Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hiatus until my exams are over…

Okay, so I admit I am addicted to “Boys Over Flowers”, the teenage Korean drama just like everyone who watched it. How not to like Junpyo? So handsome okay? And so sweeeettttt. LOL. So is Jihu and Yijeong!!!


One paper down and six more to go. I am back at home since there is an interval of one week between the first and second paper. After that, it is pretty much an interval of every other day, so there is a possibility that I might not go home to Cheras next week, unless of course a certain someone who will be finishing her exams do not disturb the peace and serenity of the house. But I have already plotted with my other housemates to tell her off if she attempts to jeopardize our preparations for exams. Yes, I have ONE very inconsiderate housemate. Good news is only ONE housemate bugs me. Bad news, she still don’t get it that everyone else detests her for her inconsideration.

IMG_0008My studying kit now consists of tonnes of highlighters and colour pens, every colour I can get.

20th April – Sterilization and Aseptic Techniques

27th April – Other Body Systems and Therapies

29th April – Pharmaceutical Technology II

2nd May – Khidmat Masyarakat (HM)

4th May – Anti-infective and Anti-Cancer

6th May – Pharmaceutical Analysis I

8th May – IT in Pharmacy


IMG_0612 All my notes

My plans for holidays this semester have been confirmed and tickets have been bought. Will be leaving for Penang from 9 – 11 May, and then after that my Sarawak trip to Kuching, Sibu and Miri from 12 – 18 May.

I am going to miss Boys Over Flowers, American Idol and House M.D.!!! (T_________T)

My mom asked me the other day if I would want to work during the holidays in her office, Tokio Marine. I don’t know, I desperately want the money but I also want to rest. Maybe work for a month? I don’t know if anyone will hire me for only working for a month though.


The UKM lecturers barely beat Rang, Dale, Ritter, Flower and Katzung for the who has the most amount of notes

There never seem to be enough time to prepare for my exams. Maybe it is because I slacked off most of the time. I need to find the old me, modify it and become the new and improved me.


The bamboos still surviving in the mess

Now is officially crunch time. Time is running out and there is no time to slack and procrastinate so I have decided to stop all blogging and playing on facebook. I might still check other bloggers’ updates and have short updates of myself on FB but that is all. All blog updates will have to wait until finals are over. It is time for some discipline in my life already…I NEED IT.

“The real tragedy is the tragedy of a man who never in his life braces himself for his one supreme effort – he never stretches to his full capacity, never stands up to his full stature”


Friday, April 17, 2009

3 more days for finals: Kris Allen rocked it out with his rendition on american idol

Nuffnang's blogger for the month of April is this really creative guy called Jian that draws out cartoons to express himself. Do check out his blog *here*. I have also linked him on my sidebar

I must say, this season 8 of American Idol is not so bad, after all.
Unlike last year when it was really boring. Only during the Top 4 or 5 it started picking up pace.

Last week, I absolutely enjoyed Adam's rendition of "Mad World". It is so cool that he picked such an obscure song and sang his own version of it.

Anyway, this week I really liked Anoop's performance. I thought his version of Bryan Adam's classic, "Everything I Do (I Do it For You)" was very good. Although his vocals isn't amazing, I like the fact that he made the song to suit his voice, rather than forcing himself like Matt did. Poor Matt, he was so great until he reached the last few notes. Ouch, it pains my ears just to hear his voice cracked like that.

One great thing about AI is I get to listen to some songs that I have never listened before. Most of the time, the songs don't really appeal to me, but a few, I feel, are gems and worth listening to again.

So my last week's recommendation is definitely Mad World (obviously) and this week I really liked Kris Allen's song.

-Kris Allen-

When I looked at Kris, all I see is a handsome guy. Lol. I don't think his vocals are great and most of the time, his performances don't stand out to me. It seems like there are always people better than him. But in terms of looks, I think he has it all. Cute and boyish=)

Anyway, this week he performed the song, "Falling Slowly" from the movie "Once".

I don't know if this movie was ever shown in Malaysia. I heard about it from E!News actually. But it didn't really enticed me so I never took any notice of the movie. Thanks to Kris, I now know about this little movie.

I google-ed and here is what one blogger had to say:

"This movie was recommended by a friend and I finally got around to seeing it. It's an interesting film that deals with one mans messed up situation of living with his father after a break up and never seems to be going anywhere. He sings on the street corner to get his songs out and for a few pounds here and there. Glen Hansard plays the Irish street singer/vacuum repair guy. He meets this woman played by Markéta Irglová who sells flowers on the street and lives at home with her mother. She really likes his music and challenges him a bit to sing and as they build an odd sort of relationship, he gets her to open up and sing as well.

The story really follows the sort of dry progression of getting the two to start playing music and eventually recording a group of songs with a backing band. It gives the Irishman his motivation to go to London to try and make it as a musician. Without telling the whole story we will leave it

I enjoyed the film mainly for the music more than anything. It had a sort of Before Sunrise feel to me that the man meets the woman and has a limited time to spend with them. It's slow at parts and awkward, but the music really makes the movie hit the spot. For that I would recommend seeing it."

After reading this, I still don't feel the urge to watch it. Haha.

All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You'll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You've made it now
Falling slowly sing your melody
I'll sing along

Monday, April 13, 2009

confessions and AI season 8 takes: i cracked…

It is study week and I needed a dose of inspiration. What better place than on the Oprah show? The “Miracle Children” episode was so touching…Against all odds: They are true heroes – Lin Hao, the dedicated hall monitor, Cody the handsome boy who cannot stop smiling, and baby Elliot, who brought tears to my eyes…For more stories of the other inspirational children *click here*


…and I went to watched my guilty pleasure - “Confessions of a Shopaholic” even though I know I shouldn’t because it is study week after all. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I cannot helppppp ittttttt!!!!!!


The way I rationalize it, is that by the time finals are over, maybe the movie will not be shown anymore…so better go watch it now while I have the chance right? Right? Please, someone needs to justify my action here. I am sure Mayzhee Lim would. LOL.

I have read the book, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and I like it a lot. Sophie Kinsella makes Becky Bloomwood such a lovable character although she is such a compulsive liar. But even if you read the book, you will probably realize that the storyline in this movie is nothing like the book. Okay, so they have all the same characters but that’s about it. Is it any good? Well, I much preferred the book because I felt the storyline in this movie was a little too cliché. Like really? A little too good to be true.


Can I just say I absolutely adore Isla Fisher in this movie? She is so cute and so funny that this movie would not be the same without her in it. Also, I secretly want her hair. I love redheads. LOL.

Although fashion is mostly the central theme in this movie, Isla / Becky’s clothes seemed a little too mismatched, IMH, but maybe it is to suit her bubbly personality I guess. Love love love all the shoes though.

   hugh dancy Hugh Dancy2

Hugh Dancy plays Luke Brandon (in the Shopaholic series, they eventually get married). Honestly, I have never heard of this guy before until this movie. But I am going to post his pics and talk about him because he looks a little like James McAvoy, whom I simply admires.


This is what I wore for movie in Mid Valley. The dirt-cheap trench-coat from Bangkok, cheap belt from Sg Wang and this new skinny pants that I bought from somewhere that I forgotten. Oh ya, if you noticed much clearly, I am also holding my new camera, still Canon like my previous one, only in boring silver.

We had lunch at Dragon-i again and had the scrumptious and overly expensive “Siew long bao” again! This time I tried the Black Pepper La Mian and it tasted better than the dish I tried during my previous visit. 

for blogging

Okay, already feeling guilty that I went to watched a movie and now blogging?!!! Seriously, must get back to my books so I am keeping this post short, simple and sweet.

But before I go, just want to mentioned about Adam Lambert, one of the contestants from AI, who is fast becoming one of my fave on the show. His vocals isn’t that fantastic and sometimes he can be very theatrical, very OTT but I will give him props for being different. And his eyes are simply smoking (freakin’ hot) despite him wearing “guyliner”. LOL. His performance of “Mad World” last week is definitely my favourite so far this season.

I say, there are more male contestants on AI this season and they are all pretty good-looking. There is the goody-two-shoes Kris Allen, very cute but a little on the boring side. Anoop Desai, the guy who reminds me of Slumdog Millionaire (LOL) and I am rooting for him because he is Asian. Too bad he always end up in the bottom three. Also, Matt Giraud the very JT and Michael Buble look-alike that I like too. He managed to make the song that I find annoying (“Part-time lover”) very likeable. Lastly, Danny Gokey, the spectacles guy that I like a lot during his first ever performance (Mariah Carey’s “Hero”) but slowly becoming forgettable for me. Good-looking too.

Yes, this season is very “eye-candy-ish” (I realized there is no such word, tq). Oh ya, I also like Allison Iraheta because she reminds me so much of Kelly Clarkson, that I like as well. Rock girls rule! Lil Rounds, me no liking so much. I know she has the greatest vocals on the show but she is deadpan boring, week after week. I do think she is brimming with potential but she needs to change it up and stop imitating the legendary singers. Last week, I mean, she is so obviously imitating Tina Turner, with the dance moves and all. No no no. Be different. I want to see something different!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

the week that was: presentations, PKS and ching meng

Too long post so decided to separate it...



This semester I probably did more presentations than any other semesters. Not only I participated in both Dr. Hesham’s workshops’ presentations, but also Dr. Mumtaz’s IT in Pharmacy and Dr. Noradzrina’s PS Diet Supplementary presentation as well. I think that was all the presentations this

sem, meaning I participated in every presentation. Lol.


This is the poster my group members did for Dr. Hesham’s 2nd workshop when we presented on “Introduction to HIV/AIDS”. I much preferred my performance in this presentation but I like the slides I did for the 1st workshop more entitled “MMR: Mumps, Measles and Rubella”.

dr mumtaz

Dr. Mumtaz, the best-dressed male lecturer that night

(picture stolen from Mui Wen’s fb)

Dr. Mumtaz’s presentation if finally over. I did a major overhaul with my slides the previous night, because I felt my points overlap with almost every single group that presented on the previous day. But still, my points could have been better if I had did more research. At the end of the day, I did not like the points that I came up with, in fact I was on the verge of not even believing the facts that I was presenting and we all know, if you don’t believe in what you are presenting, how can you convince the audience to do so?


The smallest group with only 4 members: Our topic and the slides I prepared spontaneously

I think Dr. Mumtaz’s assignment was by far, the most challenging I had. The topic itself sounded difficult to interpret, plus I had limited points and to present an IT topic in front of a disinterested-and-not-so-IT-savvy student audience was enough to get me stressed out. I think I did a fair job although I did forget a few points. Also, some students laughed even though I was not even telling a joke, must be some misinterpretation, but whatever, as long as the atmosphere lightens up.

I was able to answer Dr. Mumtaz’s short ques, thank goodness, he asks really tough questions, ok? Also, hehe, *some little self-flattery here* I heard from my housemate Ah Wei that *ahem* praised my presentation skills. Ya lar, I don’t want to reveal who but is just one of my coursemates. It is always nice to receive compliments for something I worked so hard on.

Fullscreen capture 09-Apr-09 83103 AM.bmp

My PS assignment – Diet Supplement. PS is an abbreviation for a subject with a long name that I am lazy to type here.

On the last day of school, was also my last presentation. The topic? About the claimed therapeutic benefits of Garlic Supplements. Another presentation that we did a major overhaul again.

I am not being racist here but I just want to applaud Yu Siang, JC and Ka Wei here for all the work they did. Actually all the members did their part but no one really went through the slides to check on them until less than a week before the presentation. That was when YS realized some critical errors in the slides. Due to time constraint, YS and I decided to just ask JC and Ka Wei to help in finding new info for replacement and to edit and compile it all over again.

Yes, I was the only girl among the 4 of us, which makes me the most stressed out one. LOL.

Luckily YS and JC found more Garlic journals. They also were my co-presenters which was really good, because they excel in the Q&A session (^0^). Poor Ka Wei, I don’t know how many times we have to email the presentation to each other because everyday there were some edits and changes here and there.

So TQ guys ^0^

4th April 2009 – PKS

Remember last sem when I posted about our HM Simulasi held in KT? This sem, again we have to participate in a HM project that carries heavy marks. But the sad thing was, it keeps getting postponed because there were too many people. Finally, last minute, our lecturers found something we can do service in.


See me or not? Hint: *jeans*

(pic credited to Terev Dickxon)

Anyway, I worked like a mule that day, until I got sunburn okay? We were assigned to do “gotong-royong” for a community in Kampung Sg. Mulia, a 150-year-old village in the Wangsa Maju area. After a short breakfast, a Malay guy start briefing about our tasks that day. He says there will be two groups doing work: The “padang” group and the “longkang” group. So of course, us girls choose the “padang” lar. Who wants to get stinky and smelly cleaning up drains?

So us girls took all the equipments they gave us and walk towards the field. No one came to brief us about anything so we just start picking up all the rubbish we see laying around in the field. Within half an hour, there were no more trash laying around. That was when I figured something was wrong. Cannot be our work is so easy right? They just want us to clean the field? I think everyone also felt the same because soon after, I saw some girls trying to pull grasses, which I felt was absurd because the whole field is completely covered in grass! You want to pull grass until when also cannot finish.

Not long after, some Malay guys came and told us that our job that day was to transfer tar and then use the tar to cover an area they accommodated for a sepak takraw field. So under the hot sun, we use spades and baskets to place the tar into wheelbarrows, then push the wheelbarrows to the assigned area, and finally use brooms to spread them.

Once we were done, they told us to transfer the cement pulak using wheelbarrows to an area about 50m away to cover the holes that became flooded due to the rain.

We were doing manual labour work okay? So kesian us but after hearing so many complaints from everyone about how they make us “university/professional students” do these type of work, I wished they will shut up and just do the service that we are assigned to.

If you read the intro in the beginning of the post and did not get it, I dedicated it to the *ahemjpdahem* girls who did nothing but sit under the tree while watching everyone worked. Wtf? I hope they get bitten by mosquitoes. Just because you are skinny, don’t mean you cannot contribute okay? Also, I absolutely hate listening to people just yakking and complaining instead of doing work. Ya, ya we get it. You are angry and upset about the work but you don’t have to repeat it every 10mins okay? Just shut the hell up and start taking the equipment to do work. I know, I am being mean here but I just feel it is unfair some of us do work more than others.

I guess the organisers could have done better in briefing us about the work that we are supposed to do so we will be well-prepared.

At the end of the day, I ended up getting dehydration, migraine and sunburn from working under the sun for hours. Although I am prone of getting dehydrated, at least I did not let it stopped me from doing what I am supposed to do.

5th April 2009 – Ching Meng Day

Yes, every year I never miss following my family to Tanjong Malim to visit my great grandparents’ graves and then to Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih to visit my grandparents’ graves.

The morning started with breakfast at Tanjong Malim, cleaning the relatives’ graves on the hill, back to KL and the to Semenyih to visit po po and gong gong before having satay in Kajang.


I remember my late grandfather used to pick me up in his motorcycle when my Mom was unable to pick me up after tuitions or after school.


When we reached Nirvana, the rain followed us too. We were stuck waiting for the heavy downpour to stop before we can go and visit my grandparents’ graves.

the week that was: earth hour, laptop skin, and losing temper

I hate it when people can just sit and watch others do work…Hello? It is a TEAMWORK okay? I just want to screamed at them to get their lazy asses off the floor, shut your yakking mouths and start working…wtf


I find it so much easier to write when I have photos. Also, so much easier for me to read through them again.

Finally I am updating this blog of mine. I have been meaning to blog for some time now but have been so so busy these past few days. Now that study week has officially started, I am finally going to blog a few posts before I go on a hiatus for my finals preparations.

Lots and lots of things happening and I have the photos to show. Lol.


Photo taken of lunch @ Sweet Chat, Times Square with Mom

27th March 2009 – Low Yat with Wai Kuan and Wei Wei


Last Friday, I went to Low Yat with Wai Kuan and Wei Wei where I bought this adhesive laptop skin that I absolutely love although not everyone agrees with my taste. But I like being different. No flowers or geometric patterns please. I much preferred this orange carnival-themed skin. I like images that are inspiring, that symbolises some meanings, not just spirals and petals. Of course the execution is crap, but oh wth, this is my first time and I never said that I got skills in craftsmanship anyway.

Ai Li recommended me this cool K-pop song: “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior…really uber-cool video

28th March 2009 – Earth Hour Day

On that day, my cousin Deric belanja dinner for us family members to commemorate his excellent STPM results – 4.0 flat yeah! Actually, it was no surprise, my cousin had always been very consistent in his results all this while. So we had dinner near Maluri and after dinner, we hung out at my uncle’s house when we realized it was 8.25p.m. already. The decision to off all electricity switches was not unanimous. Finally, we compromised and consent to only switching off all the lights, leaving the fan on. Haih…what to do, it was a case of young ones VS. the elders. LOL.

pictures (1)

Before all lights were off, my uncle showed me this humongous 60kg jackfruit, produced by the jackfruit tree in front of their house. OMG ok?


As you can see, not everyone was as enthusiastic as us in participating for Earth Hour. Even though my uncle’s house was dark, the houses in front, on the left and on the right were still brightly lit up.


Sorry for the poor quality pics. My handphone camera is not exactly equipped to take photos in the dark. Both cousins Vivien and Sher Li playing around with a torchlight shaped like a pig.



angry-face2Sometimes I wish that I can only blog about good memories, the good stuff that happens to me. But you know, I know, we know, no one is ever that lucky in life.

I got pissed off today and 2 minutes later, I regretted what I did. This is my thing. I have some principles in life that I try to obey and one of it is: When I hate some things that people do towards me, I won’t do it to others. So if I hate other people (other than my family) scolding me, I try not to scold others as well.

But lack of sleep has really tested my limits and I let myself blew up. Sometimes I wished they could have been a little more understanding. Sometimes I really try to be patient with them and I wish they could be more sympathetic with what I do. I know they paid but really, I never overcharged them. Any extra money goes to servicing of my car, which can easily eats up to RM400 each time. Most of the money, my Mom pays so, no, I did not cheat their money. Anyway, what is over is over. What can I do but learn to be more patient, right?

My demon is definitely my temper. I wondered how some people can control their temper so easily. Maybe my EQ level is just not high enough.



(unless you ask ms blogger first)