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isetan, kam hor, mcdee and steamboat

Just when I thought that, since PAP and Course Nite are over, my weeks in UKM will be so boring. Looks like I was wrong because I had such a busy week...last week in UKM before our one week break for CNY. Super happening week...Although I had such a blast, but my regret is haunting me since I did not study at all...This is going to be one of the last posts here before I am taking a break from blogging to concentrate on my upcoming exams...


27 Jan 08 - Since our schedules were clashing, BB, Suz M and myself finally decided to go shopping on a Sunday, although I was not entirely thrilled as that means I had to go back to KTSN early to unpacked my stuff.

BB and Suz M wanted to do some CNY shopping at KLCC as they heard that sales were going on at Isetan. It has been a while since I last went to KLCC so I agreed.

Mom dropped all three of us after they both helped me carry my bags to my room;)

KLCC all decked out for CNY

Suz M and myself cam-whoring while waiting for BB to change. Suz M is holding the pile of clothes that BB had chosen

BB copped that purple dress she is wearing. That gal lost weight through her efforts of jogging at Titiwangsa! She looks good in everything she tried...Sob sob...makes me regret for not going jogging with her;(

I only copped one tee from Radioactive. BB copped a dress from VJ Jeans, plus a tank top and mini skirt from SODA Jeans. Suz M copped a tunic from Radioactive, a tank top from MNG and a cute blouse from SEED

I learned all my cam-whoring skills from my two "sifus"

Later we had lunch at Burger King but we only ordered two sets since BB is still under her diet to lose weight for CNY.

Gawd...I looked like such a pig here (-oo-)

Then we headed on to a few other shops - Chamelon (to get accessories), Romp, Teddy Tales (to get a b'day present) and Kinokuniya.

Lurve the gingerbread man;)

Festive mood + shopping = euphoria!!!

The fountains outside KLCC

As night approaches, we decided to head back to our hostel. We waited so long for a bus to Titiwangsa that finally, Suz M asked a lady if she knew we were at the right bus stop. Turns out we were standing at the wrong side of the road! Darn! All those standing, plus my aching feet from all the shopping:(

Suria KLCC

KLCC at night

So luckily we caught the bus and then later took a taxi back to exhausted weiii


28 Jan 08 - Since our class ended early today (due to presentation of proposals from our third-years), Janice, Yan Xia, Ai Li, Carrie and myself did CNY shopping at Sungei Wang. Gawd, all these temptations! No wonder I am always so broke!

We started at Rooftop Sungei Wang. Eventhough the clothes are pricier here compared to other Sg Wang shops, I like the fact that it is not over-crowded and easier to browse around.

Janice and myself saw this cool display at one of the boutiques. Making sure the clothes remain fresh....LOL

Since we did have so much to shop, and so little time, the 5 of us split. I accompanied Janice to buy accessories and present for her sis.

At Hot Market, where Janice pretended to receive an award...LOL

Yours truly amidst Sg Wang's CNY decor

The stage at Sg Wang

Myself and Janice, taken by a nice "ang moh" tourist


29 Jan 08 - Again, our classes ended early but no one went out as us Pharmacy students have a gathering at McDonald's, near the Tawakal Hospital, Setapak that night. The seniors organized the dinner event, so that all Pharmacy students from 1st years up to 4th years can mingle together.

We had to walk to the McDee in the rain!!!! Ok, I hate to complain but there is a reason why I wake up so damn early every morning - so I will not be late to catch the bus because I absolutely hate to walk!!! And to walk in the rain????

Ok, I am over-reacting...It is for a good cause anyway - to get to know our seniors. Too bad not everyone can make it as it clashed with the PAP Excos meeting.

I was not hungry so I shared dinner with Janice. Here is our McChicken shredded in half

The others wanted to share the french fries by throwing all together onto the tray but in the end everyone was so full that no one finished the fries - what a waste...

Janice acting cute at the slides...LOL

There was such a cute kid who kept running around and knocking into us...Here is that adorable culprit with Suet Yin

No pics of me..Sorry, but after walking in the rain with a broken umbrella, I really looked like shit.


30 Jan 08 - The busiest day of the week for me since classes started from 9am all the way till 7pm. Kelvin invited me to have steamboat today as a reunion dinner so I agreed since he was nice enough to change the dates for me. It was initially on Tues but since I had to go to McD's yesterday, he changed it to Weds.

So, Hanson, together with the others, came to pick me up from fac after my ZT Class. Lucky, otherwise I had to fight for the bus like everyone else and will probably reached KTSN late (everyone would be starving by then!)

So my first time having steamboat dinner at Setapak with friends from other faculties (Hanson from FPER plus Fook Chin, Kelvin and Hui Tieng from FGG). I like the fact that although I am from FSKB, I do know people from other faculties;) It helps that UKM KKL only has 3 faculties - Medic, Dental and Allied Health Sciences. Hehe;D

Fook Chin, myself, Hanson, Kelvin and Hui Tieng.

Oh, btw, in case one do not know, Fook Chin, Hanson and Kelvin are roommates! LOL!

Had to tied up my hair that day as I had lab practicals:( I look like a boy:( :( :(

We had half soup and half tomyam

And for dessert, we had the chocolate steamboat. Yummy!

Fook Chin ate so much although he is the skinniest of the bunch! Plus, he ate so much chilli! He finished two full small trays of 2 types of chillies!
Thanks Kelvin for the dinner...That boy would just not accept my money!!!

I ate so full that day...managed to "tapau" tong sui for BB and Suz M as well since they both were not eating dinners.

Actually, on Thursday, my coursemates again asked me to go out shopping but had to reject since my wallet was getting so much lighter and I was so sleepy (consequence from my late night talks with Suz M - she was flying back to KK on Thurs morning!) I thought I would be going back to KT alone since all my coursemates were either going back to their hometowns or doing CNY shopping. Luckily, I met Strawberry and OrangUtan at the bus stop. LOL! I meant Shiau Mei and Wei Han...hehe. Lucky I saw OrangUtan at TIBE. That poor boy wanted to walk back alone padahal there were so little people waiting for the bus!

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