Thursday, February 21, 2008

first three (four) days of sin nian: part I


My activities on Day One of CNY '08:
  • Had vegetarian breakfast at my uncle's house.
  • Went to my late Grandma's bro's house...all the way in...erm...somewhere really far that took a two hours' journey.
  • Went to Times Square with cousins.
  • Watch "CJ7", the new movie by Stephen Chow.

On the way to uncle's house

At my uncle's house with my ala Japanese doll-like cousin

Family pic on Day One!

Beloved cousins - Vivien, Sher Li and Deric

Since our movie was at night, we hit the arcades first

My aunt says that for those born in Years of Rabbit, Rooster and Horse were not allowed to wear Red on the first day. Instead, they should wear GREEN, hence my very un-CNY like was the only new piece of clothing that I have that resembles green:)

Anyways, CJ7 is such a cute not for those hardcore fans of Stephen Chow's previous works like Shaolin Soccer and KungFu Hustle. Nevertheless, I still lurve the movie. Those kids were so freakin' cute. The witty dialogue really got me laughing added with many cute unforgettable moments and also the very touching (but a little cliche) father-son moment. Thumbs up!


On the 2nd day of CNY, we visited two houses. One is my late Grandpa's sis's house and another is my uncle's wife's family...which is 5 mins drive from the previous house. Both are located on Serdang, so it was not as tiring as Day One.

Mom and moi

Lunch at my uncle's house with "yee sang" as appetizer

"All together now!"

Enjoying a "ss" moment

Family pic Day Two

My cousin's cousin, Ying Ying - Is she not such a cutie pie? Here, we are teaching her how to gamble. Evil, no?

Don't be fooled by her innocent look - she can be such a minx

Because I grew up without a father, I am very close with my mother's side of family. CNY has been a very important time for all my Mom's siblings to bond since the demise of both my grandparents back in 2001 and 2002. That is why, I believe that Chinese New Year is All About Family! No matter how busy we all are, we should always allowed some time with family during this auspicious and meaningful time.


Was supposed to visit my late Grandma's younger sis's house today but have been postponed to next Saturday, so instead Mom and I went to Pavilion to watch "Kungfu Dunk", the new movie featuring Jay Chou. Can you believe this is the first time I am going to Pavilion? I know, I am so ashamed as well. Been really busy with uni stuff plus my mid-sems as well. Even the self-acclaimed shop-phobic Hanson has been to Pavilion umpteeth of thanks to his shopaholic

My 1st time to Pavilion!

This used to be the old BBGS? But I have only been to the old BBGS once only...cannot really remember anymore

CNY decor

Shopaholics Heaven

Moi looking really blur

Yummy doughnuts

My 3rd time having J.CO doughnuts but my first time going there. Ordered the half-dozen but they do not allowed you to choose the flavours if you only ordered half-dozen. Mom and I ordered coffee so we do not have to tire ourselves with the freakin' long queue...

On Day 4 of CNY, did some shopping at Jusco Maluri. Looking for some formal dinner shoes. Found a pair of gorgeous black ones and also copped another pair of bling-bling sandals as well:)

Shoes mania!

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