Saturday, August 07, 2010

so many birthdays

First up, big congrats to all my friends who are graduating this year. I am sorry I cannot make it to your convocations due to my packed schedule of classes. Finally, the day you all have been waiting for. All the best in your next embark;)


Seriously, these two weeks have been a whirlwind for me. Almost every day I find myself going out until my impending notes are accumulating like mad. Since it is the new semester, there has been lots of orientation activities with the juniors. It is the last time we, as seniors, will get a chance to know our juniors. This year is definitely a great improvement compared to last year’s orientation. At least this year juniors can remember our names and vice versa.

There have been a lot of going out as well. Already I went out to watch four movies since coming back to UKM. Three of those, I went with coursemates. There have been a great deal of birthdays as well. So many that I am sorry if I forgot to wish anyone. Here are some photos I took of 2 birthdays I had a chance to be part of the celebration – Benjamin’s and Tze Im’s.


More photos *HERE* from Ben's camera!

On a Friday, I went to a former VI classmate’s new house for his birthday. I think this is the first time I get invited for Ben’s birthday. It is also the year he graduated. For some who may have read “The Sun” newspaper might have spotted Ben on the front page. He has gotten the very prestigious Royal Degree Award from UM. Congrats Ben!!!

Anyway, I apologized for the lack of photos, including the group photo. Every time I am with the BF gang, I just end up talking more than taking photos. I hope someone will post the rest of the photos up soon. So here are some of the best ones I took:

Ben’s lovely birthday cupcakes. The pro thing about this is its uniqueness and the fact you don’t have to cut it as you can just pass the cupcakes around to each person. The con? The fact that you have to blow all around the cupcakes. Kekekeke. Ben was funny when his head went around blowing the candles. The cupcake was super yummy. Love love the icing;)

We also had a splendid dinner of grilled salmon, salad and baked potatoes. Ben’s family have such great healthy eating skills. I wish more people were like that. I had a thoroughly wonderful time with the scrumptious meal. My mom would have love it more than me because this is exactly the type of food she loves consuming.

Before we left, Ben gave us each a framed photo. These are photos taken when Ben went to US. I was immediately awed by this black-and-white photo of P.Street in Washington D.C. My close friends would probably know that I am a person who loves taking photos of buildings more than nature. Architecture actually amazes me more than nature itself. The monotone of the photo also gave it a nostalgic feel.

Maybe one day when Ben becomes famous, it will worth millions~~!!


Just a few days ago, the seven dwarves (myself included) celebrated a delayed birthday for Tze Im, who also turns 23. Her birthday is actually on the 1st but due to busy schedules, we had to delay it. Hey, better late than never right?

There are a lot of photos taken, I had already posted them all on facebook but I will just share some of my favourites here in my blog =)



Separate photos but all with the same action – sharing drinks.

03 07

I particularly love the first shot. It looks like Ai Li is dreaming of someone and the accidental blurness at the sides make Ai Li the main contrast | The second is totally candid shot which I managed to capture Janice’s comical face with wrinkles on her forehead and mouth. Money shot, they call this =)

04 05

Clara became my model all throughout dinner as I make her do several poses. The shots above are to promote Heero’s food. But the 1st shot is still blur. The 2nd shot is better I think, with the contrast more on my Oreo Chocolate Shake.

09 08

10 After dinner, comes the sweets. We had Mixfruit Mousse Cake as Tze Im doesn’t really fancy chocolate. The last shot of Tze Im making a wish is my favourite photo of the bunch. I was playing around with angles and I think it looks really nice…

13 12

Another play with angles – the birthday girl with the Carolyns | While distributing the cake, Clara noticed the cherries had distinct heart shapes and make me take photos of them.

11 Finally, a group photo to end the night. Due to the dim lighting there, you need good skills to zoom the photos so that it will not be blurry. Knowing the waiter will probably not have these skills (I was right!), I had to put on the flash, causing our faces to be as bright as the non-existent sunshine. However, I have edited it a little.

Anyway, I still have lots more updates to come – my photos on Tenji’s at Mont Kiara, Buddy Gathering at Heero’s and Gary’s memorial service.


Ultraman Jino said...

my birthday is coming up too ^^

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

yS said...

Are you showing off your skills here? The candid shot is really superb, but all thanks to the two smelly girls opposite them lor..should be lar...LOL

FIFIONA said...

jino > my bday is coming up too...i bet u dun even rmb mine's...sob sob:(

yS > why? u think i got skills meh? thanks wor. where got smelly? berani...u not there oso...LOL:D



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