Thursday, July 03, 2008

fiona's top 5 awards for hot guys

Just came back from my aunt's house, where I stayed 2 days there. No Astro and no internet, which is good since I finally finished my mystery novel and I am now halfway through another mystery, lend to me from my aunt who bought it in Wal-Mart.

Yes, I am starting a new label here, a new category.

Many celeb-fans know how some magazines always compile the sexiest men alive, or the top new young stars to look out for, etc. etc.

So I decided why not I start my own list?

This is the first of a few list ideas that I have. Of course, I choose Top 5 because 3 is simply too little and more than 5 is simply too taxing, especially since I like visual images and I would have to search them on the net. The key word here is: lazy.

I feel like this is some kind of awards show. lol.

So presenting Fiona's Top 5 Hot Guys in Various Entertainment Categories (okay, too long and cheesy title there)

#1 Hot Guy Who Can Sing: David Cook

If you know me by association with this blog, then surely you have to know that I will placed this guy in my list. Why? Well, why not? He can sing damn well, plays the guitar and above all, a great humility. Seriously, if he ever comes to Malaysia, I will surely be the first to get tickets and I am not even a concert kind of girl. Sorry-lah, the Osmonds, Celine Dion jangan harap I will go unless got free tix. David Cook I definitely will spend money for.

#2: Hot Guy Who Can Act in Movies: James McAvoy

Seriously, I did not even know this guy existed until I watch "Wanted". And then I watch "Atonement" and I totally am in lurve with this guy. He can act, that is trite, but crap, those eyes are so mesmerizing that after the movie, you cannot help but think about them again, and again, and again. Okay, stop it!

So yes, I even found out he once made the sexiest man alive list. woo-hoo!

#3: Hot Guys Who Can Act in TV shows: Gossip Girl Guys

Since Gossip Girl is one of my new fave TV shows, the first guys that came to my mind was definitely those affiliated with the programme. I cannot decide on who I like better so it's a tie between Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick. Technically, it is still considered one right? Since they are on the same show.

Sorrylah for Penn Badgley, I did not really fancy him right from the beginning. So straight away he got eliminated. In terms of looks, I think Chace def looks better, maybe something to do with those deep blue eyes (what is freakin' wrong with me? so obsessed with eyes?) but Ed has that certain charm, could be also because I do like Chuck more than any other characters in GG. No, wait, I like Blair the best. Yes, is it not obvious? Because she gets to be the object of affection between Nate and Chuck. So much drama. Me like:)

#4: Hot Guys Who Can Dance: Dancing With The Stars Guys

I initially did not think about these guys as I was cracking my head on what other categories I can list here. Then, I saw them in a magazine article and it occurred to me that dance is also a form of entertainment (duh! so bimbo hor. crap).

Derek Hough and Mark Ballas are two really cute dancers on the show. Initially, I did not think they were good-looking but when I saw the chemistry they had with their partners (Derek with Jennie Garth and Mark with Sabrina Bryan), I was really in awe and blown-away.

Not only that, I read that these guys are also part of a music band.

#5: Hot Guy Who Is Asian and Can Rap: T.O.P. from Big Bang

I know many probably will go...who???? But really, Big Bang is this really great and talented boy band from Korea. And in the midst of all the vocalists, there is TOP, the rapper of the group.

There is something pretty exotic about his looks that makes him look so un-Korean, don't you think? Something about that smouldering look that Ed Westwick also possessed.

Like Paris said, "That's hot." (fifiona is turning bimbo-ish now)


nyrac said...

hey there. long time no comment. hot guys eh? great eye candy btw. and do you have the collection of all gossip girl episodes? probably might want to pinjam them from you someday... someday when i'm free to sit down and watch series, that is :P

anyway, happy starting second year!

Siedne said...

eh u noe wat, i just tagged u bout a similar list. was this your way of doing the tag? haha

FIFIONA said...

nyrac> no, i dun hav all the episodes but i wish i did. I am now thinking really hard if I want to get the whole episodes set. I would if I wasn't so horribly broke. Thanks, I hope I can survive 2nd year.

siedne> yeah, i just saw that tag. Actually this post i did a few days ago but didn't actually publish it. I think i will do your tag, just have to find some pics first:)



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