Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hiatus until my exams are over…

Okay, so I admit I am addicted to “Boys Over Flowers”, the teenage Korean drama just like everyone who watched it. How not to like Junpyo? So handsome okay? And so sweeeettttt. LOL. So is Jihu and Yijeong!!!


One paper down and six more to go. I am back at home since there is an interval of one week between the first and second paper. After that, it is pretty much an interval of every other day, so there is a possibility that I might not go home to Cheras next week, unless of course a certain someone who will be finishing her exams do not disturb the peace and serenity of the house. But I have already plotted with my other housemates to tell her off if she attempts to jeopardize our preparations for exams. Yes, I have ONE very inconsiderate housemate. Good news is only ONE housemate bugs me. Bad news, she still don’t get it that everyone else detests her for her inconsideration.

IMG_0008My studying kit now consists of tonnes of highlighters and colour pens, every colour I can get.

20th April – Sterilization and Aseptic Techniques

27th April – Other Body Systems and Therapies

29th April – Pharmaceutical Technology II

2nd May – Khidmat Masyarakat (HM)

4th May – Anti-infective and Anti-Cancer

6th May – Pharmaceutical Analysis I

8th May – IT in Pharmacy


IMG_0612 All my notes

My plans for holidays this semester have been confirmed and tickets have been bought. Will be leaving for Penang from 9 – 11 May, and then after that my Sarawak trip to Kuching, Sibu and Miri from 12 – 18 May.

I am going to miss Boys Over Flowers, American Idol and House M.D.!!! (T_________T)

My mom asked me the other day if I would want to work during the holidays in her office, Tokio Marine. I don’t know, I desperately want the money but I also want to rest. Maybe work for a month? I don’t know if anyone will hire me for only working for a month though.


The UKM lecturers barely beat Rang, Dale, Ritter, Flower and Katzung for the who has the most amount of notes

There never seem to be enough time to prepare for my exams. Maybe it is because I slacked off most of the time. I need to find the old me, modify it and become the new and improved me.


The bamboos still surviving in the mess

Now is officially crunch time. Time is running out and there is no time to slack and procrastinate so I have decided to stop all blogging and playing on facebook. I might still check other bloggers’ updates and have short updates of myself on FB but that is all. All blog updates will have to wait until finals are over. It is time for some discipline in my life already…I NEED IT.

“The real tragedy is the tragedy of a man who never in his life braces himself for his one supreme effort – he never stretches to his full capacity, never stands up to his full stature”



~*caryn*~ said...

ah... i've just started watching that series too! eight episodes in a row last night :P my fav is jihu ^^

FIFIONA said...

I know, it is so addictive right? I told myself not to watch it coz its study week, but how to resist? LOL

Suzane Mah said...

wa matila u mention dat particular sumone in ur blog,but i doubt she knows ur blog la haha unless sumone busybody ask her then die lor!gambateh exams~stop online liao~

FIFIONA said...

ceh she see mai see lar...i am not scared of her...i just pei min her only otherwise i will tell it to her face...because of her i dunno if i should stay next week or not ar...

~*caryn*~ said...

i've lost so much sleep over it, my skin is so crappy right now :P sigh i just cannot understand why she won't choose jihu. he's so much nicer than junpyo...

FIFIONA said...

haha, honestly I think it is so difficult because both the guys are so sweet...but junpyo is so sincere and sweeettt as well;)

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