Saturday, January 29, 2011

carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

The title is actually a tattoo of Junhyung B2ST. I secretly want to get a tattoo, despite objections from everyone I know...


It feels like I have been neglecting this blog with updates of myself and just spamming it with lots of songs and videos only.

The month of January is almost over and CNY is just around the corner. But then again, unfortunately, so is our mid-semester examinations. Which is why I hope to have a hiatus from internet so I can fully concentrate on my notes. I just hope I can stick to this resolution of mine. 

I have been so busy with so many activities in January that not only my purse has become lighter but I have also not been able to catch up on updating about them in my blog. But the best thing that has ever happen is the birth of my new baby~ whom I affectionately call "yeobo" (in Korean).

I finally bought an iPhone~!!!

It was like a dream come true. I have always wanted an iPhone when I saw my friend having one. It was so useful and functional. Initially, my Mom agree to buy it for me as a graduation present but my current mobile phone lost its main button and it was such a hassle to use. So after much persuasion, I got my iPhone in advance~! I am so so happy of my new baby~

So since this post is dedicated to my yeobo, I have decided to spam this whole post with pics taken by my yeobo. They are totally random but still significant.

My souvenir from UK (taken with Lomo Lomo app)

I have not seen my dear friend, Dr. Chu for a while now, not since my clinical attachments in HUKM last semester so it was fun to see him again. He was having posting at HKL so we had lunch near my campus. He was so lucky to be able to go to the UK. I am so jealous~. Thanks for the souvenir ya and nice catching up with you...

Celebrated my roommate Beng Beng and housemate Mei Chen birthdays, both fall in month of January, though not on same day.

The last Pharmacy Chinese Course Nite (edited with Instagram app).

Finally, the annual dinner where we, as final-years, were going to be VIP. I think this year's course night was a blast, although I had glitches in my make-up and a slight wardrobe malfunction. Everyone looked so pretty that night I nearly could not recognize some of them. And they all dress really to their nines. I had a wonderful time. 

My Xmas trip to Bukit Tinggi (edited with Snowing app)...kinda cool I think

My gift from my little buddy, Chye Teck, in conjunction with the tradition of buying gifts for seniors on Course Night. I don't think he knew this but I really have a weakness for chocolates so I was so happy when I saw it ;)

Theobroma is officially my favourite place in Pavilion...omg love their hot chocolate~

A whole group of us Pharmacy 4th-years went out to watch a movie together. My first time going out on an entourage like this ;) 

P.S. on the same day, I saw 4Minute thanks to my friends who spotted them!!!

Wei Wei and me trying out the lunch buffet at Midori @ Fahrenheit. I wonder if I look better with spectacles or without?

Again, from Theobroma, I just love their chocolate fondue so much. Just simply heavenly. I swear, I can eat this everyday instead of regular meals.

Went to Malacca recently during the Thaipusam break. It was a totally spur of the moment weekend holiday. 

Took this pic from above Gyro Tower @ Taming Sari. Really like the bird eye's view from atop, especially the night view.

Cute angpow packet from Full House, courtesy of Wei Wei

Another pic taken in Malacca. Really like how the sun hit the spot, giving it a nice artistic feel (edited with Instagram app)

Taken at Museum of Ethnography near Stadhuys. The 7 dwarfs plus one of our local guide.

The 7 dwarfs wishing CNY at Dataran Pahlawan

Having nyonya dinner with our friends who also visited Malacca at same time as us

Last week, we had our very own Pharmacy 4th year reunion dinner at ShabuOne @ Lot 10. There were 40 of us and when we gave our matric cards for the student prices, needless to say it was kind of chaotic~ LOL

But I had so much fun, and we all played bowling afterwards.

This was our 7 dwarfs birthday present for Carolyn @ Jia Ying. She is officially the last birthday out of us 7 dwarfs as the rest of us are born in the second half of the year.

I hope she likes the present...Its a photo frame with photos from us 7 dwarfs...


yS said...

You really can remember what have you been thru for the whole month huh? haha, i cant even remember all the outings lor, LOL..

FIFIONA said...

no lor, not really remember...just only recall from the pics i took...ya this month we all really enjoyed ourselves hor? boh money d lor...



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