Monday, April 13, 2009

confessions and AI season 8 takes: i cracked…

It is study week and I needed a dose of inspiration. What better place than on the Oprah show? The “Miracle Children” episode was so touching…Against all odds: They are true heroes – Lin Hao, the dedicated hall monitor, Cody the handsome boy who cannot stop smiling, and baby Elliot, who brought tears to my eyes…For more stories of the other inspirational children *click here*


…and I went to watched my guilty pleasure - “Confessions of a Shopaholic” even though I know I shouldn’t because it is study week after all. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I cannot helppppp ittttttt!!!!!!


The way I rationalize it, is that by the time finals are over, maybe the movie will not be shown anymore…so better go watch it now while I have the chance right? Right? Please, someone needs to justify my action here. I am sure Mayzhee Lim would. LOL.

I have read the book, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and I like it a lot. Sophie Kinsella makes Becky Bloomwood such a lovable character although she is such a compulsive liar. But even if you read the book, you will probably realize that the storyline in this movie is nothing like the book. Okay, so they have all the same characters but that’s about it. Is it any good? Well, I much preferred the book because I felt the storyline in this movie was a little too cliché. Like really? A little too good to be true.


Can I just say I absolutely adore Isla Fisher in this movie? She is so cute and so funny that this movie would not be the same without her in it. Also, I secretly want her hair. I love redheads. LOL.

Although fashion is mostly the central theme in this movie, Isla / Becky’s clothes seemed a little too mismatched, IMH, but maybe it is to suit her bubbly personality I guess. Love love love all the shoes though.

   hugh dancy Hugh Dancy2

Hugh Dancy plays Luke Brandon (in the Shopaholic series, they eventually get married). Honestly, I have never heard of this guy before until this movie. But I am going to post his pics and talk about him because he looks a little like James McAvoy, whom I simply admires.


This is what I wore for movie in Mid Valley. The dirt-cheap trench-coat from Bangkok, cheap belt from Sg Wang and this new skinny pants that I bought from somewhere that I forgotten. Oh ya, if you noticed much clearly, I am also holding my new camera, still Canon like my previous one, only in boring silver.

We had lunch at Dragon-i again and had the scrumptious and overly expensive “Siew long bao” again! This time I tried the Black Pepper La Mian and it tasted better than the dish I tried during my previous visit. 

for blogging

Okay, already feeling guilty that I went to watched a movie and now blogging?!!! Seriously, must get back to my books so I am keeping this post short, simple and sweet.

But before I go, just want to mentioned about Adam Lambert, one of the contestants from AI, who is fast becoming one of my fave on the show. His vocals isn’t that fantastic and sometimes he can be very theatrical, very OTT but I will give him props for being different. And his eyes are simply smoking (freakin’ hot) despite him wearing “guyliner”. LOL. His performance of “Mad World” last week is definitely my favourite so far this season.

I say, there are more male contestants on AI this season and they are all pretty good-looking. There is the goody-two-shoes Kris Allen, very cute but a little on the boring side. Anoop Desai, the guy who reminds me of Slumdog Millionaire (LOL) and I am rooting for him because he is Asian. Too bad he always end up in the bottom three. Also, Matt Giraud the very JT and Michael Buble look-alike that I like too. He managed to make the song that I find annoying (“Part-time lover”) very likeable. Lastly, Danny Gokey, the spectacles guy that I like a lot during his first ever performance (Mariah Carey’s “Hero”) but slowly becoming forgettable for me. Good-looking too.

Yes, this season is very “eye-candy-ish” (I realized there is no such word, tq). Oh ya, I also like Allison Iraheta because she reminds me so much of Kelly Clarkson, that I like as well. Rock girls rule! Lil Rounds, me no liking so much. I know she has the greatest vocals on the show but she is deadpan boring, week after week. I do think she is brimming with potential but she needs to change it up and stop imitating the legendary singers. Last week, I mean, she is so obviously imitating Tina Turner, with the dance moves and all. No no no. Be different. I want to see something different!!!

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