Thursday, November 27, 2008

the blogger is twenty-one

This time around, study weeks felt like a long stretch, probably because of the absence of television and internet. Luckily I have my crazy A-5-5 roommates and housemates to keep me entertained.

This is how my desk wall looks like, with reminders, notes and dedications...

The one on the left is Wei2, my housemate and coursemate, also one of the hardworking girls I know. Honestly, she is like an Energizer Bunny. Photo was taken around 1 or 2am when I saw her studying with her towel wrapped on her head. I made fun of her, calling her our new Muslim housemate.
The other pic is my roommate, Suz M. She went outside to our humongous balcony to talk on the phone but I decided to play a trick on her and locked her outside...

After much anticipation (from the blogger), finally the blogger held her 21st birthday gathering on the 21st November 2008 (so many 21s le?)

She is sorry she could not invite everyone but she wanted to keep it a small-scale event, with only her closest UKM friends, her wonderful Form 6 classmates and a few friends from way back in primary and secondary school (SMK Perimbun).

Before that, she wants to thank WeiHan, HockPeng, KaWei and KahHang for treating her lunch...

The blogger is amazed at how many people she invited turned up. Truth is, it was a lot more than she expected. Plus family members and neighbours? There was quite an estimate amount of people in her small quaint house that night. Nothing above 80, I assured you.

Because there are quite a number of photos and the blogger is too lazy to upload them all quite yet, she decided to make a video of the pictures. Besides, she always wanted to do a video but never found the time or the right theme to do one about.

Here she wants to apologize. Especially to BFClassmates for not taking much pics with them and also people that she did not have time to interact with that night. This is why she wants a small-scale party - more interaction with her guests.

Thanks for all the lovely presents and cards. And in particular, handmade cards: Kah Hang, Wai Yin, Jino and Yin Ching.

The blogger finally wore her sequinned tunic that she bought many months ago but never found the proper event to wear it to. Her Mom helped her to shorten it to suit her short frame and lend her skirt to the blogger as well. Her aunt helped her with the very light makeup.

The blogger wants to thank her Mom for doing all the planning for the party since the blogger was busy with her exams. There were a few slight glitches here and there, but overall it worked out just fine.

Thanks to families, friends and neighbours who all turned up. Really appreciate it and very sorry if the blogger ignored you during the dinner because when she thinks about it, everything felt like a blur because she was running here and there most of the time.

And now the blogger presents the premiere of the first video she ever made. She knows it is not perfect and the timings slightly off and she wishes she had taken more pics too of that night but nevertheless, this is the best she could do:

whaddya think?


Suzane Mah said...

yeah!im d first to comment!gud video!d songs r nice bt still gt space to improve!hehehe happy holidays!muacks!

FIFIONA said...

okie thankies...happy holidays 2 u too;)

Cherh Yun (buddy) said...

What a great party ur mum had organised!
From here ,it is clear that ur mum loves u and shower u with love so much!!
Fiona, happy belated birthday and take good care!!
(Sorry for that morning's unwell condition...luckily I had my rest and felt better later on....)

FIFIONA said...

thank q so much...ya lar, i saw u so sick how can i still force u 2 eat with me...dun worry i wont mind, as long u get well soon;)



(unless you ask ms blogger first)