Saturday, July 19, 2008

of birthday, accident and shopping

The blogger just want to say that she is peeved at all the accusations against Pharmacy Second-years that has been circulating regarding an incident on campus. For the record, just because someone doesn't joined the said orientation does not mean they are out to get others in trouble. They are just simply indifferent to the whole system. The blogger respects their decisions and hopes others will not judge them without any solid proof.

Once again, the blogger is back to update about the notable highlights of the week, which is not any much exciting than anyone else's. It has occurred to the blogger that her laptop is crap at uploading pics, which is why she detests the stupid blogging system of simply not just allowing "copy and paste" photos into the posts.

Yes, the blogger has wasted a freaking few hours just to complete this post, at the cost of her assignments being neglected and she will not continue to rant, for fear that it will turn into a ugly war of words against the said stupid blogging system.


On Sunday night, Jiaying, Tzeim, Meichieng, Weiwei, Aili, Fuitze, Wanying, Chinhing and the blogger had dinner at Pizza Hut, which is just across Plaza Prima Setapak (where the blogger is currently residing) to have a short celebration of Janice's 21st birthday.

A Kuching native, known notoriously for her hardworking studying skills and over-anxiety attacks, especially during the preparations-for-exams period, the blogger first met Janice or known fondly as "Nice" (pronounced "neese") during the first week of studies in first year. At that time, the blogger only knew her as one of the english-eds, but later knew her as a friend and in due time, as a friend that the blogger can act childish with, go shopping with and sometimes drive the blogger up the walls:)

Alas, the blogger & friends knew how much she misses her home and family, so this small birthday gathering was more than just a celebration. It is also to let her know that she has friends outside of home and that her turning 21 means as much to her as it is to us.

It was clearly not an extravagant and over-the-top birthday celebration, but the blogger hopes that she enjoyed it, as a substitution for what the blogger believes to be a huge birthday bash filled with family and friends had Janice been able to celebrate it in Kuching.

Roommates in KTSN and now roommates in Setapak, Meichieng

Janice with her current housemates PDR's Wanying and Fuitze as well PDR friend, Chinhing

Janice with the blogger looking flustered from the heat

With the rest of the Pharmacy Girls

"Janice, 21 already, don't be childish!!"

After the dinner and scrumptious cake, the girls all took a tour at the apartment the blogger shared with weiwei at Plaza Prima before calling it a night.

Btw, her present was a huge and furry teddy bear who took a journey on the plane to KL from Sibu:)


LMAO. This is a total random accident that happened in the blogger's apartment. The bedroom shared by Weiwei, Meichen, Ngiikling and Liuyean had a faulty doorknob that led to weiwei and ngiikling being locked in their bedroom, a awful yet hilarious incident occurring about midnight.

Since girls are clearly incapable physically to release them, the blogger's housemates entrusted the help of male seniors and friends, who so kindly came in the dead of the night, together with their tools, to free the maidens-in-distress and allow two more maidens-in-distress to sleep in their beds.

It was a long and tiring process, both to the senior who helped us as well as those of us who stood waiting. Finally, an hour later, the doorknob and all its mechanism is taken out forcibly, leaving a hole in the door and free access to the room. Most importantly, freedom to the girls entrapped.


The blogger is clearly feeling extremely guilty at the thought of her pending assignments, which is why she will not blog long about her recent shopping trip to MidValley with housemates weiwei,ngiikling and suz m. It also due to the fact that suz m has already blog a long account of the trip. And because of that, the blogger will just filled in a couple of blanks, stuff that suz m "forgotten" to post.

Before taking the ktm to mv, we first had McD's for lunch at KL Sentral. A high-caloried lunch, to be exact. There we met a pretty snobbish pharmacy junior with her friends. Plus we also saw weiping, sinwei and suetying, other pharmacy second-years, my coursemates.

It was also here that suz m earned herself the nickname of "vacuum" due to her indefatigable effort of helping us to finish our fries despite firing annoyed comments at us for calling her a vacuum. Let's just say we preached and she practiced.

Terev @ Weiping also had us in stiches when we joked about how he can earn some pennies singing in the ktm tunnel. The incident that had the blogger laughing like a madwoman was when he took out his tupperware from his bag, suggesting it be used for people to throw in loose change. He is a good sport him, unlike suz m (hehe).

the mural in gardens mv that caught the blogger's attention

The blogger and suz m spend a good three hours in borders. suz m wanted to read a book that she felt was not worthy of the price but a great masterpiece. Any yet ironically, she eventually bought it. And for the record, the blogger did not fooled her into buying any books. The blogger had already planned to buy books, regardless of the "3 for 2" offer or not. It was suz m herself the culprit who was undecided if she wanted to buy books or not and it was simply an unbased excuse driven by guilt.

The blogger soaking in the interior designs of gardens mv

It must be uncommon to see so little cam-whoring pics of suz m, all because she has decided not to show her bad haircut to the world. Rest assured suz m, as this pic is cropped so there is no distinct pic of your hair.

Sotong balls which is so so yummy

Housemates waiting for the taxi to take us home

A day of shopping amounts to a trolley and a taxi ride

The blogger's buys of the day include two new fictions, "English As A Second Language" by Megan Crane and "Not Without My Sister", dried pineapples, spicy "keropok" and a birthday present. And the blogger is sadly broke...again.

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