Friday, December 07, 2007

moovee. tokio, bad pasta and expensive doughnuts!

I am actually too lazy to blog but since this weekends I will be staying over at me aunt's house and I won't be able to go on the net anytime I want, what the heck? Might as well make use of the time that I have now before it will all disappear on 31st Dec (when my class starts!)

Sigh, I do not know how am I going to survive without my lovely laptop, my streamyx line and my Astro. I guess this weekend will be a good time for me to finally finish up my reading (and start to properly study Microbiology and Organic Chem!)


Oh cool! It opened on my b'day. I didn't know that!

So, I finally went to watch Enchanted. I am not much of a movies person. I think the last time I watched a movie was with BB and Suz M way back in September. And we watch one stupid horror flick, ok? Damn stupid and un-scary at all! More comedy than horror! Haihz...

Anyways, Enchanted is really nice and super funny. Really great flick. No wonder it is the No.1 movie in the US right now. Super super super funny and hilarious.

My fave character is definitely Patrick Dempsey's, hands-down! He is so cynical and sarcastic. I laughed at almost every line that he speaks. Patrick really did a good job potraying the realistic divorce lawyer. This guy not only rocks Grey's Anatomy (which is one of my fave dramas!) but this movie as well. You won't regret watching this!

Amy Adams was great too. She potrayed this Disney princess-like character without being too annoying. She looks like she lives on la-la land most of the time. I don't really know Amy the actress but good job anyways!

The movie started out really great and laughable but I think it kinds of sizzle towards the end. maybe they got tired of the movie and wanted to quickly wrapped it up?

So here is my list of stuff I hated about the movie (spoilers alert!):
  1. The ending. Predictable. Typical. They started by telling us that "happily ever after" doesn't exist and then they all "Lived Happily Ever After". Ok, not buying the ending. Sorry;)
  2. How can Patrick Dempsey end up with Amy Adams whom he only met for a few days over his girlfriend that he has been with 5 years? Umm...5 years is a really looong time to be with someone, y'know...
  3. In the King's and Queen's Ball, EVERYONE was dressed in period costumes and dresses but only Amy Adams showed up in a modern designer gown? How ironic is that?
  4. I like James Mardsen but sometimes I wished they will show him wearing something other than that hideous puff-sleeved outfit. I was hoping they would put him in a suit for the ball to match Amy Adams but....*sigh*
  5. In the ball, there was a slow waltz dance scene. And they asked that each person danced with someone that they did not bring to the ball. Okay, that is really twisted. If a guy brings me to a ball like that, of course I want to share a slow dance with him. Why would I want him to dance with another girl? Umm, a little far-fetched, no?
  6. The scene when the evil queen-turned-dragon died. Umm..I still don't really understand how she died. I think the scriptwriters probably ran out of creative ideas on how "good always triumphs evil". It was really a messy and confusing scene. Thumbs down on that part!

That said, I still love all those funny scenes and how sweet and sugary Amy Adam's character was. Oh yeah, and kudos to that little girl who played Morgan. So darn cute!

Parked my car at VIOBA.

All shopping malls competing for the best Christmas decorations!

Don't you wish your house has a Christmas tree like this?

Had lunch at the 10th floor Avenue Food Court. Looking down, I couldn't resist taking this pic of the myriad of colours!

I realized I have been having a craving for pasta lately.

[Penne Arabiata in spicy tomato sauce]

Driving home in the heavy downpour. Cannot resist taking those pics of the signboards along the road. Me Mom's beloved company that she is working for!

The pic above reminds me of one that Suz M send to me - Tokio Marine in KK, Sabah!

Promoting me Mom's company pulak! Must ask for advertising fees from Mom!

So I did some shopping - bought a denim skirt and a Tee shirt from Ed&Ed. Seriously, these T-shirts are very addictive. I wish I can buy all of them. Took me so long to decide which one I wanted!

So, Hanson went and celebrated his after-exams at Pavillion with his coursemate. Stupid fella went and bought a dozen doughnuts from this famous doughnut parlour at Pavillion. Umm..even I know a dozen doughnuts can make a person feel really sick;( What is even funnier, is that he and his buddies bought 10 boxes - 120 doughnuts! *Speechless*

PS I had a bad stomachache when I came back that day;( I wondered what did I eat? *hint hint* (Not the doughnut! Thanks for the doughnuts, Hanson!)

photo credit: yahoo movies

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