Thursday, January 20, 2011

the best night ever~!!!

Living in KL all my life, I have never ever been to a concert before. Not even once. So, when my coursemate Ai Li asked me if I wanted to go to Digi Kpop Live Party 2011 where Beast, G.Na and 4Minute will be performing, I was like, wtf, I have never been to a concert / showcase before…and I had a friend to accompany me…so it was now or never. Lol~

Both of us had already set our minds to buy the tickets, but we were undecided as to which price range we wanted to go for. At the spur of the moment, we bought the most expensive ones – Platinum Zone, which is free standing but is nearest to the stage area. First time going to a concert like this and we bought the most expensive tickets. Hehe.

5  4

My ticket. It also came with some vouchers.

Because it was free standing, that means it was first come, first serve basis. So, right after our class, Ai Li and I had our lunch on campus and then we took the Hang Tuah monorail to Stadium Negara. Back to VI again, it has been so long since I last walked this road. Kinda miss my alma mater, but more so the people that had accompany me during my grueling Form 6 years.

When we arrived there, it was around 12pm and already there were people waiting in line under the hot sun. But because it was not so many, Ai Li and I decided to cam-whore first before the crowd arrives.

Platinum Zone was on higher grounds, had to climb the stairs. But near the main entrance there were some avatars that we can take photos with:)

11    18
4Minute avatars – JiHyun, JiYoon, HyunA, GaYoon and SoHyun + G.Na

Of course, must not forget my favourite boys of B2ST – JunHyung, GiKwang, DongWoon, DooJoon, YoSeob and HyunSeung~!!

Finally, armed with our umbrellas, we sat in line waiting until 6pm…:(

While lining up, we noticed this huge balloon (?) – what is the correct term for this? The good thing is underneath it is actually a propeller which gave us cool wind as it flew over us

Digi also provided some small games for us when you buy RM30 reload card. I was not as lucky as Ai Li who won this autographed B2ST poster. So jealous~!!!

Around 4pm, as the line became longer, the skies became darker. Then it started to drizzle. That is when the chaos started. Digi started removing some of the barriers so that we can all wait within the shade. But, the queue vanished. It was hard to distinguish who came first or who came later. But there was nothing we can do so Ai Li and I just wait in the shade, chatting.

Because we were some of the early birds, Ai Li also managed to get some Pizza Hut vouchers. So, she redeemed them for our dinner. One pizza as shown in the pic above + 1 drink = RM8. So worth it right?

Past 6pm, everyone became so anxious as it was actually a fight to get the best standing seats. There were 2 gates and we were worried if they will open both gates or just one. Luckily, they did open both gates and both of us squeeze ourselves in despite all the pushing. We ran all the way and there were already some people there got the best places. But we still managed to stand in 2nd row, just in front of the stage. It was not bad seats but it could have been better if we were right in front.

All sweaty from waiting and pushing but I am satisfied as we had a near view of the stage.

The show only officially started around 8.30pm. Even then, they had a local performer dance and sing first – Ikhwan. After that, the emcee came and warmed up the audience by asking us to scream and shout for the Kpop stars. Finally, the time we waited for has arrived…G.Na was the first to perform.

When I saw her, I thought she was so pretty and so tall. She also spoke good English, although a little soft-spoken. After googling about her, I found out she lived in Canada for a while before moving to Korea. She sang 2 of her songs, “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live” and “Supa Solo”. She also performed Rihanna’s song “Take A Bow” which I love so much~!

  After G.Na came 4Minute’s performance. I was so excited to see them. Hyuna looked so pretty with her bright hair and lipstick. They were all so skinny and their legs were super long. They were also so so fair~!!!
I think they performed about 5 songs - “Muzik”, “Hot Issue”, “Highlight”, “I My Me Mine” and “HuH”.

Finally, the time we have been waiting for has arrived!!! It was time for Beast’s performance. I was a little sad GiKwang cannot make it. He was my 2nd favourite member after DooJoon:( The 5 boys were so handsome, even more handsome than in photos. And they danced so damn well. I could not really hear their voices because with the other fans, I was singing along to parts that I know. I was so damn happy to see them in person performing. I could feel my heart beat faster especially when they came close to us fans, like at the end of the stage area. They looked so damn good~!
They performed, “Special”, “Oasis”, “Breathe (Soom)”, “Shock”, “Beautiful” and “Very Important U (VIU)”.

I didn't take any photos of them, just lots of videos...hehehe

2 The show didn’t last so long, about one and a half hours only. After that, some fans still linger around to take photos. We took a few more shots and then left the stadium to meet Lelia, Suzane’s buddy who also attended the showcase. But Lelia had free VIP tickets – so jealous also…haha…


The next day we had to go back to classes. Initially, I didn’t want to go out again but after some persuasion from friends, I went out to Pavilion to catch a movie with them. After buying the tickets, we split to eat lunch. A group of my friends who wanted to have lunch at Fahrenheit spotted 4Minute right outside Pavilion~!!! They called me and I instantly ran outside Pavilion. Only managed to get a few shots because as I reached there, they were already walking away along KL streets. But we also shouted 4Minute and they waved at us. So sweet and so nice~!! I was so star-struck~!!

So that ends my first kpop concert experience. It was definitely so worth it and I had tonnes of fun. So glad Ai Li asked me to go with her. I am so going to save up some moolahs to go to my next concert. Even better if I am loaded, then I can go Korea and watch more concerts~!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had so much fun! It is a big shame that you haven't been to a concert before this but I am glad you got to go. K-pop is getting bigger here in the states too.

-Marie in TX

FIFIONA said...

hi Marie, yup my friends are no big concert-goers and it is no fun going alone...I am glad kpop is getting support from the states coz I have been a great supporter of kpop since I was 17!!!



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