Saturday, March 15, 2014

Macau July 2013: Part II

On a roll now with my travel posts :)

Actually, there isn't much to blog about Macau because I only spend a very short time there. Just 2 days. But this was actually my second time to Macau. I wanted to try to go to places I didn't had the chance to go to the last time I was here.

As mentioned in my previous post, our hotel is located near the tourist attractions so just a short walk away we reached Senado Square.

My travel buddies are well aware of my love for anything architecture, especially in vintage style. Senado Square was like a piece of heaven to me because the buildings were so beautiful. The best part about our hotel being a stone's throw away was the fact I get to admire these places during the day and night.

Macau General Post Office at daytime.

Macau General Post Office at night.

Senado Square fountain at daytime

Senado Square fountain (and throngs of tourists) at nighttime.

Holy House of Mercy at daytime with its white facade.

Holy House of Mercy with its white facade illuminated by glowing lights at nighttime.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Macau July 2013: Part 1

Continuing from my previous post about Hong Kong, despite our short trip to HK, we squeezed in a 2 days 1 night trip to Macau, across the straits from Hong Kong. Actually, when we booked the air tickets via Air Asia, we booked KL => HK and then Macau => KL. Macau Airport has a lower priced airport tax (compared to HK airport) so we figured that it will be more affordable than to book to and fro flights between HK and KL.

How to get from Hong Kong to Macau?

Of course, the best way is by ferry services, which are aplenty and available at almost every hour. You can opt for these few services I managed to scour on the internet:

1. Shun Tak Centre Ferry Terminal (depart from Hong Kong Island)
  • MTR Sheung Wan Station Exit D
  • TurboJet provides services every 15 mins from 7am - 12am for a journey of approx. 1 hour
  • Fare: HK$124
  • Arrived at Macau Ferry Terminal 
2. China Ferry Terminal (depart from Kowloon)
  • MTR Kowloon and MTR Austin
  • First Ferry provides services every 30 mins from 7am - 12 am
  • Fare: HK$133 - HK$175 for economy one-way
  • Arrived at Macau Ferry Terminal
3.  Cotaijet Services (mostly for those wanting to visit casinos)
  • Arrived at Taipa Ferry Terminal where there are complimentary shuttles buses to casinos along Cotai Strip
  • Roughly there are ferries every hour from 7am - 12am
  • Fare: HK$151 - HK$185 for standard

Reading through blogs online, I realized that the only mode of public transport in Macau is buses which is quite time-consuming as you would have to keep waiting for them. There are actually a few hotels which offered shuttle buses to few attractions in Macau but because July is a peak season, most of the hotels were already booked. So, we decided to book a hotel nearby those tourist attractions to save us time. Finally, we decided on this hotel - Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel.



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