Sunday, May 23, 2010

the month of may – holidays and outings (part I)

so many new kpop songs making a comeback…do check out 4minute, MBLAQ and CN Blue’s latest releases…

American Idol finale coming up…both are my favourites – Crystal and Lee but my bet’s on Lee, just because he reminded me so much of my most favourite idol, David Cook;)


01 This is a very very belated post.

This Mother’s Day, I treated my Mom to lunch at DELICIOUS @ Mid Valley after hearing so many good reviews from my peers. This is my first time here too, yes I was a “Delicious” virgin (that sounded a bit wrong…lol~!). But I must say, I really like the place and the food. Definitely one of those place I have got to go back there again.


My mom and I having our own Mother’s day celebration. Good thing with a family of two I only need to forked out my own cash on two occasions – Mother’s Day and Mom’s birthday. I don’t like buying things as my mom has very specific tastes in material stuff and besides, she can afford to buy anything she desires since she is the one bringing home the bacon (and cooks it too!).

03 Since it was a special Mother’s Day, Delicious was also joining in the celebration. Seeing a mother-daughter pair dining, they offered to take our photo and then presenting these mango-flavored marshmallows to my mom. really sweet~! (literally and metaphorically).


Finally our dishes arrived. Mine is Chicken Pesto(?). I cannot really remember the name though. Chicken breast with asparagus sauce and the baked potatoes (so much carbs!) were heavenly. Yum yum~!!


My mom had a simpler dish – Hainanese sauce chicken chop. I know she ordered the less expensive one because she was worried I could not pay the tab (lol~!) probably due to my excessive shopping endeavors. Although cheaper than mine, it still tasted equally good. A great choice for those preferring oriental dishes over western fine dining cuisine.

IMG_5386 Ta-daa! After taking our snapshot, Delicious came back presenting us with our photo and this frame courtesy from them. A good memory of our mother’s day celebration at a new restaurant, Delicious;)

After lunch, we went to watch “ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE”, a locally-produced movie that was surprisingly good. Read my review and synopsis *here*


Yesterday, I went to meet up with Wai Yin at Times sq for lunch + shopping. It is good to meet up with old Form 6 friends whenever we had time. It has been like, 3 years already?


WY, making a bored / funny face as I take her pic

22 We tried a new place for lunch, this little Japanese food restaurant at Sg Wang, called JAPIN. I ordered Kimchi Ramen (yes, please don’t ask me what “Kimchi” is doing in a Japanese restaurant) and it was unfortunately, only so-so. Maybe I should just go for unagi next time. You can never go wrong with unagi, I have learned that.


WY ordered the Chicken + Egg rice set. She mentioned how the tray looks like they were serving to patients in hospital. LOL~!


After walking for hours, we rested our feet at SweetChat for dessert. She had Mango Mountain, which is like mango + ais kacang and I had mango soybean jelly.


While we were shopping, the base of one of WY’s sandals were almost coming off, they were practically making it difficult to walk in for her. Fortunately, she originally planned to buy a new pair of shoes for her upcoming industrial training. So she came across this gorgeous black studded wedges and bought them. They are so pretty right? If not because I still have so many new shoes unworn, I would have bought them too.

For a peek of stuff I buy, go *HERE*

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