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episode II: finally having a nice sightseeing and 5 minutes away from paying additional rm90.00!!!

Ok, because day II is so damn long, I have decided to separate it into 2 parts. Brace yourselves, people! *Takes a deep breath* Here it goes!!!

I swear, that gal WY is great at waking up early. She woke me up and I saw her all dressed up. Gawd, that time was only 8am!!! I slept back but she forced me to wake up.

After brushing my teeth, I went to the boys' room to see if they had woke up. Jino had woken up but was lying on the bed. Hanson, on the other hand, was so cold that he had the whole blanket covering his face and body that made him looked like a mummy! LOL!
Hanson fast asleep in the mummy sleeping pose

We decided to give him a wake-up call by using the flash lights of our cameras. When he felt the blinding lights from our cameras, he woke up abruptly, called us "papparazzis" and shoo-ed us away.

Hanson waking up to find the papparazzi snapping photos of him

After getting ready (with the super-long Jino in the bathroom), we walked to Foh San Restaurant, which I had read on the internet to be a well-known dim sum restaurant. Although eating dim sum is a splurge but I am glad that the 3 of them did not mind:P The night before, Aunty had shown us where the restaurant was so we knew how to get there.

Ipoh Old Town in the morning is pretty quiet

Gerbang Malam - This road was where the Pasar Malam was the night before

Website info: Dim sum“点心”(fish balls, fried stuff, dumplings, buns, served in small quantities). Foh San(富山)restaurant, located nearby the tauge ayam outlets, is a famous dim sum restaurant. In Ipoh, the best place for "dim sum" is the Foh San Restaurant. It is located at 2 Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar (formerly Jalan Osborne), 30300 Ipoh.

My view: The dim sum is really expensive. The least costs about RM2.80. Eventhough it was expensive, it does taste good. Luckily we arrived there early. As we were about to finish eating, at about 9am, there were no more tables left and people were all waiting close to our table, hoping to halau us away.

In front of Foh San restaurant - Check out their matching bags - Hanson's in grey and Jino's in black

Lots of old buildings like this in Ipoh Old Town

After eating, I wanted to do some shopping at Ipoh Parade since the night before, it was very late and all the shops would have been closed. Since it is also within walking distance, we walked to Ipoh Parade Parkson Grand:)

Gay couple with "ching lui" bags

Along the way, we saw our hotel - Hotel Excelsior

We also saw Sam Tet school, one of the well-known schools in Ipoh

Syuen Hotel, which is along the same road as our hotel

There are 2 main shopping malls in Ipoh, one being Ipoh Parade and the other is Jaya Jusco Kinta City. Ipoh Parade is largely made up of Parkson Grand.

Unfortunately, we were too early and the mall has not open yet. So we decided to wait at Starbucks, which is located outside the mall. Luckily, no one halau us away because we did not intend to order anything.

Hanson acting cute. Bluek!

While waiting, we did some cam-whoring. As usual, Hanson was our victim, doing all model-like poses for us to take.

"Ngaum baby!"

Once the mall opened, we were disappointed to see many shops has yet to open. But since we had time to kill, we walked around anyways.

Jino trying to ride on a PINK furry animal buggy ride

Yours Truly amidst the Christmas decorations

They are going to have a Doraemon performance on Christmas Day, hence all those Doraemon decorations

"Don't ya mess with me!"

The ambassadors of Body Glove (Hint: their matching bags)

By sheer good luck, Suz C and her mom had saw us sitting at Starbucks so they offered us a ride to Kek Lok Tong, which we were heading next. Grateful for Suz C and her mom for giving us free rides, we bought some food stuff at Ipoh Parade for them to show our appreciation.

Tourist Spot#3 : Kek Lok Tong

So, Aunty gave us a ride and drop us off at Kek Lok Tong, one of the 3 limestone caves situated in Ipoh. The other two is Sam Poh Tong and Perak Tong.

Hanson and Wai Yin at the entrance

Website view: Kek Lok Tong is Chinese words, which means Cavern of Ultimate Bliss. It is located not far from Sam Poh Tong since they are on the same range of limestone hills. But it has never ever been as well known as Sam Poh Tong. Maybe it's because Kek Lok Tong is only accessible through “Gunung Rapat” housing area while Sam Poh Tong just alongside Jalan Gopeng, one of the busiest road in Ipoh.


Most of the hills around Ipoh are limestone hills. Have you heard of the stalagmites and stalactites? They are basically special-shaped mineral forms that often found in limestone caves. A stalactite is an icicle-shaped mass of calcite attached to the roof of a limestone cavern while stalagmites grow upwards from the cave floor and can be conical, fir-cone-shaped, or resemble a stack of saucers. Growing stalactites and stalagmites often meet each other to form solid pillars. The presence of impurities gives colours to stalagmites and stalactites. These natural arts have made limestone caves a local attraction to tourists.

Cavern of Ultimate Bliss

No cats, no dogs, no rabbit and no babi?

Tong means cave in Chinese

My View: This place is definitely one of the highlights of our trip. The view inside and outside the cave is panaromic and blissful. Although the interior of the caves are not as breathtaking as those I had seen in China, they are definitely a great attraction. Perfect for lots of picture-taking. A must-visit.


It is a sacred temple inside, with many statues of the Chinese holy Gods and Goddesses

A hole in the cave

Behind the cave, it opens up into a beautiful garden, complete with a lake, flowers and beautiful hills around

Amazing hill formations all around

Dedicated to Suz C aka Malau (Monkey)

Postcard perfect

Beautiful flowers but not as pretty as those in Cameron Highlands

Hanson kissing the flower with his thick lips

Wai Yin, Fiona and Jino

Boys doing the 'teratai' pose

Girls doing the erm...normal pose:)

At the entrance

Because it was almost check-out time at the hotel, we decided to leave. We had originally planned to go to Sam Poh Tong as well but time does not permit us. If we checked out late, the hotel will charged us additional fees. Luckily, Suz C and her mom again offered us a ride back to the hotel since there were no public transport near Kek Lok Tong. But to save time, we decided to walk out to wait for Aunty. Along the way, Aunty saw us. Thank goodness! Coz we were sweating like pigs under the hot blazing sun.

Hanson and Jino pulling another gay pose with my Mary Poppins lace umbrella

Aunty passed by Tiger Lane when she send us back since the night before, it was too dark to see anything clearly. There were so many huge bungalows there!!! I am so jealous!!! I want a house like those!!!

Perak's richest and famous families live here, including all those government officials and some royal family members. O.o
Inside the car. Ipoh's traffic is nothing at all like KL's in the morning

Jino striking a cool pose. Bluek!

Once we reached the hotel, we said our thanks and goodbyes, and rushed to bathe, change and packed our bags before we missed the check-out time. Luckily, just 5 mins before the check-out time, i.e. 12.55 pm, we returned our keys.

After checking out, we discussed about our plans at the hotel lobby

Hehe - The Perak map at the hotel lobby

All decked out for Christmas

Because I was so bored, I asked Hanson to perform his talent of blinking his eyes to see how long can he do it:)

P.S. Will upload the video another time:)


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