on the other side of the campus. I wanted to tell him in advance my problem and get his opinion on the matter. But as I got down from the lift, I saw him coming, heading towards my way. Another stroke of luck. I quickly consulted with him on the matter and he agreed, to state it as limitation of my study.

To keep a blog post short, my results presentation was not as bad as I imagined. There were 3 stern lecturers that I was afraid of. One did not come, and the other one went out of the room as I was presenting so she missed my presentation. Thank goodness, because I knew she will spot my mistakes.

I know that I always complain a lot about all the bad things that happen to me. I am a pessimistic person by nature, ever since I was a child. But sometimes, just sometimes, I should learn to appreciate the good things that happen to me. I know that every day is not going to be a lucky day like today. For that, I am grateful because although I will only have 1 lucky day, you don't know how much today meant to me.

Next stop is VIVA next monday. There is no escaping this. 30minutes of Q&A. It will be pure torture I know. Pray hard for me...

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Doing thesis / research project is supposed to be highlight of final year. It carries huge loads of credits and one is supposed to excel and give greatest effort in doing it...

So why do I feel so discouraged? Why do I feel like giving up although it is not the end yet? Why do I not feel proud of my work? Why do I still feel like I know nothing?

Constantly feel de-motivated. Feels like friends have more passion in their work than I have in mine. I really hope I can still give it all I got.

But how?...

Thursday, November 04, 2010

the end of another semester

At last, my exams are over and done with. This semester, I felt like it was one of the worst, when it came to exams. Because of my procrastination again, I edited my manuscript last minute and then, what is left is only a few days to prepare for my finals.

Although finals are done, now come another greatest hurdle - my results presentation and viva. I am proud of my research project, truly. But I am not sure if I can convinced the lecturers to feel the same. It does not help, especially considering my examiner is a stern lecturer. I just pray that he will have mercy on me and does not bring me to tears during viva. Haih...

I had so much fun after exams (and also during the short breaks in between). Had theobroma chocolate fondue, went to watch movies, went ice-skating and ate a lot of good food. It is fun hanging out with friends. I will post up pics soon, when I find the time.

I have still not yet found the mojo to blog. Just rants once in a while. Hopefully, after my viva is over, when I feel like my burden has been lifted. Right now, all I have in my mind is the feeling of stress over my research project. Pray for me, peeps~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday, October 09, 2010

sometimes all you want is for someone to care

I just hand in my 1st draft of manuscript yesterday. I was so disappointed in myself for wasting so much time before this. After finish collecting my data, I should have analysed it as soon as possible but I kept procrastinating. Sometimes I think to myself, maybe I should not try to perfect my manuscript so much since the examiner will probably not give me good grades anyway. And there is a huge chance they will ask me questions that I cannot answer as my topic is such a common and broad topic.

Lately I have been feeling quite emo. It feels like everything that other people don't want to do, I always end up doing it. I always thought being nice to people will make me feel better. I mean, how I want people to treat me, I should treat them the same way too right? But how come so people can be so ignorant and can be so cruel? I guess, I should have never expected anything from others. At the end of the day, it feels like nice people always finish last.

However, I am also grateful to those who help me a lot, especially for my clinical attachment. Some people are so generous, giving me tips and lending me their work so I can prepare. It gives me hope and faith that there are good people out there although a few have really hurt me.

Thank you for those who help me. I will chia you soon because I am eternally grateful =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

i love this photo and quote

This week, Clara and I went to Levain Bougalerie Pattiserie again. I finally had the chance to try their pasta and cappucino. Love them so much.

I always wanted to try this heart-shaped cappucino since forever. Anyway, I thought I will edit the photo I took with my current favourite quote from Maya Angelou. I first knew about her through The Oprah Winfrey Show. I think she is such a wise woman and have many wonderful thoughts and words. I wish I can be more like her and see what normally other people would not. That way, I hope, I would be not so unhappy :(

I love my edited photo. I think there is still room for improvement, though.

Friday, September 24, 2010

hurt and two seas

I wondered if anyone ever feels like I do. It hurts but you know you are doing the right thing. I guess the important decisions in life are never easy. I just wish I don't have to feel like this...


Step Up 3 in 3D is super awesome movie. Love the choreography. It's so freakin' awesome...


There are 2 seas in Palestine. One is fresh and fish are in it. Splashes of green adorn its banks. Trees spread their branches over it and stretch out their thirsty roots to sip of its healing waters.
...The River Jordan makes this sea with sparkling water from the hills. And men build their houses near to it; and every kind of life is happier because it is there.
The River Jordan flows on south into another sea.
Here there is no splashes of fish, no fluttering leaf, no songs of birds, no children's laughter. Travelers choose another route, unless on urgent business. The air hangs heavy above its water, and neither man nor beast nor fowl will drink.
What makes this mighty difference in these neighbour seas? Not the River Jordan. It empties the same good water into both. Not the soil in which they lie; not in the country round about.
This is the difference. The Sea of Galilee receives but does not keep the Jordan. For every drop that flows into it another drop flows out. The giving and receiving go in equal measure.
The other sea is shrewder, hoarding its income jealously. It will not be tempted into any generous impulse. Every drop it gets, it keeps.
The Sea of Galilee gives and lives. This other sea gives nothing. It is named the Dead.
There are two seas in Palestine.
There are two kinds of people in this world.

(adapted from "The Man Nobody Knows" by Bruce Barton)

Don't we all know this kind of people in our lives?

Thursday, September 23, 2010


You don’t realize
how much you care
about someone
until they don’t care about

Sunday, September 12, 2010

it has been 35 days since i last blogged a proper long post~

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look FEAR in the eye. Do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Ola! It’s been a while since I have blog a proper post. For anyone who still bothers reading my blog, I bet you are bored of all my short posts already. Sorry, study life has been really overwhelming lately. What with the ongoing thesis work, now comes the clinical attachments that take so much of my time, energy and sleep. Now that I am having a mid-sem break (a short one at that), I thought I will indulge a little and blog about stuff that has been going on lately. There has been a lot happening. For those who add me on facebook will most probably seen photos but in my blog, you will just get a summary. Haha.

----------------------sang yat fai lok------------------

Last weekend, I went to a BF gathering in celebration of Valerie’s 23rd Birthday. It has not been that long since I last saw the BF gang, considering I went to Benjamin’s birthday just last month. But I was so happy to see Jino, Yin Ching and Si Toh who did not make it to Ben’s 23rd. Yin Ching is still as chatty as ever and I am so proud of her for coming tops as best student in her major in UM. Also, equally happy to see is Jino who never fails to crack me up, even from the moment he stepped into Valerie’s house. Now if only I can meet Wai Yin and Suzanne, both of my close buds who did not attend both birthdays. Where in the world are you guys? LOL~

IMG_6894 46660_433626749706_516014706_4848025_5882546_n

58336_433626609706_516014706_4848018_5227829_n 58336_433626614706_516014706_4848019_1946144_n

- All photos courtesy of Valerie, the birthday girl. Too bad the group pic is missing Jino & Ben who came a little late. Miss you guys all a lot -

----------as our lives change, we still remember-------

Just the day before, I went to Leisure Mall to meet up with some old primary schoolmates. Yes, it has been that long. I met Steph and Jag not too long ago, in another reunion so I was especially ecstatic to meet Arnidcha and Raveena. I was especially envious hearing Ravee got to go Oman for her industrial training, all expenses paid for by her uni, USM. Wth? That is so cool okay? Jagdeesh also gave us some Russian pistachios chocolate to try. At first we were doubtful as the only person who could read the label is the person who is giving it to us. Lol. But the verdict? Sweet and yummy~

sktc sktc2

- All photos courtesy of Stephanie’s camera. There are more but since I look like crap that night, I decided not to post them. Lol. Cannot blame me. The night before I had a late-nighter preparing for my clinical case presentation and then stuck for more than 2 hours on the journey from HUKM to Setapak, stuck for yet another hour from Setapak to Leisure Mall, circled the parking lot for umpteenth of times before finally meeting the girls. So yes, I was kinda late when I arrived but hey, better late than never? -

-----------Oishi-sona ryori--------------

The month of August also marks an important date – My mom’s birthday. This year, my aunt decided to treat my mom Japanese for her birthday. As usual, I tagged along. Nyehehehe. The destination is Ikkyu at Faber Towers, somewhere on the way from Mid Valley to Cheras. The food is plenty and pretty cheap for Japanese but it was okay, not really fantastic. Maybe it’s because I have had better Japanese food before. But overall, it was delicious enough for me to finish my dish.

IMG_6707 IMG_6712

-----------Vivir Para Comer-----------------

As for me, I treated Mom to La Bodega. This is our 2nd time there. With my mom, she is not really adventurous to try new places unless her friends or colleagues bring her there first. The food is still great, although not as great as the first time. We actually ordered two different tapas and I actually love both of them so much. My mouth is watering now, like literally, looking at these pics. Of course, we had to have the Lamb Chuletas as well. They were delicious:)

IMG_6567 IMG_6579

- Both the tapas that we ordered. I think the 2nd one is more sinfully delicious. I swear, if I keep eating food like this, my arteries will be clogged in no time. Sigh. There are more pics on my facebook. -

-------------------La Dolce Vita---------

After meeting up with Form 6 friends and primary schoolmates, I also find myself going out often with my uni friends. It doesn’t help that the girl living with me likes going out so much and another friend who is a movie addict. No wonder I am always broke by the end of the week :( Together with either or both of them, I have watched many movies – Love in Disguise, Repo Men and Tekken. And also tried many wonderful food in Pavilion.

memoirs¿028 memoirs¿033

- We had lunch at Athena’s , a Greek restaurant. The food is good, love the fish. Lol. And then a friend treated us to heavenly cheese cupcakes at The Loaf, under my recommendation. Nyehehehe. -

IMG_6823 IMG_6827

IMG_6841 IMG_6796

- We had dinner at Michelangelo’s, an Italian restaurant (no, not on the same day). My pasta was surprisingly good, albeit a little spicy but I was a little disappointed in the drinks. Wished I wasn’t so broke, would love to have ordered the fish dish, sounds yummy. And of course, who can forget the ultimate indulgence, Shimino’s wraps. I totally love my ice-cream wrap. I can eat it whole day. -


It is difficult to find time to go out with my roommates lately because of our busy and conflicting schedules but after rescheduling so many times, we finally found the time to visit MOFEW 2010 at Mid Valley. I was especially excited because it was my first time going to an online bazaar after reading it again and again in blogs. Of course, even much happier is I managed to copped some cool items at the bazaar. Really happy I went and I wished I can go again. If only, their venues are not always so far away :(

IMG_6631 IMG_6641

IMG_6657 IMG_6663

- After spending hours shopping, we had lunch at a Korean restaurant, Kyung Joo. It has been so long since I last had Korean and I love it~! The meat were so tender and juicy, the ddokbugi was orgasmic, and you can see from the pic above, my mouth was full almost the whole time. Yeah, I have a thing for Korean food. Why was I not born there? Lol. -

--------------bon appetit!!--------------

Yesterday, I went to this quaint pattiserie in Imbi after reading it from Kim In Pink’s blog. No, I dunno her but I sometimes follow her blog because her photos are nice and her fashion style is cool :) I have been mesmerised ever since I saw the photos in her blog and I have been pestering my friends ever since, telling them about this place. Finally, my Mom agreed to bring me there. Anyway, the place is too awesome to be blogged about here. I will save it for my next post since I took so many photos of the place. Here is a little preview, in case my next post is another decade away.


IMG_6990 IMG_6954

-----------------my two cents---------------

Right, so after blogging about my updates, here is me blogging about my thoughts. After staying at home for 3 days lazying around and being up to no good, it is paramount I start doing serious work but not before I blog about this. I got inspired after reading someone else’s post but here it is, my secret thoughts when it comes to love and relationships:

  1. I secretly believe that love never lasts.
  2. For a relationship to lasts, I secretly think you need be with someone you truly like, no matter how long it takes for him to appear.
  3. I secretly fancy guys who have pierced ears. Not too many until he looks freakish. But when I see a guy who is not that good-looking but has pierced ears, I stop to give him another glance.
  4. I secretly loathes guys who dressed like small kids.
  5. I secretly thinks guys look their best when dressed in formal wear. Not drabby formal, but nice ones. I think it makes them look more handsome than before :)
  6. No matter if the guy is not good-looking or has a poor attitude, if he is a gentleman, he totally have my votes. I mean, really, we all sometimes wish chivalry is not dead right?
  7. I secretly think being a spinster is alright, as long as society can just freaking leave you alone.
  8. I think if a guy makes me laugh, it can help lose the any awkwardness between us.

There. Here is my list of thoughts. Just wanna share it :) Toodles…good night world…



(unless you ask ms blogger first)