Sunday, November 30, 2008

week recap:my 1st week of holidays...

I am still on with my plans to Bangkok...flying on Christmas day instead...

My first week of holidays passed by like a I am left with a few days of freedom because me M0m decided to help me apply for work at her company (yes, she did all the paperwork and enquiries, obviously, because it is not a mutual agreement between me and her regarding me working in this bloody short holidays of just ONE month).

I enjoyed hibernating at home. All the excitement of last week left me very much exhausted and looking forward to just some R&R at home. Still trying to finish reading "Shopaholic", a book that I have been reading on-off since last sem break but most of the time I fall into my temptation of...Korean dramas.

Let me get this straight...once upon a time, I was a K-drama fan ever since I watched "Autumn in My Heart" and fell in love with Song Seung-hun and Won Bin but as time passes, I soon realized that all K-dramas follow the same run-of-the-mill storyline and I got bored of it (just like I get bored with everything else) so I digress from that phase ever since, until just recently.

I found out that some kind soul uploaded all the episodes of this drama onto and I have been hooked on it. This drama I am speaking about is...


I watched this few years back but I love it so much (then and now) that I cannot help but watch it all over again. I love that the protagonist, Kim Sam-soon is such an unconventional character - she is plump, rough, tomboy-ish, and vulgar, unlike the usual female characters which are weakly and needy. Of course, the male protagonist, Jin-hyeon, fit every woman's Prince Charming (well, mine at least). Okay, so that character is not unconventional but he definitely serves up some amazing eye candy.

I can go on and on about my fave K-drama of all time, but let's keep it for another post...

A book that I am dying to read but I am also afflicted with my love for Sam-soon...

Okay, that was totally random...

As some may know, I had plans this holidays to fly to Bangkok for 5 days with Waiyin, LiLing and Pearl. Some (except those who do not read newspaper or watch news) may also know that the airport in Bangkok have been closed due to anti-government protesters.

On 26/11/08, a day before our flight, all of us (except Pearl) went to the AirAsia ticketing counter at KL Sentral to enquire about our flight. We waited a freakin' one and a half hours before it was our turn. The lady said that she cannot postpone our flight unless it has been cancelled by AirAsia. If we were to postpone it before the flight is confirmed to be cancelled, we will have to pay the forfeited charges.
So what can we do? We went back, waiting to see if our flight got cancelled or not.

On the way home, however, I stopped by LeisureMall to buy my fave idol's latest album...

Look what I bought

For some readers who have read my blog a long time ago, probably would know that I am crazy about David Cook

I have been waiting a long time for this and I don't always buy a lot of original music CDs unless I am really in love with the singer

I saranghaeyo this part of the CD leaflet

Oh, did I mentioned I think Korean/Hanggul is one sexy language? Especially when it comes from the mouth of Hyun Bin?

And so, our flight eventually got cancelled (since the airport is still closed till now). On Friday, 28/11, the four of us went again to KL Sentral to postpone our Bangkok flight.

This time we waited 3 bloody hours for our turn because the counters were jam-packed with people! Only when it was finally our turn, we found out that there was a special queue just for cancelled Bangkok flight passengers and that we need not take a number and wait for our turn! WHAT THE FREAKIN' HELL???

Waiyin and I initially planned for some shopping but got delayed because of our KL Sentral affairs. By the time we reached Sg Wang, it was about 5pm.

I have never seen 2 people shop that fast. Yup, we did some express shopping. So fast that by 6.30pm, we were broke and settled for some ice-cream at this new place opposite the cinema called Kindori.
They specialised in yoghurt fat-free, all-natural ice-cream.

At RM7-10 per ice-cream, it is pretty pricey but really darn good;)

I had the golden kiwi flavor. They asked you to choose a fruit and make it then and there for you

Me, looking really tired (and dark)

Waiyin's pumpkin flavor

Waiyin, the poster girl for Kindori

We are promoting Kindori without charges...lolz...

The pic of the shop in case anyone wants to know (in case-lar)

Oh, btw we saw ChunHong at KL Sentral and we had McD's lunch with him. It turns out that he was supposed to leave for a camp in Pahang that day.

And now we come to Saturday, 29/11. M0m went to get her hair done so I wandered aimlessly into shops at Sg Wang and Times Square. Got myself a pair of flat sandals.

After that, we were off for lunch at Kampachi for Equatorial @ Pavillion.

My first time here

California Temaki

A closer look



Mom ordered this: pic on left shows how it looks like in menu and pic right is the actual set

Mine - really huge portion

Sashimi!!! My love!!!

Christmas deco outside Pavillion

On the way back, we stopped by the bustling packed Niichi Fashion store

Where I thought this dress looked cute but too expensive for my liking

Btw, I am doing the Karen Cheng pose (I learned that from!)

whoever said that blogs aren't educational?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

the blogger is twenty-one

This time around, study weeks felt like a long stretch, probably because of the absence of television and internet. Luckily I have my crazy A-5-5 roommates and housemates to keep me entertained.

This is how my desk wall looks like, with reminders, notes and dedications...

The one on the left is Wei2, my housemate and coursemate, also one of the hardworking girls I know. Honestly, she is like an Energizer Bunny. Photo was taken around 1 or 2am when I saw her studying with her towel wrapped on her head. I made fun of her, calling her our new Muslim housemate.
The other pic is my roommate, Suz M. She went outside to our humongous balcony to talk on the phone but I decided to play a trick on her and locked her outside...

After much anticipation (from the blogger), finally the blogger held her 21st birthday gathering on the 21st November 2008 (so many 21s le?)

She is sorry she could not invite everyone but she wanted to keep it a small-scale event, with only her closest UKM friends, her wonderful Form 6 classmates and a few friends from way back in primary and secondary school (SMK Perimbun).

Before that, she wants to thank WeiHan, HockPeng, KaWei and KahHang for treating her lunch...

The blogger is amazed at how many people she invited turned up. Truth is, it was a lot more than she expected. Plus family members and neighbours? There was quite an estimate amount of people in her small quaint house that night. Nothing above 80, I assured you.

Because there are quite a number of photos and the blogger is too lazy to upload them all quite yet, she decided to make a video of the pictures. Besides, she always wanted to do a video but never found the time or the right theme to do one about.

Here she wants to apologize. Especially to BFClassmates for not taking much pics with them and also people that she did not have time to interact with that night. This is why she wants a small-scale party - more interaction with her guests.

Thanks for all the lovely presents and cards. And in particular, handmade cards: Kah Hang, Wai Yin, Jino and Yin Ching.

The blogger finally wore her sequinned tunic that she bought many months ago but never found the proper event to wear it to. Her Mom helped her to shorten it to suit her short frame and lend her skirt to the blogger as well. Her aunt helped her with the very light makeup.

The blogger wants to thank her Mom for doing all the planning for the party since the blogger was busy with her exams. There were a few slight glitches here and there, but overall it worked out just fine.

Thanks to families, friends and neighbours who all turned up. Really appreciate it and very sorry if the blogger ignored you during the dinner because when she thinks about it, everything felt like a blur because she was running here and there most of the time.

And now the blogger presents the premiere of the first video she ever made. She knows it is not perfect and the timings slightly off and she wishes she had taken more pics too of that night but nevertheless, this is the best she could do:

whaddya think?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

wedding dinner@imperial china

So far during my 2 days hols, I have blogged and watched "Transformers". I am so lazy that my room and parts of the house looks like crap.
And I have not even packed for Bangkok yet.

On Sunday night, 23rd November, I attended my late grandmother's brother's son's wedding.

I did that to confused you guys wtf.

It was in Imperial China Chinese Restaurant, in Petaling Jaya.

We were late to the place because my Aunt Wendy somehow managed to spend time looking for every single thing just when we wanted to leave, thus delaying our time. Plus, it was raining heavily that night so yeah, chaos follows.

Lesson learnt: Always be well-prepared. Do not do things last minute. Somehow, I feel like I have listened to that many times before.

Anyways, like every Chinese wedding, they never start on time. So eventhough we were late, the event has yet to start.

The place was definitely well-decorated. Well, a little tacky for my taste, but nevertheless, it was a good ambience to look at as the wedding dinner proceeds.

Kind of a western influence there

One of the interesting things was definitely the slide show projecting lots of beautiful photos of the newlyweds. I wondered how much that costs wtf.

Later in the night, they showed a video of how the groom picked up the bride and all the torments the groom's entourage had to endure from the bride's entourage. Very funny;D

All of us were dressed to the nines

Mom wore her new jacket slash trenchcoat

Mom and me (not marley and me wtf lame jokessss)

Our table was right next to the stage so we could see what was happening most of the time. It is also a good spot to take pics. Of course, the best spot would be right in front of the stage but that was taken by the bride's and groom's families.

Obviously, I cannot complain right?

Cousins dressed mostly in black. Deric did not come because he wanted to study for STPM

The menu for the night

Finally the dinner started with all the waiters and waitresses carrying the first dish in a lights and laser opening act

#1: Special four hot & cold dish combination

#2: braised shark fin's soup with crab meat and scallops treasure

Halfway thru dinner, these 3 kids did a performance to one of Jay Chou's song. Puts me to shame with their cool moves

#3: steamed pomfret fish with king soy sauce

#4: traditional roast style suckling pig

This dish I did not enjoyed much. Sorry but solid&saturated fats and me do not get along very well. I watched Dr Oz on Oprah.

The newlyweds pouring out champagne for the inevitable wedding toast

#5: baked tiger prawns in two varieties

I like prawns but I hate trying to take out their shells.

#6: stewed "lingzhi" mushrooms with pacific clams and vegetables

#7: traditional fried rice wrapped in lotus leaves

The rice def taste great. Very yummylicious.

As with every wedding dinner, there is always a karaoke set to keep people entertained. Here my Uncle MF is giving it a shot

#8: Sea coconut with longan tongsui and desserts

Oh, and one funny thing that happened during the dinner was that the whole bottom part of my left black wedge came out. What a malfunction. Lucky for the straps on the shoe, otherwise I could not even walk.

Dinner ended quite fast actually, only 2 hours...

I finished uploading my birthday video, the first video I ever made. It will premiere tomorrow morning, or tonight if I am up to it:)



(unless you ask ms blogger first)