Saturday, May 10, 2008

visting penang: episode II: nite time at auto-city

The weather is so freakin' hot today! Is anyone hitting the waterpark or something? Pls give me a call! I hate this weather! Aarrgh!

Tired and exhausted, we retired with our luggage to Grace's house at Bukit Mertajam where Grace and her family so kindly allowed us, Grace's sis's room. Her house is situated on a hill, so the weather there was so cooling and her home is so clean and spacious, better than a hotel.

The main entrance of the house is actually on the second floor! Yup, we actually went downstairs to our room. So cool, it's like a basement floor, like those houses in the States. I was initially worried we would be making the house too congested, what with 3 girls and 3 huge bags, but seeing the huge spacious area, needless to say, I was really glad.

Our room

Also, Grace was the Penang state champion for Public Speaking ok? Don't play-play ah. Her house is filled with trophies and medals, all courtesy of herself and her two siblings. Even her younger bro, Jae-Shawn, played the piano for us, and he even treat us with his wonderful composition. And he is only 12!

BMHS is Bukit Mertajam High School

The three of us then went on to watch 27 Dresses. Finally, I had always wanted to watch that movie but never found the time! So glad that they have that DVD. I dunno why, but somehow I feel like weddings can be so over-rated sometimes. Maybe that is why there exists some wedding-obsessed women out there.

After that, Grace brought us for dinner - a char koay teow hawker stall near her place where she says it has the best char koay teow she has ever had. And she was not exaggerating, it was really really really good! Not too oily and salty, unlike those I had back in KL. Grace said that the secret ingredient is that the cook uses duck's eggs!

Wanting to hang out in Penang, she then brought us to Auto-City, which consists of three complexes of all kinds of restaurants. You name it, and there it is. There are the well-known ones, like Haagen Daaz, plus cuisines from all over the globe - Japanese, Korean, Western, Indo-Chinese, Chinese and so much more. Pubs and cafes also predominate here.

Lighted replica of Penang Bridge

Too bad nobody wants to have a drink or two coz there is this cool bar called "Tao" with amazing interior design. Dunno about the drinks coz we did not ordered any but I definitely give it high scores on its great atmosphere.

Also, there was another restaurant which serves Laotian and Vietnamese cuisine, which had a beautiful exterior design. A huge fountain with elephant sculptures and two huge monument-like blocks of stone which looks like it came from some historical or art museum.

After walking around the whole area, we retreated to a dessert restaurant called Ice Ice Baby.

Initially we wanted to just order some drinks and taste a little small dessert but then we saw their chocolate fondue. Suz M had been mentioning right from the beginning how much she wanted to try chocolate fondue and this place had one! And at a reasonable price as well, about RM20++! So how can 4 girls ever say no to chocolate? BB and I also decided to try one of their signature dishes - the crepe wrap. We had the chocolate with banana one. It was so so so heavenly!!!

The 4 chocolate-loving gals

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