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Macau July 2013: Part 1

Continuing from my previous post about Hong Kong, despite our short trip to HK, we squeezed in a 2 days 1 night trip to Macau, across the straits from Hong Kong. Actually, when we booked the air tickets via Air Asia, we booked KL => HK and then Macau => KL. Macau Airport has a lower priced airport tax (compared to HK airport) so we figured that it will be more affordable than to book to and fro flights between HK and KL.

How to get from Hong Kong to Macau?

Of course, the best way is by ferry services, which are aplenty and available at almost every hour. You can opt for these few services I managed to scour on the internet:

1. Shun Tak Centre Ferry Terminal (depart from Hong Kong Island)
  • MTR Sheung Wan Station Exit D
  • TurboJet provides services every 15 mins from 7am - 12am for a journey of approx. 1 hour
  • Fare: HK$124
  • Arrived at Macau Ferry Terminal 
2. China Ferry Terminal (depart from Kowloon)
  • MTR Kowloon and MTR Austin
  • First Ferry provides services every 30 mins from 7am - 12 am
  • Fare: HK$133 - HK$175 for economy one-way
  • Arrived at Macau Ferry Terminal
3.  Cotaijet Services (mostly for those wanting to visit casinos)
  • Arrived at Taipa Ferry Terminal where there are complimentary shuttles buses to casinos along Cotai Strip
  • Roughly there are ferries every hour from 7am - 12am
  • Fare: HK$151 - HK$185 for standard

Reading through blogs online, I realized that the only mode of public transport in Macau is buses which is quite time-consuming as you would have to keep waiting for them. There are actually a few hotels which offered shuttle buses to few attractions in Macau but because July is a peak season, most of the hotels were already booked. So, we decided to book a hotel nearby those tourist attractions to save us time. Finally, we decided on this hotel - Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel.

Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel
No.43-45 Rua de Felicidade, Macau, China 

The hotel doesn't have its own website unfortunately so we didn't know much about it. But the place is generally clean and they help you to call taxis too if you ever need one. The place is relatively small but since we did not spend so much time at the hotel, it doesn't matter anyway.

Actually, the best part of this hotel is definitely the location. It is situated at Rua da Felicidade, which literally means "Happiness Street" in Portugese. In ancient days, it used to be a red light district but has now been refurbished and the buildings here has been preserved. It is a starking contrast between those freshly-coated red doors with the old-style buildings. I really enjoyed this beautiful quaint old street and I assumed it will be a photography haven for some of my photography lover friends.

Since it is near the old town, it was easier to find restaurants in this area. We had our lunch at a shop along the road, which coincidentally is also famous for its noodles.

I forgot the name of this noodles but it was so delicous. Besides this, we also had their famous dumplings.

Rua da Felicidade is actually a short walk from Senado Square, which is also a short distance from the Ruins of St Paul's. After lunch, we wasted no time but to walk around the famous Senado Square. Because I took a lot of photos there, I will post it up in my next post (>.~)

More pics of food! Durian ice-cream at some random hidden corner shop at Senado Square. The only reason we saw it was because they had a mascot with a giant durian head blocking our way at Senado Square lols. It was unbelievably humid at Macau when we were there although there was not much sunlight. One local told me it was because of typhoon season at Taiwan. I don't really know much about weather and stuff so can someone explain how that works lols.

A famous pork chop burger near St. Paul's Ruins. Apparently, they have a few branches.

The pork chop burger - the meat was okay but the bread was so dry and hard.

We had so many Portugese egg tarts at Macau that I have became obsessed with them lols.

The first one at Lord Stow's Bakery at Venetian Casino. It was slightly burned and cold but tasted alright.

This one at Margaret's Cafe e Nata. This place was hard to find but thanks to Li Ling's directions, we found it! The egg tarts here were so delicious and amazing, we each bought a box to bring back to KL. I would have bought more but it would be too troublesome. Next time I am going to bring a plastic container and tapao those egg tarts again =)


Lastly, this was at a Macau delicacies shop / pastellaria (is this right?) near our hotel. It was steaming hot and tasted so good. Initially, we bought one to share but ended up everyone bought one each because it was so delicious.

I forgot the name of the shop. This is the best pic I can find as my travel buddies are standing in front of the said shop.

End of Part 1. Next part will be about Senado Square, St Paul's Ruins and the Venetian.

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