Saturday, June 22, 2013

Leessang's Kang Gary

Ever since coming back from Europe in May, I am in a slum. Feels so unmotivated to do anything right now. My idea of a weekend is just staying in at home and sleep as much as I can. I have yet to even wash photos of my Europe trip.

Another reason I am preferring to stay home is my newfound love - Running Man series. It is a Korean variety show that has long been popular (it is now up to Episode 150!). I knew about the popularity of the show since my uni days but was never really attracted to watch it until recently. Right now I am so hooked to it that I have to watch at least one episode every weekends.

Watching this show has also lead me to disovery of Korean artistes that I had never knew before this. Yoo Jaesuk and HaHa were variety veterans as they were in many variety shows before this thanks to their endless jokes and variety sense. Kim Jong Kook is a well-known ballad singer that I have heard of but were not really a fangirl. As for the others, they were virtually unknown to me: Ji Suk Jin, actor Lee Kwangsoo, actress Song Ji Hyo and rapper Kang Gary.

Out of the Running Man cast, I have become a fan of Kang Gary. So much so that I am now a fan of Leessang too, which is hip-hop duo that Kang Gary is part of. Leessang has been around for ages, 15 years if I am not mistaken. Their music is so good that I keep replaying them these days.

Music really transcends all boundaries. Despite not knowing the lyrics but hearing the music makes me feel like I understand the meaning of it.

Leessang's, "Girl Who Can't Break Up, Boy Who Can't Leave"

This song is one of my absolute favorites. I remember listening it a long time ago on TV. From the title you can guess this song is about a couple who knows that their relationship is in trouble but neither has the courage to break it up.

"Leessang Blues"

This song is like an ode to Monday Couple. If you are a fan of Running Man, you will have heard of the love line between Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo. Every time there is a Monday Couple moment, they will play this song in the background.

"Pursuing the Happiness"

I really like the MV for this song as it shows a behind-the-scene look on how the Leessang duo produce their own music. Their passion for music is so imminent that they can spend all their hours in the studio. In a way I am envious as I wished I have this much passion for my job. When you are so passionate about something, it really doesn't feel like work.


Another one of my favourites. Somehow the whole melancholic feeling of this song tugs at my heart. I can't really express in words, you just have to listen to it ;)

"Turned Off the TV"

Finally, also one of my favourites. In Leessang's own words, this song is just "yeoppun (pretty)".



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