Saturday, December 29, 2007

why me? why????!!!!

I dunno if I was cursed or jinxed by someone, coz this week has been the worst ever....;(


I went to UKM, then to Tung Shin, later to Wisma Berjaya, shop a little in Times Square, shop more in Jusco and finally to Nichii.

And guess what???

I did not buy anything!!!! LOL. Wai Yin will be so proud of me! (Ok, I bought ONE magazine and a packet of wet tissues...but that does not count! I did not buy clothes, bags, shoes or any other accessories!)

I think I have found a cure to my shopaholic habit...Shop when a huge worry bug is biting you!!!

This is what happened today:
  1. Wanted to go see the dean today to discuss about me taking a few extra credits but stupid office was closed! Search the whole block for any sign of people but I think some UFO has landed and kidnapped the whole administrative office people! Now I have to wait till the new semester starts...on see the dean! *Sigh* I really do hope it is not TOO LATE!!!! *crosses fingers*
  2. I messed up my orthodontist appointment dates....My appointment was supposed to be on FRIDAY!!!! *Sigh* So I have to wait 2 hours before it is my turn....Mom's temper got the better of her and she made a scene in the hospital with the nurse....*Double sighs*
  3. Went to have my haircut today....Ok, nothing really biggie happened here. My hair now is shorter, less feminine, more edgier....All prepared to turn my STUDY mode on for the new semester....
  4. Did some shopping today....NEARLY bought a skirt and a blouse from Jusco, and also NEARLY bought a gorgeous dark blue sequinned blouse from Niichi as well but NOPE! The appeal letter is still bugging me so did not feel like buying anything....Won't enjoy my buys anyway.....:(


Well, and today I am going back to about one hours' time....Need to clean up my room in the hostel after being uninhabitted for 5 weeks! Then later, on Monday, first thing is to see the dean before my chaotic class schedule begins! I still have not gotten my class schedule!

Friday, December 28, 2007

juz 20 photos!

A picture speaks a thousand words, don't they? In that case, I will save my energy and just post photos - all courtesy of Wai Yin's camera:)

1) From Perak

Err...yeah..I dunno what we are doing either!

Group pic of backpackers in Perak!

Yours truly enjoying the view outside

Roomie and me

No points for guessing who this is asleep

"Come into my arms, baby!" LOL


Don't they both look so evil?

Holding hands...O.o

Me, Jino and WY formed KLCC...Lol

2) From Malacca

Famous No. 88 Jonker Street for Dessert!

Moi and Suz C

Cool T-Shirts!

Haha...WY's shot def looks better!

Goofin' around

Boys frolicking in jacuzzi...Lol

Our first group pic which have to be retaken again because of the gap in btw Mel and Laushu, lol

Me looking dead exhausted

WY getting only

3) WY's own collection

How kesian is that?

wy's ultimate shopping spree and fattening chicken wings!

Since I have been in pretty much of a slump lately, what with my poor results, being sick, some personal issues to deal with, plus those damn @#$%^& noises from next door, I just really want to get out of the house! So when WY asked me out shopping, I immediately jumped at the idea!


WY is starting uni next month and is shopping for some new uni clothes, plus other stuff. We raided Times Square and then later Sungei Wang. I did not really shop much, wasn't in the shopping mode but I was looking for a nice small handbag for CNY to keep those angpows O.o !!!

Times Square (Display for Barbie items!)

Luckily WY shops fast and buys all the stuff she needed in almost every shop we goes to (LOL). I think she bought a denim 3q pants from IO, a really cute T-shirt from SML, something from Fortune (hehe), a belt from Vincci and a pair of shoes from....hmmm....I forgot what is the name of the shop! Oh, and she got a present for her colleague since WY is quitting her job at Kumon soon.

Here is the shopping queen herself!

These shoes were her greatest splurge but she lurvesss it so much that I think she would have regret it if she did not get them. Besides, that girl has some really worn-out sneakers. Some new shoes for a new start is a MUST!

How cute are these?

Since that poor girl is so broke after shopping (LOL), we decided to settle for an inexpensive lunch at Sungei Wang's food court, where we had the mixed rice.

Saw this cute pig with a huge royal crown on his head in Sg Wang ^o^

I initially wanted to get this cute bag from Momoe since it was on sale, but later decided against it since I saw a better-looking one from Maple Zone. So we went back to Times Square and I copped it for only RM20!

Also copped this bangle from Chamelon. Lurve chunky bangles!

Christmas decor is still not down in Times Square so here are some pics - hoping that Christmas cheer does not stop when Christmas is over. The joy of giving and love should lasts all year round, people!

Little Santas on Christmas tree - So freakin' cute

Ok, this has nothing to do with Christmas but aren't those pigs so fugly cute?

P.S. I had this for dinner. Domino's pizzas kind of sucks but they have great lasagna and BBQ chicken wings!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

visiting malacca: episode VI: the finale - we came back full circle!

And finally *drumrolls*....We have reached the finale episode of my Malacca Adventure!!!


Today we all had decided first thing in the morning what we are going to do - Shopping, of course. Disappointed by last night when all the shops were already closed by the time we had our dinner, all of us girls (except Val) was itching to spend our money badly!

Suz C and Mel finally tried the hotel breakfast. Since there were not enough coupons, I and Suz C shared breakfast whilst WY shared with Mel. We ordered the larger version of my breakfast set meal the day before - this time it came with a jumbo size sausage and instead of yoghurt juice, we got orange juice!

So then we told the rest our activity-of-the-day. KT and Jino decided to joined us (Jino is such a sucker for Body Glove stuff. We saw one as we walked around Dataran Pahlawan yesterday). Surprisingly, KT wanted to follow us girls as well. Hehe. Phak Hoe, meanwhile, wanted to spend some zzzz time alone in the room, Ben and Val went to see other attractions in Malacca, like the Sultanate Palace and Phon and Len went to Jonker Street to get pineapple tarts as requested by Len's Mom.

So, after breakfast, I was filled with energy and excitement, all ready to shop and shop!

Dataran Pahlawan Megamall, just opposite Mahkota Parade

At Dataran Pahlawan, where they had this huge fountain monument dedicated to the independence of Malaysia.

We started at Padini Concept Store. Ok, I love sales but I hate it when everything is so messed up - I cannot find the sizes that I want! Plus, people are all blocking me when I am looking through the hangers! I did not manage to find anything I like in there so I wanted to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, I could not find any of the girls or the 2 boys. When I finally saw a familiar face, WY, I told her to tell the others that I wanted to shop elsewhere. But WY told me she wanted to go to other shops as well, so both of us left the others and went scurrying to other shops.

There are not many shops in Dataran Pahlawan, unfortch. And many of the shops here are the same shops you get back at KL - Baleno, Samuel&Kevin, MNG - Stuff that I can get in Times Square or Sungei Wang. Eventhough the ground floor is really huge, there were no other boutiques or accessories shops upstairs! And they only have 2 floors!

I did see some boutiques that sells really cute dresses. But they were so expensive and I did not have that much money on me. If I go back to Malacca, I would surely go and maybe get those cute dresses that I had my eyes on!

After buying nail polish from the The Face Shop, I saw some shop-stalls just across so I went and take a look. They were selling these cute bags! I saw some of these at Times Square before, nope, not any la-la bags - They were selling for RM45-70 back in KL but this guy was selling them for half the price! And he even had the tag to show it is a genuine bag!

I had my eye on this cute sling bag with a huge drawing of a Jap girl on it. The original price tag says RM65.90 but he was willing to sell it to me for RM32.00! Later, WY joined me and she also had her eye on another smaller handbag that was from the same collection. After bargaining our bags to RM30 each, I copped the sling bag and WY copped the smaller bag!

Ok, so it is no LV or Gucci, but who cares? I am not rich and I don't pretend to be either. Sales and bargain are so okay with me!

WY's new bag is so dope...makes me want to get one as well!

We went to check out more of these shop-stalls. Copped a cool-looking cap since I don't have many stylish hats/caps. WY copped a wallet from the same shop-stall. After that, Suz C called and said they had enough so met up with the rest and make our way back to the hotel to meet the others for lunch.

But it started to rain as we make our way back. That sucks but I was glad it rained on the last day instead of the 2 previous days when we were sightseeing in Malacca.

As usual, we took the familiar path back where historical artefacts and buildings lined the road.

I took this pic of The Shopping Gang against a replica aircraft. The boys did not get anything but the girls got stuff from Padini and FOS. WY had already started using her new bag. LOL! Don't they all looked more jubilant after shopping?

When we met the rest, they had already help us checked out and all our luggage have been moved to storage. I went to the storage room to placed my newly bought items into my bag (which cannot be zipped! LOL! I had to ask WY to help me zip up my bag!)

Nearby the hotel's storage room, I saw this cute finger-like sofa and asked Jino to pose for me. Did he do a good job? LOL

Because we all had yet to try the chicken rice balls, which everyone says is a must-have if you go to Malacca, we asked Phon and Len, who went to Jonker walk to 'tapau' them for us, knowing that the famous restaurant is always so overcrowded by lunch hour. They were so nice to carry our lunch meal back for us but the hotel does not allowed outside food so we had to go elsewhere to eat our lunch.

Thanks Phon and Len!

As we went in search of a location to have lunch, we passed through this park, which had another well! Is it just me, or does Malacca have an obsession with wells? Hmm...

Finally, we returned to Cultural Food Village where we unpacked our chicken rice balls!

(Clockwise L-R): Our lunch of chicken rice balls and steamed chicken; Yummy rice balls; I ordered ice-blended mocha to quench my thirst; I was so clumsy with my chopsticks that I dropped one of the rice balls to the ground...Boohoo=( ; Laushu enjoying our lunch; Suz C, Mel, WY, Laushu, Jino and I shared a table for lunch

After lunch, since there was a little more time left before our taxis come to pick us up from our hotel, we decided to make a short detour to Jonker Street to get some souvenirs!

As we were walking towards Jonker Street, we passed by a playground and could not resist releasing our childish sides...

The 7 girls having a go at the merry-go-round - It kinda make me sick and dizzy afterwards!

Ben wanted to try the merry-go-round too and then later on the see-saw with KT

We went to Jonker Street and saw the famous Chicken Rice Balls restaurant. Luckily, Phon and Len had 'tapau' for us earlier, otherwise we would be caught in the crowd madness!

It started raining cats and dogs as we walked through Jonker Street so I did not take any pics. There were also crowds everywhere, probably because it was a public holiday. Since it was pouring down heavily and time is short, we only visited a few shops, mainly the Banyan Gallery and Orang Utan House. Few of us bought cute T-shirts from Orang Utan House but I have too many T-shirts already so decided to skip it. Each T-shirt is RM30, btw, all featuring works of the famous Malaccan artist, Charles Cham.

Banyan Gallery was filled with souvenirs that I had such a hard time deciding what I want! Also, we were almost running late, so I quickly copped a fridge magnet and a small present for a friend's birthday. *Sigh*, now I kinda regret it. Should have copped more stuff from that rad place. Wish there had been more time!

We had been to these two shops on our first day. To see photos of these two shops: *click*

Then, we had to rush back to the hotel under the heavy downpour for the taxis that are supposed to bring us to Melaka Sentral. Just as we arrived, the taxis arrived too. Since everything was kind of chaotic then (our luggages, the heavy rain, etc.), we just dumped all the luggages into the 3 taxis and Val asked us to get into the taxi according to the same group that we had on our first day - So it was Jino, Ben, Mel and me again!

Along the way, we saw this poster about sales at a shop called "FIONA". But because of the rain, the photo turned out fuzzy and blurry

Mel, yours truly and Ben in the backseat of the taxi - Taken by Jino!

As usual, Jino cracked us up in the taxi with his blur statements:

"So, are we going to have lunch?"

No Jino. We just HAD lunch! What were those Chicken Rice Balls for?

Then when we reached our destination, Melaka Sentral, Jino asked:

"So, do we like, need to pay?"


Don't be offended Jino. We all love you for your cute blurness...You have reached a mind level of thinking that none of us can ever accomplished;P

We waited for our K.K.K.L. (In honour of KKL - Khor Kah Loong who did not come! Haha!) bus which was leaving back to KL at 3.45 pm.

Inside the bus, sat with Malau, who looks sad because our trip was ending and because she has developed some rashes or allergic reaction whilst we were in Malacca

Along the way back to Pudu Bus Station, we passed by VI. That was a great moment..To realize we have all come full circle. If it was not for VI, we would not have met each other...

We all reached the KL bus station safely, all in one piece, and separated as we left the bus.

Shopping in Malacca - My buys;)

Info cards that I took from the hotel lobby. All the info in this blog about the places we visited came from these sources



So, that was the end of my journey to Malacca with my BF classmates - the coolest and funniest people around! Here are more photos taken during our trip - courtesy of Suz C and Mel's camera!

Phak Hoe as a beggar. LOL

Me trying to touch a giant model ship on display!

Len, Mel, WY and me trying to pose as mannequins in the museum. Check out WY! She is a super cool model!!!!

visiting malacca: episode V: damn loooong drama....I know!

After a long and tired day of walking around Malacca town, I was so hot, sweaty and irritated. Yes, I get annoyed easily if I am in that situation when I desperately need a bath...a diva, no?

Anyways, Ah Len has voiced out how much she wanted to go the jacuzzi that morning when we just got up (Coz the girls did not get a chance to soaked in the jacuzzi yesterday). So, those of us who brought a swimsuit - Laushu, WY, Len and I went to try the jacuzzi. Luckily, this time around there were no mat sallehs (although yesterday's ones were not bad-looking!). Since Suz C and Mel did not bring any swimsuits, they just soaked their feets. Val, on the other hand, went scouting with Ben to catch more photos.

The boys joined us later, all except Jino, who of coz, wants to sleep. We dubbed him Snow White, all because there were 7 girls and someone called us the 7 dwarves. So, what are the 7 dwarves if there is no Snow White? Besides, Jino is the one who sleeps a lot, so who better to be given the title? Hmm...I wonder who is his prince though? The one that kisses Snow White to wake her up? O.o

(Clockwise L-R): Laushu shivering - I like how her nails matched her swimsuit. LOL; Ah Len's teeth was chattering the whole time inside the jacuzzi - She calls it JA-KU-TI - So cute; Ben & Val joined us later - Ben wanted to jump inside with some help from Val; Ben posing to jump inside the jacuzzi

Of course, Ben did not jump. He and Val did not go into the jacuzzi. Later some mat sallehs came to joined us in the jacuzzi. They introduced themselves as Australians and New Zealanders.

I was the first to leave the jacuzzi, unfortch. It was not hot at all, and I felt really cold inside. Besides, I was awfully tired that I just wanted to bathe and rest. We took turns going back to our room to bathe and changed since our room is damn cold - We left the air-con on the whole time we were outside.

After my bath, I went back up to the rooftop to soaked my feet with Suz C and Mel and to snap more photos, of coz!

WY, Suz C and Mel looking into the sunset horizon - I lurrrvvee this pic!

We enjoyed the beautiful sunset whilst on the rooftop. The icing on the cake was the birds that flew across the sunset sky. They provide such a beautiful backdrop that the photos I took of them were one of the greatest photos I have ever taken! Highlight of my trip here.

The most beautiful and lovely pics I have ever taken

Now I know why Ben loves photography so much. It just gives a sense of awe and satisfaction looking at the great pics that a simple digital camera can take;)

Of course, besides all these great scenic shots, I also took some goofy and *sweat* moments.

(Clockwise L-R): pH pretending to be Superman - He made me laughed so much with his poses that the pics came out blurry (I could not hold the camera straight!); Laushu was taking a bath when we heard a 'clunk' and a scream - It turns out that the railing dropped when she was taking a bath! - LOL, and we were all so worried when we heard her scream!; WY doing a 'mermaid' pose and pH *sweat* his macho guy pose

Note: The "mermaid" pose came about when back in Kampar, the 4 of us saw a rerun episode of "America's Next Top Model" - I don't remember which cycle it was but they were in Thailand doing a photo shoot for a suntan lotion and they all had to turned upside down for a mermaid shot - The cycle that Danielle won (although I like Joanie the most!)

So, after we all got ready, we went to look for places to have our dinner. We just could not decide where to go - went to a few restaurants to check them out but none were delicious-looking or seem special enough. Finally, we all decided to walk to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall to see what they had to offered.

The shopping mall was decked out in Christmas decor. When we went inside, there was actually a performance going on. They sang Christmas Carols!

The girls wanted to go shopping since the sales were going on but because everyone was hungry, we decided to eat first. After going around and around in the shopping mall and still no place deemed suitable, we moved outside.
Almost all the shops were closed at that time - Malacca shuts down pretty early! But finally, majority decided on a place called "Wok and Pan" - for East meets West cuisine.

(Clockwise L-R): The place where we had dinner; Laushu with her soup; Phon had Lamb Shank - Looks so yummy-licious!; My meal - Colonial Chicken Chop - tastes really good but very huge portion

WY and KT also 'belanja' us oyster omelette. Thanks ya!!

This is the shop opposite the place where we ate. A boutique selling streetwear items. The grafitti on the walls are so damn cool wei!

(Clockwise L-R): Ben won hands-down for the best clothing item in this trip. His T-shirt of sperm meeting the ovum is simply priceless. Rest assured, it is a HIV awareness T- shirt; Ben, Jino and PhakHoe - I think Jino's shirt is nice - I like the little shipwreck design at the bottom part of the T-shirt

After our (very full!) dinner, we did not know where to go. All we know is that the night is still young! Us girls wanted to shop at Dataran Pahlawan (where we went previously) but it was already closed. Sad:(

So, instead, we took pics at the display windows. Hahaha;D

(Clockwise L-R): The girls copied the mannequins of Padini; Suz C looking through the window of MNG; Posing for ESPRIT;P

LOL. Those were some priceless moments - Snapping pics in front of a closed shopping mall! Shows how crazy Kl people are. Hahaha. We garnered some weird looks from passer-bys. LOL. But it was so much fun! Ben's camera has more of these funny pics - Hope I get them soon!

Just like last night, we wanted to enjoy some alcohol and fun. But there were not any bars around. If there were, they were all closed. So, feeling disappointed but still full of energy, we just walked around. We passed by our hotel at one time and saw that their bar is still open. So, we all decided to hang out at the hotel bistro.

The drinking gang - Glad no one was drunk - Guess we all know our limits, no?

There was a Filipino guy performing songs on his guitar onstage but the crowd did not pay much attention to him. Feeling sorry, after each of his songs, we clapped loudly and shouted. LOL. Everyone must be thinking who are these hooligans? Suddenly coming in and creating noise? Anyways, he sang lots of old and nostalgic songs, which suited Ben and pH to a tee. They sang along to almost all the songs that the singer performed.

I like pH's beer yesterday so much that I decided to share a bucket of Heineken beers with Laushu, WY and pH. PH calls it the Chicks' Beer. It has a mild taste, I think, which I like. Nothing too strong or bitter for me, unless vodka mixed with coke/sprite, which I had at Phon's New Year Eve's party. It was awesomely cool.

(Clockwise L-R): Our bucket of Heineken beers; Jino had banana split ice-cream. LOL; Suz C had "Sex On The Beach" O.o; The different types of beer that night - KT had Carlsberg, Ben had Guinness Stout and my Heineken

(Clockwise L-R): Ben singing along to the music while posing for his Guinness Stout - That drink is srong weii!; Laushu, Ben and pH; Jino licking ice-cream of his spoon in his "hamsap"look; I only had one beer that night. Not a good drinker:P

WY trying to imitate Hanson's pose that he did back in Kampar. LOL

I was not drunk at all, of coz, but KT exclaimed how red my cheeks were when we were going back to our rooms. Hehe:)





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