Saturday, February 23, 2008

overcoming exam stress, v-day and a busy shopping saturday!

Finally uploaded all the pics from my new hp onto my laptop (which came back from repair last week)...the pics quality aren't exactly great. I think some look not so clear but some look nice...could be due the lighting as well, esp pics taken at night are kinda bad.


So what do you do when you are under stress for mid-sem exams? We indulge in sweet stuff like yummy desserts!

Suz M having jelly in my room

Beryl's chocolates - bought this a while ago with Janice

Bitter dark choc and sweet white choc - so cute:)

Love this "tongsui" from Setapak...tastes really good...esp since it is so cold, perfect for a very hot night at KTSN

On V-day, Suz M accompanied me to do a new sim card to replace the one stolen. Went to Low Yat but the Celcom centre there say they cannot do it for me. So went back to UKM fac and took a taxi to the Celcom Branch at Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz Shah. After that, Suz M and I took a monorail to Times Square to do some shopping. She wanted to buy a b'day present for her roommate. Finally decided on a handphone pouch. I also bought a purple one for my new hp (since the old one is stolen as well). Then, we took advantage of Body Glove's last day offering 50% discount on all tops and bottoms. Suz M copped a white tee and I bought a black one.

Studying while waiting for our food:)

My yummy mango dessert


Today went out with Hanson. Met up at Times Square, later went to the Maybank at BB plaza to bank in my cheque, then walked to Pavilion for lunch and movie, after that to Sungei Wang to buy Sui Teng's b'day present and finally back again to Times Square for dinner.

We ate at Ichiban Ramen, near Food Republic, the food court at Pavilion.

Hanson's unagi set lunch

My unagi don...I think Hanson's one seems more "tai"

We walked around at Pavilion looking at all the shops. Saw a really cute tee at Roxy but quite expensive...gotta start saving money for that tee now! Since I recently splurged on a new hp, I think I should start saving first and refrain myself from shopping!

My 2nd time at Pavilion!.......

............ But it is Hanson's 20th time here O.o

Before going into the cinema, still managed to enjoy Baskin Robbins ice-cream first!

Forgot the flavor...I think it is called "Lovestruck Strawberry" or something...a combo of strawberries, choc and cheesecake!

Hanson and I watched "One Missed Call", a horror flick. Hanson says that Jino recommended this movie to him, saying that it is pretty scary. I wanted to watch "Jumper" actually, featuring the very good-looking Hayden Christensen but since I had already make a date to watch that movie with BB and Suz M, so I braved myself to watch this horror movie.

Ok, so there were some really scary scenes. I sucked at watching horror films. I think there was one particular scene where I totally covered my face and missed the whole thing. It started off really scary as well, ok? Half the time I was covering my face, leaving only a small spot available for my eyes to see through the gap between my fingers. Hanson laughed at me and asked me to open my eyes "big-big" because I paid RM12 for the movie.

After the grueling one and a half hours (ok, it was NOT that scary...hehe), I bought a dozen doughnuts and iced coffee from J.Co before making our way back to Sg Wang.

We decided on an engraved pendant for Sui Teng's 21st Birthday present. His b'day is on 24th February, which is about 2 hours more. Hehe:) But we did not have any pics of him so we went to a nearby CC, log onto friendster and stole his pic from there.

After that, we went to Rooftop Sg Wang to buy a b'day card. Hanson says that there is one shop there that sells really cute b'day cards and he was right! There are many freakin' cute cards there, esp the pop-out ones.

This is my fave!

The shop also sells lots of other cute this DIY display set!

We finally decided on this simple and cute b'day card

Me at Rooftop Sg Wang...wearing my new Body Glove tee :P

My twin bro...but I am cuter...haha:D

After that, we went back to collect our present...whaddya think?

I mms-ed a pic of it to Suz M and BB, and tho it seems weird to wear a pendant of your face around your neck, I still think it is a very special gift that he won't be able to find anywhere else. Anyways, I think the pendant looks nice coz he is a "lengzai" as well (he is M1 of UKM KKL!)

Finally after getting the b'day present, we walked back to Times Square. Hanson wanted to check out a shop that does tarot readings (as recommended by his roommate) but they had customers so we left. He had McDonald's for dinner whilst I had my doughnuts.

Fattening and unhealthy but yummy doughnuts!

Hanson went back to the hostel and I took the LRT home. The medic guys are having a surprise b'day for Sui Teng tonight. Here is wishing Sui Teng, a very Happy 21st Birthday!

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