Sunday, June 27, 2010

two guys, a girl and an LI place

Finally, I am posting some pics of my recently ended 6-week internship slash industrial training at this small manufacturing factory called, “Natural Wellness” at Taman Midah. The place was just okay-lar. I did learn some stuff and gained experience but not that much because the place don’t really cater much to training pharmacists.

However, it is good that I got to share this experience with both my friends and coursemates, Wei Han and Hock Peng. Being with the boys every day, they make me laughed a lot and that has made it a more bearable working experience for me. Otherwise, it would be one mundane day after another.

During our last week of LI, which was last week, I brought the camera to the factory to take some photos for our reports. Besides that, we also goofed around and took some really funny photos. The boys were so sporting and were posing every moment they had. I had lots of fun becoming the photographer. Sometimes I laughed so much I kinda shook the camera a little so the photos came out a little blur.

Anyway, this is an LI post full of photos. I mean, really a lot of photos. Most of them are candid pics that make me laugh every time I see them:)

02 04

Myself mixing the body milk lotion | The boys playing around at Wei Han’s desk


Hock Peng taking a nap during work | HP purposely stacked the boxes so high so I cannot reach. I get made fun of my height every single time with these boys | HP playing with the sieving machine

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

love love love, everybody clap clap clap


I am loving the song “Love” from CN Blue with their ever charismatic leader Yonghwa. Last night I stayed up watching episodes of “We Got Married”. The Adam / Back Hug Couple Jo Kwon + Ga-In as well as YongSeo Couple Yonghwa + Seohyun. Jo Kwon is getting more and more hamsap ever since Ga-In gave him a Chocolate Kiss on his cheek. Kekekekeke….skinship overload lor. As for YongSeo couple, they are still so awkward to watch. But the episode when Seohyun visited the CN Blue boys is really hilarious. The boys are so cute and funny – Minhyuk, Jonghyun and Jungshin:)

But enough about my ramblings on Korean variety shows. I am happy I changed my layout…again~! I actually have been contemplating to change it for a while now but is just so lazy to do it. It is not easy job perusing all the layouts, tweaking it, modifying it, etc. But if you have noticed recently, Blogger has been having a new application – New Template Designer. Makes it so much easier to change my layout.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

vivir para comer

Today I stayed at home instead of going to work because I have a really bad sore throat. I guess eating so much spicy food has really caught up to me.

I actually should be writing my report but I really feel like blogging more so when the inspiration comes, there is no stopping it.

Last weekend, my Mom brought me to have lunch at La Bodega @ Pavilion.

FYI, Suzane & Beng2, if the name sounded familiar, that’s because we went to La Bodega 2 years ago at Bangsar Telawi. At that time, we just randomly walked in there for lunch and didn’t think much of it when we left afterwards.

My mom is not the type that go for any kind of Spanish or Italian type of food but so happens her colleague brought her to this same restaurant a few days ago that she wanted me to try it too.

01 At the entrance to the restaurant. Lots of "mat salleh" there.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

when she comes, …

I realized that I update my other shopping blog even more often than I do with this one. Haih…maybe it is coz for the other blog, I can keep the words short and simple. Lately, I have been feeling like having a blog is kind of like a burden. I feel forced whenever I am blogging. I don’t know why. Maybe I have really lose the interest in blogging already. After more than 2 years, I sometimes wondered how long will this blog continues? I have even lost the interest in reading friends’ blogs too.

I am being surrounded by the thoughts of my LI report and my research project. As my LI training is slowly coming to an end in 2 weeks’ time, I want to be able to finish my report by then and get started on my research project. It is just so worrying whenever I think about it that I refuse to think about it during my LI.

LI is also becoming boring lately. Because it is such a small company, I have already learned all that is to be learned. So it is becoming mundane. Plus, a friend has been transferred to another department so it is getting boring now.

Anyway, I have been wanting to post about this a really long time ago. I think about 3 weeks ago? During my first week of LI, Clara came over and stayed at my house for the weekends.


We went to Mid Valley on a Saturday and shopped for hours. Coincidentally, MV was having a food and nutrition-themed fair at the exhibition hall. We had lots of fun trying all the samples and getting freebies. LOL. I will let the photos do the talking=)

For more pics, go to my facebook;)

01 06

Mr. Koko Krunch. Clara made me take pics with all the mascots there



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