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visiting penang: episode III: crossing over the bridge


The next morning, we had breakfast at home and we also had a long chat with Grace's mom, who is friendly and one can see she really cares about her children very very much.

The morning was spend packing because we were heading out to the Penang island! We did not know what to pack so we just brought all our stuff there. I feel bad for Tye and his Kelisa bcoz I think he did not expect us to erm...not pack lightly.

Anyway, like I said, Grace's house is a really pretty and spacious house. What is cool is that on the 2nd floor, there is a huge porch where the family can eat at. Some of these pics turned out looking like we were in some kind of resort or something. The view from the porch was also awesome - Bukit Mertajam in all its morning splendour.

Tye came to pick all of us up for our journey to the Penang island. But before that, we had an early lunch. We had the dry Hokkien mee, as recommended by Grace. Though it was too spicy for Suz M, it was all right for me since I absolutely love spicy food. A must-try!

I only took this pic coz we were at Penang and I am a Celcom user. LOL

Crossing over the famous Penang bridge was so exciting for the three of us

This is Pulau Jerajak, the island where people with leprosy were dumped there to die back in the olden days. Now it has became a resort. I likey the fisherman's boat complimenting this pic.

Suz M was so desperate to take pic with the Penang bridge that she asked Grace and Tye if it was allowed to stop at the bridge. Of coz, it is not allowed. Cars are only allowed to stop if there is an emergency.

I thought that the brigde look kinda narrower than I expected. I dunno, maybe bcoz I have always heard that it was the longest bridge in Msia, I thought it would be WIDER. But there are only two lanes and really, no place at all for a car to stop at the side of the road. No wonder every morn on the radio, there would be reports of traffic jams on the bridge. However, Grace and Tye said that there are undergoing works to widen the bridge soon.

So what is the first place we visited as soon as we sat soil in Penang island?

Shopping, of coz! At Queensbay Mall!

Halfway through our shopping spree, we got hungry so we decided to try out the Paddington House of Pancakes!

The portions were huge so the three of us decided to share two dishes. The beef salami pancake was kinda sourish, maybe bcoz of too much tomatoes. It tasted like pizza...erm...I think it was actually a pizza, just in thinner crust. Not that great.

But...the mangoes, peaches and ice-cream pancake was so so so heavenly wonderful yummy-licious. ( I need to find more adjectives to describe delicious). That was how great it was!

Need more proof that it was so delicious? Just check out our spotless clean plates. Btw, that was BB wanting more of that chocolate syrup.

It is times like this when I remember something I read in an email before. "Men are like chocolate, they go straight for the hips." *Sigh*

After that, it was back to shopping!

At Samuel & Kevin

In changing room of Little Black Book

We spotted this restaurant that has toilet seats as actual seats. Erm, bizarre anyone? I dunno about you guys, but I don't really think food and toilet go well together.

Since we were very full from our pancakes feast, we did not try that place. Instead, we had French Fries! Yes, we had the one with the BBQ sauce. French fries are now my ultimate most fave junk food in the world!

We got a loads of stuff from #3 Queensbay Mall. BB got two tops and a pair of shoes. Suz M got two collared shirts and moi? I copped a Goggles collared tee, a pair of Diva earrings (which reminded me of those Avril Lavigne wore in her "The Best Damn Thing" music video) and 2 tees from Momoe and Little Black Book respectively.

We then went to Tye's grandparent's apartment which overlooks Gurney Drive and is right next to Gurney Plaza. After bathing and changing, Grace and Tye treated us to a scrumptious Western food dinner. But I forgot to take any pics. That shows you how hungry I was (=.=!!)

After dinner, we took a stroll along the #4 Night Markets at Batu Ferringhi. The journey there was kinda far and winding. But nevertheless, the results were rewarding.

Why rewarding? Because that meant MORE shopping! The best thing is, bargains are allowed. There were so much to see here. Bags, tee-shirts, souvenirs, handicrafts and of coz, the pirated DVDs. Kinda regretted that I did not buy shop for more stuff here. Hehe;)

But I did copped a pair of flip-flops and another fridge magnet to add to my travel frigde magnets collection. Everytime I travel to somewhere new, I always buy a fridge magnet.

When I came back and showed Mom my new and cheap flip-flops, she asked if I brought back the wrong ones because there were of mismatched colours. (-_-!!!)

Yes, I bought two different colours on purpose, FYI. I thought it was quirky and unique that way:)

Of coz, since we were within the premise, we took a stroll along the Batu Ferringhi Beach.

And we sempat lagi to take pics at the Holiday Inn Hotel. LOL

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