Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ice kacang puppy love

ice kacang puppy love

Over Mother’s Day weekend, I went to watch “Ice Kacang Puppy Love”.

Synopsis of the movie (*spoilers alert***do not read if you are planning to watch the movie***:

It tells about a group of young children growing up in Ipoh and mostly revolves around an old kopitiam where the neighbourhood gets together. The main character is a boy called Botak {A-Niu}, the youngest son of the kopitiam owner. Since young, he had always like a girl called Fighting Fish @ Da Jia Yu {Angelica Lee}. DJY and her mom, Yue Fang, ran away from Yue Fang’s abusive husband, DJY’s father. Because DJY was taken away forcefully, she blames her mother for making her father-less. So, DJY would always constantly bicker with her mother.

DJY is a fierce girl since young. Even the neighbourhood bully, Ma Ling Fan {Gary Chaw} is scared of her. He always like to bet with her, especially in playing fighting fish but every single time he loses. Ma Ling Fan has a younger sister called Ma Ling Bing {Fish Leong} who doesn’t talk much but always sip her barley ice. However, she likes Botak.

Botak also has a younger sister (that I forgot her name), Fatty, who is always looking for love. She likes a neighbourhood boy called Prince Charming @ Bai Ma Wang Zhe {Victor Wong}. BMWZ is very narcissistic but is also very talented in singing. However, he does not have the courage to pursue his music career in KL. And because of that, he is always constantly nagged by Botak’s elder brother, who also wants to open his own kopitiam in KL but has not been able to do it.

Botak, although is slightly dumb but is kind-hearted and is always there for DJY. He secretly paints beautiful portraits of her but does not have the courage to tell her how he feels. Each time he contemplates if he should give her the letter that he wrote for her. Once he finally did, however, the letter was stolen by MLF, who saw the letter while attempting to steal DJY’s fighting fish. It was also during that attempt that he developed feelings for DJY.

Fatty, meanwhile, also tries to confess her feelings for BMWZ but he tells her that he only likes MLB. MLB, however, only likes Botak and is always following him around but Botak ignores her. MLF also confesses to DJY only to get rejected by DJY. Around that time, DJY formed a friendship with Botak’s elder brother.

After DJY had a huge fight with her Mom, Botak accompanies her to Penang to look for DJY’s father. Having seen how his father operates a gambling house, DJY is disappointed with her father. She finally realizes what she had done to her mother and apologizes to her. After returning to Ipoh, she started treating her mother better.

It was also during that time, one night, after drinking beer, DJY went to Botak’s room. Overcame with sadness, Botak comforted her and they kissed. But after that, she immediately left. The next morning, DJY met Botak’s elder brother who has finally decided to leave for KL. He hugged DJY to thank her only to be met by Botak, who coincidentally was holding hands with MLB.

Due to a misunderstanding fuelled by MLF and MLB’s mother, Yue Fang decided to leave for Singapore. Botak quickly rushed to the bus station, overcoming many obstacles along the way. But when he finally reached, he still could not tell DJY how he feels. Inside the bus, while drinking the ice kacang that Botak bought for her, DJY started reminiscing all her times with Botak and realized that she too, likes Botak.

Years later, Botak, his elder brother and BMWZ all moved to the city. Botak now has a girlfriend {Penny Tai} but sometimes he cannot forget DJY and wonders where she may be…



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