Saturday, April 26, 2008

killing me softly

Finals are killing me softly...3 papers down (Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, TITAS) and 3 more to go (Physical Pharmacy, Pengurusan Emosi and Pharmacy Practice).

Tonnes and tonnes of stuff to read in such a damn short amount of time....shit. Btw, Chemistry was like hell. 8 freakin' tough essay questions...116 marks...3

And it is so not over yet...had to reject 2 dinner offers this weekend so I can bury myself with my books, hoping that I and my notes can be ONE, bcoz I don't think there are any other ways to finish reading everything....aargh!!!

Another 5 days and I am officially NOT a first-year anymore...weird;P

Sunday, April 20, 2008

cheesy music video [edited]

This song is not bad but pretty cheesy mv. Why is it everytime there are good-looking people + bubblegum feel-good pop song = cheesy mv? Guess this must be the very overused recipe in the Taiwanese/Mandopop music industry?

And why is Wu Zhun's (did I get the spelling right?) green scarf caught in between his pants and belt in the mv? Is it intentional? Why? Trying to create a new fashion style trend? Honestly, did not work, honey;) If anything, I found it annoying. Some people are just too nice to tell him or maybe he should fired the stylist who brainwashed him to do that.

Anyways, Denise Chin turned 21 last week, on April 14th! [*edited*: Sorry I messed up the dates! I dunno why I saved Denise's bday as 21st Apr in my hp]

I could not make it to her big bday bash last week coz I was too caught up with preparing for exams and all. Read about it here and here.

So, happy turning 21 - Legally! Although, Denise will never look 21. She looks still like the Denise I know. Physical features of a 12-year-old. Haha. But the same cannot be said about her mind and skills. That girl can write kick-ass stuff ok? So don't mess with her:)

All the best for FSKB students having exams tomorrow. Pray that we all may survive this torturous period. *help!!!! die die die-lah!!!*

Friday, April 18, 2008

ask yourself this...








Wednesday, April 16, 2008

old age, thrash talk and bbff [edited]

For the last few weeks, because of my stress and of being overwhelmed with exams and assignments and reports, I have taken a healthy habit of jogging at Tasik Titiwangsa with Suz M and her roommate Jie Ning. In one of our jogging trips, Suz M mentioned how she, when she grows old, would like to own a farm in New Zealand where together with her husband, they will lead a peaceful life there, taking care of farm animals.

Then came this topic of how will we spend our old age. It's not like I have not thought about it, it is just that I have never given any serious thought. I mentioned how interesting it will be that when I grow old, with all those free time that I now craved for never had, I would like to write a memoir about my life. Yes, all those stupid and funny and happy and sad incidents that would still remain in my head will be transferred through my pen onto a paper or through my keyboard onto the monitor screen or whatever futuristic gadget that might be developed in the future. Eventhough I am sure it will not get published, maybe it will be a great idea to pass it down to my grandchildren or great-grandchildren, just in case they inherit my "bookworm" genes (ceh!) or if they wanted to know how life was like back then.

When we asked Jie Ning what she was going to do when she gets old, she said she has never thought that far. True, life is like a journey. We should take it one step at a time and appreciate every moment that we have, one at a time.


Suz M said that she will not thrash about anyone in her blog because she says that they are not worth her time and effort to blog about. Ok, I know I sometimes thrash about a number of few people in my blog so I will try and stop it. Er...ok, maybe not stop completely but write less lengthy posts about them.

Now that I mention about thrashing people in blogs, there is one person I think deserved some thrashing. I will not mention his name but he is a close friend's ex-boyfriend. I absolutely absolutely absolutely hate guys who two-time girls. One leg on two boats. This guy cheated and still have the nerve to plaster pics of him and his new gf all over his friendster profile!

When he wanted to break up with my friend, we snoop around in his friendster and saw all this mushy-mushy love testimonials that this gal was sending to him. OMG, what an asshole. And he is not even good-looking at all. Ugly and a jerk and a cheater. Guys, if you really want to cheat, at least have the courtesy to admit it ok? Then maybe I can still have just a little teeny-weeny respect left for you. If my bf ever cheated on me, I will never forgive him. Period. I am no Victoria Beckham. If a guy cheats on his gf, it just shows what kind of guy that is. And if he can cheat on you now, imagine what he can do later on.

Btw, my friend is so much better without that guy now. She is hot but sweet, so glad she is not stuck with that loser wat'shisname. In fact, after news spread that she broke up, guys come swarming approaching her. FYI, she did not ask me to thrash him, she is too nice for that. Just think this loser asshole deserves it.


Anyway, this week is my study week coz next week is my finals so just want to blog everything today so I can stop blogging until after my finals. Last week, I hardly studied coz of BBFF (boy BFF) problems and a certain controversial issue.

I am sorry Raja Babi, but I hate hate hate hate waiting for people. No matter if your intentions were good or not, I will just remember the fact that I have to wait for you and walk in the rain. I know you are a good friend, so sorry k?

Orang Utan, I hope you are able to move on. As difficult as it may seem to accept the fact that she does not like you, you just have to accept it. You are way better than that. Stop being childish ok? And stop being mean to me. Bluek:P

Yes, my two good guy friends have cute nicknames. One bcoz of his name and another bcoz of his hairy legs. Of coz, I know one a lot longer than the other. So I dunno if Orang Utan can be classified as my BFF yet. Guess he have to earn it. LOL. Macam-lah it's some privilege to be my BFF kononnya. I don't want to jinx it;P

This reminds me of my first BBFF, Therry. I wonder how is he now? Therry is my then classmates's little bro, 3 years younger than me but the nicest and sweetest fella I ever know. We can talk on and on and hang out as well. But we separated when I moved to SBU and he moved back to Malacca. The last I heard about him, he has a girlfriend, who is also one of my good gal pals.

So this is to clear up some misunderstandings. I do have a few guy friends not ONE ok? So I dunno why people are always thinking that there is something going on between Hanson and me. People that I don't even know in UKM KKL knows me, but for the wrong reasons.

Just because I am friendly with guys does not make me a slut. A slut is the girl who goes after the guy even if she knows that guy has a girlfriend. That should be the actual definition of slut. Here is one, btw. Ooops;P

Monday, April 14, 2008

stress over exams

Credits to stickgal for this inspiration;)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

retro post

Before that, note that this post was written by moi after the STPM results were out and back then, I was still working part-time at Reliance. This is the msn conversation that happened between me and Hanson.

posted on April 12th 2007:
CCH: I want to tell u somethin. U sure very proud of it
ME: Ok. Tell me la. Quick quick
(a moment of silence as I waited for CCH to type the msg)
CCH: So? Happy or not?
ME: Hah? What you mean? What???
CCH: U still don't get it?
ME: Get what? I tak faham la
CCH: Tak faham wat?
ME: What you mean? What is it?
CCH: Bodoh
(I scroll up on the conversation when something struck me)
ME: Actually, u forgot to type it out is it? I don't see anything oso
(a moment of silence)
CCH: Oh ya hor. I didnt type it out
ME: swt
ME: I dun want to chat dgn org gila yg tak tau guna keyboard
CCH: Ok. Ok. I tell u again
(another moment of silence as CCH tries to type again)
CCH: I got A for Chem in STPM
ME: swt

Note: Actually CCH wanted to tell me that in VI, only 2 people got A in STPM Chemistry. -_-

when will he ever learn?

My cousin has been kicked out of school, failed in his SPM, got involved in fights, got involved in drugs, been arrested, been in and out of jobs, been robbed a few times, owed money to loan sharks and now he is cheated out of RM40K by his friend...

And he is only 21 years old.

Only one month older than me. But he is so not "sang seng".

When will he ever learn?

When will he realized that family will always be there for him, instead of his stupid idotic friends who only know how to take advantage of him? When will he learn that life is filled with scums who will only lead him to the wrong path? When will he learn money do not come easily? When will he realize how much trouble and hurt he had cause his parents, his sister and us, his extended family?

When will he GROW UP?

If he keeps going on like this, I think even the family will not care about him anymore. Hopefully God can knock some sense into his head as soon as possible.

tag #2

Instructions: Remove 1 question from below and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post.

#1. At what age do you wish to marry? I don't have any expectations when it comes to marriage. I think marriage is kinda over-rated nowadays, esp those depicted in TV dramas and movies.

#2. If you can turn into anything, what do you wish you can turn into? Someone who can stop time. I think that is kind of a cool thing, esp since there is never enough hours in a day for me.

#3. What job are you doing now? 1st year Pharmacy student in UKM. Tough course, but I chose it so I am not giving up on it:)

#4. Where is the place that you want to go most? Rome and Greece, places with historical myths and attractions.

#5. What is the one thing you want to buy right now if you have the cash? Colbie Caillat CD.

#6. Do you believe in seeing the rainbow after the rain? If it can be scientifically proven, then yes.

#7. What are you afraid to lose the most right now? TIME coz I still have so much to study.

#8. What cheers you up for the rest of the day? When someone says or does something really really funny that it remains in my head for the whole day.

#9. If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her? Depends, it is all about the right time and the right person.

#10. List out three good things of the person who tagged you. She is friendly, polite and a perfect lady.

#11. List three good things about yourself. Stubborn, honest and talkative.

#12. What type of person do you hate the most? Selfish liars with arrogant attitudes.

#13. What would you do if you won a million dollars? Go shopping. Yes, sadly.

#14. What is your favourite drama series? So far, it has to be "My Name is Kim Sam-soon".

#15. What would you want to be after you're dead? Preserved as a corpse in a coffin with a proper tombstone and a grave embedded with the meaningful words.

#16. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change? The short tempered and emo parts.

#17. What is your favourite color? Red and black and purple.

#18. What do you think is the most important thing in your life? ME, because if there is no me, there is no life.

#19. What's the last thing you think of before you go to sleep? What I am going to do tomorrow.

#20. What would you do if tomorrow was the last day of the world? Write out a list of things that I want to do if tomorrow was the last day of the world and go out to accomplish as many as I can.

#Eight persons to tag: Suzane, Wei Wei, Kelvin, Caryn, and whoever that feels like doing it.

I wondered who ever comes up with this idea of tag? Probably someone who has no idea what he/she wants to blog about so he/she comes up with this tag idea? Interesting, but gets boring after a while.

Friday, April 04, 2008

of freaking sms-es[edited]

Just public speaking presentation had just been postponed to next week. If there is one thing I hate, it is when people tell me things last minute. So freaking frustrating k?

Supposed to have our 10mins speech to persuade presentation today. Around 4pm, when I was dozing off at the library CC yesterday, I received an sms saying presentation's been cancelled, and that it is changed to mock presentation instead.

So I went back to my hostel room and dozed off for a nap after dinner. When I woke up at 10pm, I received yet another sms saying that plans have changed the presentation is back on. WTH?

This morning in class, our Public Speaking teacher said that no one replied her previous sms, so that is why the presentation is back on. wtf...I did replied!!!

Is it my fault that some people wrote "sms to ur friend and reply to me"? Aryne, the girl who forwarded the sms to me put there "ME" as in M-E! Am I supposed to assume it means replying to Kak Mas (our PS teacher)? Of course, I replied "ok, I am fine with anything" to Aryne.

Still upset coz tak pasal-pasal I stayed up to 2am memorizing my speech and turns out presentation is once again postponed.

Now, I am going to be the seventeenth person presenting. I would not mind if the presentation was today. But if it is postponed to next Friday, this means I have to present on Saturday. Shit, it means I cannot go back home on Friday night. And no one wants to exchange turns with me.

Oh ya, if anyone wants to forward a sms to everyone in the class esp if it is ENGLISH class, I wish one can just have the common sense to write the sms in PROPER English.

So not like this: "n0 clus 0n sturdy"

Dah-lah, I just got up from sleep, feeling annoyed and irritated that presentation is back on when I have not memorized my 4-pages speech yet...and I am scratching my head figuring what the hell is this sms saying?

Pls pls...I am no sms-language dictionary k? One cannot assumed that everyone freaking understands your sms!I realize that I sound kinda harsh over some random person that I don't even know. *sigh* Must be the stress over exams getting into me.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

the end of first year is dawning

31/03/2008: Baskin Robbins outing

I promised Suz M that I will treat her Baskin Robbins since she accompanied me to do a new sim card (back when I lost my hp), so what better day to treat someone than to go when there is a 31% discount?

Suz M has never seen BR before until she came to KL. Kota Kinabalu has no BR! Yup, I know. Surprising, no? Esp since in KL, there is berlambak (lots) of BR, even in small shopping complexes like Leisure Mall. It is hard to imagine a town like KK not having a single BR. What is even more surprising is that there is no BR in Sibu or Kapit either. Tah jie says it is because BR cannot transport ice-cream through aeroplanes coz it will melt on the way. LOL;)

Anyways, Hanson tagged along as well. Actually I was supposed to treat him as well coz I lost a bet with him. No need right, Hanson? Coz someone says he don’t like to “sek yun fan”. LOL.

So we had the quart-size with three flavours – Maui Chocolate Brownie, Almond Fudge and my fave - Strawberry Cheesecake!

Hanson and me

Suz M and me


After that, we did some shopping! We had to help BB to buy a T-shirt for her buddy’s bday present. If there is one thing I dislike, it is buying clothes for guys. Seriously, every shop in Times Sq sells the same type of guy clothes. I see no difference at all. In other words – boring. Guy clothes are so lacking in variety. It is times like these when I am glad for being a girl. No wonder guys dislike shopping. I would too if I see the exact same style in every shop I go to.

Finally, we decided on this cool-looking guitar T-shirt. Coincidentally, Hanson bought a T-shirt from this same shop as well. Check out the pics later to see Hanson’s new T-shirt that he could not wait to wear.

After doing some more window-shopping at Times Sq, we headed to Sg Wang for dinner. Finally decided on Gasoline.

Food was ok-lah. Just wanted to go there to show Hanson and Suz M how the atmosphere was. This is my 2nd time here. First time was with Waiyin, Jino and Yinching.

Ordering food

Kiwi shake

Hanson's new T-shirt!

Random cute stuff on display

Did more window shopping before finally heading back to KTSN. I just copped a belt whilst Suz M copped khakis from ROMP. Saw a really nice vest in ROMP but I just bought a new blouse a few days ago so haih…gotta save money-lo…

01/04/2008: Last practical of first year.

If there is one lab practical that I enjoyed, it is my Pharmacy Practice. Coz in this subject, we get to compound medicines! Still remember all those times when I was small playing with those masak-masak stuff, now I get to make real medicines! Of coz, if anyone dares to use it-lah.

Altogether there are 4 practicals but there is an extemporaneous prescription at the end of each practical. Marks will be given on our extemporaneous preparations and these marks are a portion of our final marks. This is the most stressful part of every practical since time is of the essence here and there is really no room for mistakes.

Somewhere during our 3rd practical, we made emulsion, suppositories and capsules.

My Emulsion!

These suppositories are used for your butt, FYI. LOL. And guess what? The base is actually cocoa butter! Which is also the same base used to make chocolate! Yummy, anyone? LOL.

Making capsules by punching into the powder mass

For our last practical, which was also the hardest and most time-consuming, we made cream, suppositories, gel and ointment. Time passes so damn fast here because those freakin’ ingredients all have to be melted before triturating them! And if things cannot get any harder, my water bath was not working initially. This so adds to the stress factor, ok?

I enjoyed filing the cream into the collapsible tube coz they taught us how to fold the end of the tube using a levigation knife. Haha…Now I can make toothpaste tubes! LOL.

This batch of suppositories was really jelly-like, unlike the previous ones we did. Kinda reminds me of those gummy bears candy. LOL.

My gel before adding the colouring

After colouring is added

My gel kinda suffer an OD of Apple Green colouring. LOL. Tze Im says it was supposed to be hair gel. *Looks at the pic again*

Our extemporaneous preparation was Whitfield’s Ointment BPC 1973, which sadly, I did not have enough time to triturate it thoroughly so I think it was not as viscous as I think it should be.

Yours Truly after our exhausing 3 and a half hours practical!

Snapshot of Microbiology lab where we observe microorganisms

A few days ago, NST reported about the dispensing separation between doctors and pharmacists. Of coz, I totally agreed with MPS’s decision to allow the separation.

I say this not because I am a pharmacy student, but I truly think patients will benefit most from this implementation. When we have cancer, we go to see cancer doctors. And if we have a brain-related disease, we will go and see the neurologist, right? Who goes to the general practitioner for EVERYTHING?

Specialists are there to help us better, and in this case I see pharmacists as a specialist in medicines and drugs. Besides, M’sia is not the first country to try and implement this. Many countries have already acknowledged this separation where doctors diagnose and pharmacists dispense. Positive responses have been received from the public. Hence, I fully and totally support the separation.

I know Hanson will object to this. He has already debate with me about this. Bluek:P
Though I like the compounding part of my course, sadly, my professor says that pharmacists rarely do compounding work anymore, but more towards dispensing medicine.

And finally…random pic of the day

I took this pic at a stall in Sg Wang. Really like how everything looks so colourful and sweet! Btw, those strawberries really taste yummylicious! Just that it was freakin’ expensive-lah.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

time passes so quickly

so much things had happen these past few weeks that I find myself pretty overwhelmed by everything. It seems like that there is just not enough hours in a day. With neverending amount of reports and assignments, plus finals coming up in a few weeks time, it seems like blogging might be a waste of time. But, well, cannot really help it. When a girl's got to blog, she just have to blog.

21/03/2008: Went to National Library.

Waiyin asked me to accompany her to National Library coz she wants to look for a book there. Coincidentally, I was having lunch with Hanson that day so he came along. We walked back from UKM fac to our hostel because there were not any buses. Then, we walked from our hostel to National Lib. I would not mind walking if it was not because it was so damn freakin' hot that day. I swear, I will never be fair-skinned for my whole life because of the stupid weather in M'sia.

Some random pics of the NatLib. I have not been here, I think, since I was in primary school. It has changed vastly, but I dunno if for the better. Honestly, the system to search for the books here just does not seem useful at all. In the end, we all have to manually look for the book ourselves.

Plus, the freakin' place where we put all our bags and belongings stink of stupid bleeping cigarette smoke.

31/03/2008: Ching Meng at Tanjong Malim and Semenyih.

Tanjong Malim, my mom's hometown

Went to Tanjong Malim to pray my great grandparents' graves. Honestly, Tg malim reminds me a lot of Ipoh Old town, so quiet and peaceful, with no signs of modernity. I dunno how I will survive there. Looks kinda boring.

We had curry mee and yong tau foo for breakfast


After that, we head to Nirvana Memorial Park to pray to my grandparents' graves. The freakin' traffic jam on the way there made it so damn uncomfortable for me, squeezed at the back of my uncle's Naza Ria.

I took this pic coz I like how the fire looks on film

Then came the heavy downpour.
The freakin' traffic jam
Flood on the way home

Words cannot describe how terrible the ride home was. The heavy rain afterwards not only make the jam worse, but cause flood everywhere. I can just say that my whole Ching Meng day started from 6am-6pm.

Oh well, we only do this once a year, so I guess I should not complain so much, right?

Btw, on a totally unrelated note, Mom finally bought for me this cool earrings hanger thingy to keep my huge amount of collection of earrings!

Super lurve it!!!

And I bought another pair of really cute earrings when I went out with Janice last Monday!

Also, I got a pair of new Reebok kicks! The story is this, I was in the hostel when my Mom called and say that someone broke into our house's shoe closet. Can you freakin' believe that? Thieves will go all the way. Anyways, my new shoes are kept inside so those were safe and most of my shoes are inexpensive (in other words, kinda cheap-lah). However, Mom's expensive leather and sports shoes were all stolen. So I accompanied Mom to Leisure Mall to buy a new pair of sports shoes. SInce there was a sale, so...

I copped these!

Its pink and so pretty! Ok, I sound like a bimbo...

Anyways, exams are coming up so gotta ciao to study!



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