Saturday, November 27, 2010

hello from istanbul!!!!!

Hihi right now the blogger is online from Istanbul, Turkey. The hotel I am staying right now offers free internet - Sheraton Istanbul but problem is the keyboard is totally foreign to me so I am typing super slow right now as I am learning to adjust to it. It has been a tiring almost 12 hours journey to reach here from KL. Imagine stuck in a plane that LONG! I think I can finally understand my friends who study overseas. How tiring they must be. There is also a 6 hours difference here so I think I now understand what jetlag means. I took my flight at 10.10 am and arrived here at 11.10pm Msian time. So actually we should sleep right. But Turkey time showed 5pm so it was dinner time. Oh we were all so tired and lack sleep that we did not have appetite to eat at all.
The temperature here is quite cooling, just like Genting but today we had a slight rain and quite strong winds so the photos I took came out quite gloomy. But we visited some really awesome architecture marvels today and I finally saw Hagia Sophia, the place in that facebook game Geo Challenge. The thing about winter is that nights are long so although it was 5pm, the night was so dark already.
Ok, I am getting annoyed now with the keyboard as the symbols shown on the buttons, when I press on them, a different symbol appears so please dont mind my awful grammar and punctuation here as I simply dont understand the Turkish keyboard.
The younger kids in my tour group here are all in their teens and they all have dslr! so jealous ok. Its time for me to sleep now, really exhausted and I must have gained so much weight with all the food they are feeding us. Aaah! Time for diet when I get back to KL. Oh ya, the traffic here is so bad! Luckily I am from KL so jam is something I am used to but I reckon here is even worse.
We are leaving Istanbul tomorrow. Love this city although it is so highly populated. The people are beautiful and today a group of small kids, students I think keep waving to us and talking in a foreign language (good I hope) while smiling. So cute. The men are very charming, especially enticing us to buy stuff at Grand bazaar.
Wish me luck. I hope I can go online at my next destination. Its now 10pm here but it will be 4am in KL. Pray for a safe journey for me ok:)


Suzane said...

waoooo so syiok must b so many angmoh lengzai hor..faster da BAO ONE FOR ME HAHAHA...NJOY YA N TK CR...

yS said...

wow! cant believe u were actually blogging lor! hahaha...
Hagia Sophia, must be very beautiful lor i think! jealous~
have a happy trip lar :)

cLaRa said...

bring back leng zai for me!!! hahaha.. bon voyage~ mui mui will miss unnie d~~

FIFIONA said...

haha thanks everyone...I just came back and saw all these nice comments, will try blogging about my trip soon~ once I am out of this lazy mode :)



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