Sunday, May 11, 2008

visiting penang: episode IV: bombardment of awful lots of pics

*It's Mother's Day weekend - Wishing all mothers a very happy Mother's Day!*


Today was officially Suz M's birthday. When Suz M went and took her morning bath, BB and I got ready her bday surprise presents. We bought a new sling bag for her and hid it in her luggage, as well as a new handphone pouch, which was kept hidden in her purse.

We wanted it to record her surprise face so when she was about to come into the room, BB and I pretended to sleep but that part of the plan foiled coz Suz M saw the hidden camera recording her. Darn.

Nevertheless, she was still very much surprised when she saw the presents. This is the owner of a new bag and a new handphone pouch;)

In Penang island, we are thankful that we got to stay at Tye's grandparents' apartment, which is used as a vacation home for his family. (Luckily, we don't need to pay for accomodation coz honestly, we are all so broke from all of our shopping).

It is on the 13th floor, so we got to enjoy the amazing scenery. More tall buildings here as compared to Bukit Mertajam.

This time I caught Suz M sleeping instead of BB. LOL

For breakfast, we went to one of those places where there are many varieties of food stalls you can ordered from. I had the duck meat noodle. The duck meat was tasty but I did not like the noodle and soup that much. It was herbal soup, which I do not like to drink. BB and Suz M like it though, they almost finish drinking the whole bowl of soup.

We also ordered other stuff, like yam cakes, popiah and the black bean ham qing peng. The yam cakes were too soft for my liking but the other two was yummy.

Can you guess how much is this bowl of noodles?

C'mon, take a guess. Consider the size of the bowl, the amount of noodles, herbal soup, duck meat, etc.

..............Ok. It's only RM2.50.

In fact, most of the food in Penang cost only RM2.50. How can you find that price anywhere in KL? Maybe KL hawker stall owners are more cuthroat and ruthless in terms of pricing.

After breakfast, Tye and Grace took us to Wat Chaiya Mangalaran.

Wah, so geng hor my Thai?

Hehe. It is actually written on the signboard. It stands for the Reclining-Buddha Temple.

Pics of the Thai Buddhist Temple:

We had the chance to take pics with the longest Sleeping Buddha statue I have ever seen. If I remember my history correctly, this is the position that Buddha laid as he died. Nothing is permanent, not even him, he told his followers, as he laid in this position and took his last few breaths.

My buddy will be so proud of me. Haha.

(For those who do not get it, my buddy was the president of Buddhist Fellowship during his second year)

Wtf...if you noticed in a few pics, that pig BB was posing at the background when Suz M took my pic. Poser (>_<) LOL.

The place was really breathtaking, to be able to see something man-made that is so spectacular. I am not the religious type but I do know the story of Buddha. So to be able to see this, is truly a reward.

Here, I should thank my Mom for getting me those Buddha picture books when I was young.

But Buddha is not the only story I read before. I also know about the story of Jesus and Moses, thanks to Jagdeesh, who lend me a book that had Bible stories in comic strips. But it was a long time ago so I don't remember much of the stories anymore.

Anyway, back again to the temple. Here is the huge photo which celebrates the longest-serving King ever, the King of Thailand.

Didja know when I was small, I was so naughty that my Mom had to "kid pai" me to Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy? What it means is that, Kuan Yin is actually my Godmother.

Across from the Thai Buddhist temple, is the Burmese Buddhist temple. See, no need to waste money to go Myanmar and Thailand. In Penang, everything also got.

This temple is much larger as compared to the previous one. More things to see, and more pics to take:)

Along the corridor leading to the main temple, there are numerous paintings that depict the full-length version of the life and times of Buddha.

More pics of this majestic attraction:

The world belongs to me!

Moi is Rabbit

Of coz, I came all the way here, so I should pray-pray first;)

Too many pics so click to enlarge image below.

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