Sunday, June 27, 2010

two guys, a girl and an LI place

Finally, I am posting some pics of my recently ended 6-week internship slash industrial training at this small manufacturing factory called, “Natural Wellness” at Taman Midah. The place was just okay-lar. I did learn some stuff and gained experience but not that much because the place don’t really cater much to training pharmacists.

However, it is good that I got to share this experience with both my friends and coursemates, Wei Han and Hock Peng. Being with the boys every day, they make me laughed a lot and that has made it a more bearable working experience for me. Otherwise, it would be one mundane day after another.

During our last week of LI, which was last week, I brought the camera to the factory to take some photos for our reports. Besides that, we also goofed around and took some really funny photos. The boys were so sporting and were posing every moment they had. I had lots of fun becoming the photographer. Sometimes I laughed so much I kinda shook the camera a little so the photos came out a little blur.

Anyway, this is an LI post full of photos. I mean, really a lot of photos. Most of them are candid pics that make me laugh every time I see them:)

02 04

Myself mixing the body milk lotion | The boys playing around at Wei Han’s desk


Hock Peng taking a nap during work | HP purposely stacked the boxes so high so I cannot reach. I get made fun of my height every single time with these boys | HP playing with the sieving machine

Check out more of the photo album after the jump~!


The boys always pretend to be my bodyguards | The blending machine becomes a phone

08 09

Posing with their backs | Posing with bottles just filled with lotion

10 11 15

Wei Han pushing the trolley | The boys playing with the cleaning equipment | HP taking a nap…again…in the shelves

12 13

Fighting at the washing room | Microphone speaker spoof

14 16

The 3 of us playing with the mixing tanks | Posing in the hallways

17 1918

The sweet love of HP WH

20 21 29

WH is the most lame actor around | The flood that happened a few weeks back

22 2327

More ♥ photos that I caught of the boys~~~!!!

25 26

On our last day, we took photos with Kak Zu and Kak Normah | With the rest of our UKM coursemates, Nasri and Fariha

28 24

My gift, as a token of appreciation from all the operators | Yeah~ we finally survived our LI weeks~~!!!

Because there are so many pics in this post, I won’t try to make it any longer by adding words. There are actually more photos which I posted on facebook. Finishing LI reminded me of how long I have come in this journey. 3 years have already passed and when classes start, I am actually going to be 4th year, the oldest. Wow, and back then during orientation week I was so worried how will I survived my 4 years in UKM here? I guess, I just have to stop worrying too much about things I cannot control and concentrate on what I have in my plate right now, one small step at a time.


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