Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a little gift from the juniors[edited]

I feel just as guilty as the juniors...sigh...

~thanks to chye teck, the little junior who came to see me~

Sunday, July 27, 2008

spot the difference

KinokuniyaChick Lit (or is it chic? Crap). 20% discount on all Chick Lit books! This is why I don't want to pay retail price for any fictions. If you love dancing, do check out the badly-dubbed Cantonese movie, "Kungfu Hip-Hop" starring HK star Jordan Chan and Fan Bingbing. This movie seriously has kick-ass street dance moves!

Ya lah, just finished my TF assignment. So crappy, don't even know if I did it correctly or not and it took away my whole weekends. Just a pic of me during the blood donation drive at KTSN. Read more on suzane mah's blog. Both my roommates contribute to the society (lolz).

See any difference?

Got to go back to Setapak already. Hari Interaksi Farmasi photos next week;)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

tag#6: when it is 1am and you are feeling bored...

1. Do you have a blog?
Is this a trick ques?

2. Where is it?
For those that tak sedar-sedar lagi:

3. How long have you been blogging?
About 3 years ago, after SPM when time was well in abundance.

4. How did you first start blogging and why?
I was bored on friendster and I know how to type mah, so decided to give blogging a try lor

5. What do you write in your blog?
Mostly me lo, coz it is really an archive of all my memories. Ya la, I also don't have good memory mah.

6. What kind of a blog is it?
The one where the blogger likes to crap and update about her life mainly for herself to enjoy.

7. How many hits do you get a day?
Dunno and dun care coz really, this blog is more for me than for others.

8. Do you have pictures in your blog?
Lots coz I like looking at pics more than read words. Eyes very pain one, you know?

9. Do you put your real name on your blog?
Nope, I think. Later feel so vulnerable but I think intelligent people probably guessed it by now.

10. Does everyone know you have a blog?
Everyone I want to know that I have a blog knows I have a blog.

11. What is your favourite blog site?
Dunno wor, a few, and mostly friends' coz want to sibuk what they are up to.

12. Who is allowed to your blog?
Anyone lor, but hopefully no haters. They are so immature.

13. Do you want to be a famous blogger?
If it means getting money, then yes! I am so miserably broke.

14. Is it important that you go on your blog everyday?
Not important la, not that desperate free but ya la, I usually go to my blog whenever I have internet access. Is that bad?

15. Is blogging important to you?
Yup, it has become a passion really. And a way to talk lots of crap in the easiest way possible.

Now tag people:
I just want to tag the "tag virgin" - Terev Dicxon;)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

of birthday, accident and shopping

The blogger just want to say that she is peeved at all the accusations against Pharmacy Second-years that has been circulating regarding an incident on campus. For the record, just because someone doesn't joined the said orientation does not mean they are out to get others in trouble. They are just simply indifferent to the whole system. The blogger respects their decisions and hopes others will not judge them without any solid proof.

Once again, the blogger is back to update about the notable highlights of the week, which is not any much exciting than anyone else's. It has occurred to the blogger that her laptop is crap at uploading pics, which is why she detests the stupid blogging system of simply not just allowing "copy and paste" photos into the posts.

Yes, the blogger has wasted a freaking few hours just to complete this post, at the cost of her assignments being neglected and she will not continue to rant, for fear that it will turn into a ugly war of words against the said stupid blogging system.


On Sunday night, Jiaying, Tzeim, Meichieng, Weiwei, Aili, Fuitze, Wanying, Chinhing and the blogger had dinner at Pizza Hut, which is just across Plaza Prima Setapak (where the blogger is currently residing) to have a short celebration of Janice's 21st birthday.

A Kuching native, known notoriously for her hardworking studying skills and over-anxiety attacks, especially during the preparations-for-exams period, the blogger first met Janice or known fondly as "Nice" (pronounced "neese") during the first week of studies in first year. At that time, the blogger only knew her as one of the english-eds, but later knew her as a friend and in due time, as a friend that the blogger can act childish with, go shopping with and sometimes drive the blogger up the walls:)

Alas, the blogger & friends knew how much she misses her home and family, so this small birthday gathering was more than just a celebration. It is also to let her know that she has friends outside of home and that her turning 21 means as much to her as it is to us.

It was clearly not an extravagant and over-the-top birthday celebration, but the blogger hopes that she enjoyed it, as a substitution for what the blogger believes to be a huge birthday bash filled with family and friends had Janice been able to celebrate it in Kuching.

Roommates in KTSN and now roommates in Setapak, Meichieng

Janice with her current housemates PDR's Wanying and Fuitze as well PDR friend, Chinhing

Janice with the blogger looking flustered from the heat

With the rest of the Pharmacy Girls

"Janice, 21 already, don't be childish!!"

After the dinner and scrumptious cake, the girls all took a tour at the apartment the blogger shared with weiwei at Plaza Prima before calling it a night.

Btw, her present was a huge and furry teddy bear who took a journey on the plane to KL from Sibu:)


LMAO. This is a total random accident that happened in the blogger's apartment. The bedroom shared by Weiwei, Meichen, Ngiikling and Liuyean had a faulty doorknob that led to weiwei and ngiikling being locked in their bedroom, a awful yet hilarious incident occurring about midnight.

Since girls are clearly incapable physically to release them, the blogger's housemates entrusted the help of male seniors and friends, who so kindly came in the dead of the night, together with their tools, to free the maidens-in-distress and allow two more maidens-in-distress to sleep in their beds.

It was a long and tiring process, both to the senior who helped us as well as those of us who stood waiting. Finally, an hour later, the doorknob and all its mechanism is taken out forcibly, leaving a hole in the door and free access to the room. Most importantly, freedom to the girls entrapped.


The blogger is clearly feeling extremely guilty at the thought of her pending assignments, which is why she will not blog long about her recent shopping trip to MidValley with housemates weiwei,ngiikling and suz m. It also due to the fact that suz m has already blog a long account of the trip. And because of that, the blogger will just filled in a couple of blanks, stuff that suz m "forgotten" to post.

Before taking the ktm to mv, we first had McD's for lunch at KL Sentral. A high-caloried lunch, to be exact. There we met a pretty snobbish pharmacy junior with her friends. Plus we also saw weiping, sinwei and suetying, other pharmacy second-years, my coursemates.

It was also here that suz m earned herself the nickname of "vacuum" due to her indefatigable effort of helping us to finish our fries despite firing annoyed comments at us for calling her a vacuum. Let's just say we preached and she practiced.

Terev @ Weiping also had us in stiches when we joked about how he can earn some pennies singing in the ktm tunnel. The incident that had the blogger laughing like a madwoman was when he took out his tupperware from his bag, suggesting it be used for people to throw in loose change. He is a good sport him, unlike suz m (hehe).

the mural in gardens mv that caught the blogger's attention

The blogger and suz m spend a good three hours in borders. suz m wanted to read a book that she felt was not worthy of the price but a great masterpiece. Any yet ironically, she eventually bought it. And for the record, the blogger did not fooled her into buying any books. The blogger had already planned to buy books, regardless of the "3 for 2" offer or not. It was suz m herself the culprit who was undecided if she wanted to buy books or not and it was simply an unbased excuse driven by guilt.

The blogger soaking in the interior designs of gardens mv

It must be uncommon to see so little cam-whoring pics of suz m, all because she has decided not to show her bad haircut to the world. Rest assured suz m, as this pic is cropped so there is no distinct pic of your hair.

Sotong balls which is so so yummy

Housemates waiting for the taxi to take us home

A day of shopping amounts to a trolley and a taxi ride

The blogger's buys of the day include two new fictions, "English As A Second Language" by Megan Crane and "Not Without My Sister", dried pineapples, spicy "keropok" and a birthday present. And the blogger is sadly broke...again.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

me survived first week of second year

I loooovvveee TV on a Saturday Night - Beverly Hills 90210, Dirty Sexy Money, Grey's Anatomy and Super Trio Supreme. Face it, I am a shopaholic and a teevee junkie.

A very quick update since I am so have so much to do since I got back home.

My very first week back in UKM as a second year!!! Lol. Can you believe that? It still feels very much the same. I even mistakenly wrote myself as first year. Must get used to being a sophomore senior now.

So in quick notes how my first week went, which expectedly is not mundane at all because there are so many new things to get adapted to:

#1: Pharmacy has now officially detach itself from the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. We are now a faculty of our own. Yup, Faculty of Pharmacy, UKM. New Dean and a whole new administration. Plus, renovation works going on all over the fac so toilets are scarce and most of our lecturers moved to the Grand Seasons Hotel temporarily to make way for more pharmacy labs.

#2: The hot topic on campus is definitely the first-years. Seeing the juniors, for me, were quite intimidating in the beginning but now I am getting used to it. I do think this year's juniors have more guts, which is not necessarily a good thing. I did get to know one or two juniors and hopefully I left a good impression on them, although I think it is highly unlikely they will still remember me. I try being lenient and nice to them, since my buddy said we should try to understand the predicament they are in. Rumours are flying about that they are more STPM-ers this year.

#3: Living off-campus has been easier than I thought it would be. The bedroom although less spacious, does have its advantages. Mainly, less time needed to sweep the room. Yes, we have to sweep the bedroom every day because we are girls and girls shed more than 1000 hairs a day, according to my roommate (=.=).

The only thing I am concerned with is def if I will be able to adapt to the study environment. Mom only allowed me to stay off-campus instead of at home if I get good results in every exam. Well, I have yet to officially start my studies but I hope to really study hard this semester.

#4: My roommate is a gym junkie. It can be good in the sense that at least if I wanted to go exercise, I won't be alone in the gym. I only wished my housemates are as fervent in swimming as I am. Gosh, how I missed the swimming pool. I have not been in one since my swimming classes back in 2006, I think. However, the first time I jumped in our apartment's pool at 9.30p.m, I ended getting a cold. Lol. Dunno if I will still be able to frequent the gym and pool so often as I did this week since more work will come soon.

#5: I have been doing some house-visiting since I came back. The first one I saw was probably the 8 Pharmacy people place in Setapak Prima. Then, in the same apartment, I saw Terev's and finally saw the 5 Pharmacy people's (Janice, Jia Ying, Ai Li, Ah Chieng and Tze Im). In Plaza Prima, Suz M and me saw Jie Ning's on the 14th floor. But most interesting is Hanson's Sri Pelangi apartment. It is surprisingly clean for a place shared by 4 guys. Bookshelves are empty, because books were arranged neatly on the floor. ROFL. I have never seen so many books, well what else to expect from Medic students? The best part was seeing Hanson's bed - a bed fit for a king and a price to match.

#6: Taking 16 units this sem, not so taxing but the subjects are tough. No more basic work, now we are moving more to what Pharmacists have to know. Medicinal Chemistry and Alternative Medicine are two interesting subjects but a lacklustre and monotonous lecturer (I swear, I have to force my eyes to open during the classes and it is no easy task). Pharmacy Practice II seems promising. General and Autonomic Pharmacology is as difficult as the name sounds. Pathology is so confusing that until now, I am still not very sure what I am supposed to learn in these classes. General Pharmaceutical Technology is another class I am fearful about but it is pretty much about research, which is something I wanted to dwell in sometime in the future. Only Immunology classes we did not have this week. So crossing my fingers hoping it will be a smooth class.

Week 1 down, only 17 more weeks to go...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

tag#5: this one I don't mind doing. lol.

Tonight's my last night sleeping in my comfortable air-con room. I am going back tomorrow night. And you know what I will missed the most? Not being able to watch Gossip Girl every Weds night!
Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Shit. Shit. Shit. This really sucks.

So Denise just gave me a most impossible tag. So difficult because she made me just list out 10 sexy men. 10???!!! Only ten???? how??? how can???

Gawd knows how many times I will re-edit this post because I simply cannot make up my mind. So sad some have to drop off this list but I figured it's all right since they are on Denise's list as well. Yes, I am talking about Milo and Jared (and Chad Michael Murray), those guys from Gilmore Girls and oh, from One Tree Hill too.

I cannot really remember who else to add to this list. Well, some are much easier since they were sort of like my epic crushes growing up. I am sure I will add more but for now, here is what I came up with.

To do justice since some are clearly more "important" *ahem* than the rest, I thought I will ranked them, well starting from #1, because it is so much easier to write about the one closer to the heart first.

#1: James McAvoy...

Absolutely gorgeous what with those eyes. Love his movies. Love the Scottish accent even more. Just crazily lurrvvveee him;P

#2: David Cook.

Love the voice. And the guitar. And the style. Much more, love the personality. Seriously, I hope he remains unmarried forever, as evil as that sounded.

#3: Kwon Sang-woo.

I had a crazy crush on him at one time when I was into Korean movies. Eventhough "Stairway to Heaven" was so stereotypical and melodramatic, but most of all I love seeing his character. How not to lurve a guy who is so cheeky and persistent like him? Plus, he has a hot bod. Seriously.

#4: Josh Hartnett.

My old friend Desiree would probably remember the times I spend back in Form One babbling non-stop about Josh. Lurve him when I saw him in "Pearl Harbor". Just something about that smouldering eyes look. He's been missing from the scene for a while now. Sad. But nevertheless, still one of my epic crushes.

#5: Ed Westwick.

Ha-ha. This one is same as Denise's. A more recent one since I got hooked on to GG. Love the accent and those smouldering eyes. Just wish he had more TV screen time. The drama between Nate, Blair and Chuck is so much more exciting than Serena's growing lacklustre romance with Dan.

#6: TOP from Big Bang.

So un-Korean look and the eyes look like they have mascara on them or something. TOP is def my fave from all the other Big Bang guys. Plus, he is the only one legal in terms of age (for me). The guy is 21. Woo-hoo.

#7: Wang Lee Hom.

This one is also of much recent, since I went to UKM. I realized many girls are crazy about him there and so I inevitably got hooked too. I still prefer Jay Chou's music but in terms of sex appeal, Lee Hom is the guy. American-born Chinese always top any girl's list. Crap, I just remembered I should have put Daniel Wu in too.

#8: T.R.Knight.

Well, I know this I can blame on me watching "Grey's Anatomy" about three hours ago. Can't say much about his acting but just something about his earnest beseeching face and those green eyes that left me pretty captivated. Too bad he is gay though. Haih...

#9: Ed Cahill.

Many know him as Flack on "CSI: New York" but actually I saw him as one of Rachel's love interest in "Friends". He played her assistant, Tag and he was so cute in the show that I developed a silly crush on him. He is hot, although I wish he had more TV screen time on CSI:NY.

#10: Edison Chen.

Despite all those scandals and awful things he did, I think many of us forgot that at one time, he is quite the hearthrob. So he is a womaniser, big deal, with looks like that, of coz he can score any girls he wants. But he made one bad mistake and there goes his career. I still think he is sexy, although many will label him as pervert for as long as he lives (or as long as they live).

Somehow, I have a feeling ten is just simply not enough. Crap.

Ok, who to tag? Hmmm...1) Nyrac; 2) LaiCheng; 3) Suzane; 4) Rebecca; and 5) Beng Beng, if they find the time to blog...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

no drama please

You will realize lately, my posts are hardly about me. Well, no interesting updates about me sadly. I know my life is mundane. It's not that I don't go out. Just that even if I go out, it's to buy books and also to Setapak to get my new place looking homey.

Today something crappy happened. I wish I could blog about the situation here (and get feedback from others), just so I can feel better. Y’know, like some kind of writing therapy but mum’s the word. Private and confidential. And not because I want to.

Sometimes my big fat mouth has gotten me into trouble, well rarely, but undeniably. And I always feel the need to justify my actions. Until now, I just do not feel I am at fault for telling the truth. It is not like it’s gossip or made-believe, I just do not understand why people feel so uptight about the truth sometimes.

And then there is the issue about trust. Who exactly can we trust nowadays? Secrets are okay, if there is someone we can trust to share it with. I would hate to know that someone betrayed me with my secret.

Do I sound like I am contradicting myself here? That it is fine for people to keep my secret but wrong if people gets angry at me for blurting it out?

The truth is, I seriously do not think it is a secret when everyone knows except for just three people. And it is not even about them. So why can’t they know what we are saying when sooner or later, they are bound to find out? They are not small children, for heaven’s sake. They are young adults and they are definitely not dumb.

When I was an adolescent, I always thought my life was boring and I wanted drama. Excitement. Scandals. Gossip. Now as I become older, it occurs to me that drama just brings no benefit. No drama please. As boring as it sounds, I just want a peaceful and un-stressful life.

Then there is the issue of confidentiality. Secrets are deliciously evil. Fun to know them, even more fun to tell someone. But terribly awful when someone knows you told someone.

I don't know. I feel kinda bad for letting my tongue slipped out tonight. I did not know it will come to such consequences. Worst still, I have to keep something away from a good friend, who probably knows everything that is happening right under the nose.

The battle of my conscience. Crap.

Why can't life just be less complicating? Then again, life is simple, it is just us homo sapiens who make them complicating.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

fiona's top 5 awards for hot guys

Just came back from my aunt's house, where I stayed 2 days there. No Astro and no internet, which is good since I finally finished my mystery novel and I am now halfway through another mystery, lend to me from my aunt who bought it in Wal-Mart.

Yes, I am starting a new label here, a new category.

Many celeb-fans know how some magazines always compile the sexiest men alive, or the top new young stars to look out for, etc. etc.

So I decided why not I start my own list?

This is the first of a few list ideas that I have. Of course, I choose Top 5 because 3 is simply too little and more than 5 is simply too taxing, especially since I like visual images and I would have to search them on the net. The key word here is: lazy.

I feel like this is some kind of awards show. lol.

So presenting Fiona's Top 5 Hot Guys in Various Entertainment Categories (okay, too long and cheesy title there)

#1 Hot Guy Who Can Sing: David Cook

If you know me by association with this blog, then surely you have to know that I will placed this guy in my list. Why? Well, why not? He can sing damn well, plays the guitar and above all, a great humility. Seriously, if he ever comes to Malaysia, I will surely be the first to get tickets and I am not even a concert kind of girl. Sorry-lah, the Osmonds, Celine Dion jangan harap I will go unless got free tix. David Cook I definitely will spend money for.

#2: Hot Guy Who Can Act in Movies: James McAvoy

Seriously, I did not even know this guy existed until I watch "Wanted". And then I watch "Atonement" and I totally am in lurve with this guy. He can act, that is trite, but crap, those eyes are so mesmerizing that after the movie, you cannot help but think about them again, and again, and again. Okay, stop it!

So yes, I even found out he once made the sexiest man alive list. woo-hoo!

#3: Hot Guys Who Can Act in TV shows: Gossip Girl Guys

Since Gossip Girl is one of my new fave TV shows, the first guys that came to my mind was definitely those affiliated with the programme. I cannot decide on who I like better so it's a tie between Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick. Technically, it is still considered one right? Since they are on the same show.

Sorrylah for Penn Badgley, I did not really fancy him right from the beginning. So straight away he got eliminated. In terms of looks, I think Chace def looks better, maybe something to do with those deep blue eyes (what is freakin' wrong with me? so obsessed with eyes?) but Ed has that certain charm, could be also because I do like Chuck more than any other characters in GG. No, wait, I like Blair the best. Yes, is it not obvious? Because she gets to be the object of affection between Nate and Chuck. So much drama. Me like:)

#4: Hot Guys Who Can Dance: Dancing With The Stars Guys

I initially did not think about these guys as I was cracking my head on what other categories I can list here. Then, I saw them in a magazine article and it occurred to me that dance is also a form of entertainment (duh! so bimbo hor. crap).

Derek Hough and Mark Ballas are two really cute dancers on the show. Initially, I did not think they were good-looking but when I saw the chemistry they had with their partners (Derek with Jennie Garth and Mark with Sabrina Bryan), I was really in awe and blown-away.

Not only that, I read that these guys are also part of a music band.

#5: Hot Guy Who Is Asian and Can Rap: T.O.P. from Big Bang

I know many probably will go...who???? But really, Big Bang is this really great and talented boy band from Korea. And in the midst of all the vocalists, there is TOP, the rapper of the group.

There is something pretty exotic about his looks that makes him look so un-Korean, don't you think? Something about that smouldering look that Ed Westwick also possessed.

Like Paris said, "That's hot." (fifiona is turning bimbo-ish now)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"joined by love, separated by fear, redeemed by hope"

I will be starting classes next Monday. Like everyone else, I hate to go back. It is just such a stressful environment. Here are my new resolutions: 1) Study hard and 2) Save money.

Oh well, all good things must come to an end.


"Come back. Come back to me." - Cecilia Tallis
So yesterday I wanted to go look for a book at Leisure Mall but instead I found this:

Yes, I never found the book I wanted. So I thought, what the heck? Might as well buy something since I drove all the way here.

And I did. I bought "Atonement" the vcd at Speedy, the shop that charges an exorbitant amount of money for its merchandise. Okay, missing the point here.

Anyway, this movie caught my interest mainly because, well yeah, James McAvoy is in it. I really like him a lot in "Wanted" and I have heard nothing but great reviews about this movie, particularly the fact that it was nominated for several Oscars.

So the Oscars people cannot be wrong right? Although they are not necessarily right either.

First look at the cover and the movie trailer (on the internet) and I became sceptical about it. To me, it looks like one of those sappy love story that transcends borders and in this case, transcends the severity of World War II. Another one of those tragic melodrama, where the director is trying to prove that the power of love is so strong and of course, as in every war-themed drama, death is inevitable, and tears from the audience as well.

Well, I was only partially right.

My early assumptions was probably due to the fact that I did not really understood the word Atonement so I looked it up in the dictionary:

"Atonement n. atoning; making amends for wrong;"

Now I finally understand.

I wasn't particularly optimistic as I started playing the vcd on my laptop because this is not the kind of genre of movie I normally would go for. However, I was excited to see my James McAvoy. I was thinking, lucky this movie has James in it. Otherwise, I would not even bother taking it off the racks.

The story is simple enough, played out mainly in two parts. The movie is basically focused more on 13-year-old Briony Tallis, who is a talented writer but has a rather fanciful and imaginative mind. She sees things going on between her sister Cecilia (Keira Knightley) and Robbie Turner (James) and draws her own conclusions.

The first part portrays the lives of the rich Tallis family members and Robbie, a housekeeper's son who goes through Cambridge thanks to the generosity of the Tallis'. In the beginning, we can see how Robbie and Cecilia are attracted to one another, but somehow something seems to be obstructing them.

I did not quite understand, and when I watched some of the interviews on the net, I found out that Robbie and Cecilia were in fact, secretly in love with one another for five years, but drawn apart because of their status.

I guess one need to read the book (from which this movie is adapted: Atonement by Ian McEwan) to fully grasp the feel of the movie.

Their mutual attraction finally peaked when a misunderstanding concerning a letter arised. And caught in the middle of this is little Briony, whom we later find out that she too, has feelings for Robbie. But Robbie only has eyes for her sister, Cecilia.

And on that same night, a rape happened to one of Briony's cousins. We never really know if Briony did witness the culprit but all we know is she falsely accused Robbie as the rapist, which I assumed is because of the love triangle between herself, him and her sister.

So Briony lied and Robbie's world took a 180 degrees turn.

Poor Robbie. A young man, filled with goodness and heart, about to venture into medical school, with a loving mother and the woman he loved, now goes to prison for something he did not commit.

The movie follows a non-chronological order, which works well as later we find out that it is based on Briony's memory. But it also make paid extra attention just so I can fully understand the movie.

Then the second part comes. Given the option of joining the army or staying imprisoned, young Robbie goes to war in France. Cecilia and himself were reunited in London, with her being a nurse and leaving her family behind, the family that she hated for pulling her apart from her lover.

There was also young Briony, all grown up now, also a nurse and she regrets the lie that she told, fully grasping the consequences of what she had done and the lives she had destroyed.

So she tries to make amends with Robbie and Cecilia, the lovers who struggle to be together despite the distance and war conditions.

After watching the movie, I was very much impressed. It was simple, with amazing cinematography, especially the one depicting the evacuating soldiers on the beach.

The story is just about how one lie can drastically change the course of events, how it can greatly affect the life of the person involved in the lie and those around him. It is also about forgiveness, how we seek for it and about regret and guilt and also, how it is all just too late.

In the beginning, I was very much in contempt with Briony's actions. How she testify against Robbie and framed him, even providing the letter to prove her accusations. I was annoyed at how she could do such a thing, especially towards a man she had probably known her whole life.

As the movie progresses and I learn about how she fancies Robbie all this while, I felt pity for her instead. Here was a young girl, not knowing anything about sexual attraction and witnessing things that she probably did not understand. She likes him but obviously, he is madly in love with his sister. Maybe in her naive mind, she thought that if she cannot have him, then darn well her sister would not have him either.

I really liked the first part of the movie, the things that happened before the huge rape event. The second part seems to me a bit slow and sometimes, not as interesting as I would like it to be. Maybe the idea of war and all, seems to me, to be a little lacklustre in terms of excitement.

And I must simply applaud James McAvoy in his brilliant role. This guy does not need any script or speak any lines. Just the look on his face and his eyes tell the whole story. This man is a real genius and I think, he is what actually made this movie as wonderful as it is.

Of course, Keira is amazing as usual. I also read that the actress who played the young Briony was even nominated for an Oscar.

So...I think that pretty much conclude my review for a movie which is really old news. Well, I am no movie buff ok and I missed out on a lot of great movies.

But seriously, if you have the chance to watch Atonement, pls do. It is a small film which leaves a huge impact.

And it teaches you not to lie, very important lesson there.

And, damn those British accents. They get to me every single time. Can any accent sound hotter than those English's?

For the record, I absolutely lurve this gorgeous-dress-that-I-will-never-be-able-to-afford-in-my-entire-life:



(unless you ask ms blogger first)