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something very wuliao: pictures I like

I discovered my lecturer's blog but feel paiseh to want to link him. He is from UK but have been staying in Malaysia for a long time now. He teaches us Pharmaceutical Technology and IT in Pharmacy.


I have decided to do some spring-cleaning. In my laptop, that is. I started with the folders in My Pictures and found some pictures I stole copied from websites that I had meant to post in my blog a long time ago but had always procrastinated, until now.

This is currently the background for my laptop. Yes, Gossip Girl Season 2 is going to be over soon and I absolutely love the show. I read one book from the GG series before I started watching the show and did not like it that much. But the TV show totally converted me into a fan. I know many say season 2 seemed a little lack-lustre as compared to the previous season but I still cannot keep myself away from it.

I got this picture from a blog that I had forgotten the name. I was feeling bored one day and went to "Blogs of Note". There, I found this blogger who posts photos that he took everyday on his blog. And this one in particular, captivated me because of its uniqueness. He posted this to commemorate Valentine's Day.

Although I have many links to online boutiques on my sidebar, I am sad to say that I still have not tried buying anything online. After reading Fashion Truth, I just feel it is way too risky to buy clothes online, especially considering I don't have the ideal body shape that many of these models have.

However, I cannot help but be attracted to the products! In particular, the toga dresses!!! I love this trend ever since it emerged. Love the Greek feel to it but I have yet to find one to suit me. Pictures taken from DressyDresser, which sells absolutely gorgeous dresses, well, for quite hefty prices. Best part - one of their previous collections was named after me! LOL.

This photo is from Pearl's boutique Bunnynoo. Posted it here not because I like the dress (although it is not bad) but because of the pictures in the background. I have a thing for dolls with huge gargantuan eyes...LMAO. Even in my bedroom, I have three Victorian era-esque porcelain dolls which everyone has been telling me how creepy they look. On the contrary, I think they look beautiful. There is another website called Plasterdoll that sells pictures of animated dolls in designers' creations. Really pretty too.

Got this website, WhoWhatWear from a friend's blog and I found it to be very inspiring. I like how the fashion style portrayed, suit my personality, i.e. slightly edgy and rock. I also like the part about menswear because I think guys have it more difficult than the ladies when it comes to dressing up. One don't want people to think one is gay just because one is experimenting with new fashion styles and trends.

More GG photos. ROFL. Blair, Chuck, Serena, Dan, Vanessa, Nate, Jenny...I love New York!!!

And finally, pictures from Kennysia.com, the famous Malaysian blogger. Before I went to Bangkok last December, I scourged through Kenny's site to learn more about the city. There, I saw the T-shirt that he bought (LMAO...so cuteeee!!!) and "It ain't over till the fat lady sings!" Wth.

Monday, March 30, 2009

snapshots: memoirs of miracle

UPDATE: The week just seem to pass faster and faster…tonnes of work to do, plus I am just forever tired, and now I am already starting to panic about finals…


DATE: 14th March 2009

VENUE: Prince Hotel and Residence, KL

EVENT: Annual UKM Pharmacy dinner

So finally I am posting up photos of the very awful “memorable” night – our annual UKM Pharmacy dinner at Prince Hotel and Residence.

Actually I have been waiting for this dinner function because of one thing: I get to wear my new dress…LOL…ya I know…(^^). Bought this dress a long time ago from, actually, a very rude seller. Well I did not know it when I first bought the dress but when I wanted to change it for another size, the seller was so very rude.

Somehow the day just did not go as planned. Initially I thought I only need to do Wei Wei and myself’s makeup so we both planned ahead – 1 hour each for hair and make-up. We did not want to repeat the incident of the previous Course Nite when we were both the slow last ones. But of course, things never go as planned. I guess you could say it was my mistake as well. When Carolyn and Janice came to Plaza, I kinda assumed they only wanted to borrow the make-up products and they were planning to do it themselves. But they wanted me to do their makeup as well!!! So you can believe the panic I had when we only had 2 hours and 4 girls waiting to do make-up!!! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t upset but I don’t want to play the blame game, I just want to express myself here.

Although everything did work out in the end, thanks to my housemates. I did not like my make-up much this time around. I put too little powder and my liquid eyeliner was such a mess…it looks like one big blob of smudge. Imagine my horror when I look into the hotel’s bathroom mirror and saw I had huge panda eyes!!! Maybe this time I have learned my lesson: Ask and don’t assume. If I had knew beforehand so many girls were going for make-up, I would have told them to come earlier and not rushed like that day…I HATE STRESS…haih…


Waiting for our bus to arrive: Fiona, Clara, Carolyn, Sherlyn, Carol, Jan and Jane

And luckily the 4 of us managed to rush to the meeting point on time but OMG! We are the first ones to arrived!!! To make matters worse, our bus was so so so so late. I know it is not anyone’s fault but the bus driver but imagine waiting for 2 hours on high heels, sweating profusely and finally when the bus came, it was raining cats and dogs…sigh…so messy and wet…

So we arrive at our destination shortly after…I thought we were late since we waited so long for our bus to arrive but it turns out that all the Muslim men have gone for their prayers and we have to wait for them to come back before we can start. So yes, another 2 hours gone there, waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting…

Although the opening act was very interesting, much cannot be said for the rest of the night…Actually this theme of fantasy, although creative, seem at times to be a little like child’s play, y’know, like a kid’s birthday party theme. The idea is great but maybe the execution had a little problem.

The performances were, sadly, very boring because I simply did not get it. No siree, I did not understand any of it, and neither did those who sat on the same table as me. Sad but true.

Good things can be said about the food, though. Oysters were a favourite, so were the chocolate cake and lamb. Needless to say, I ate to my heart’s content.

There are not a lot of photos of me posted here because most of the time, I used my own camera, obviously.

When the night is over, imagine my surprise when I found out the bus catered to send students back to Setapak is shared by 2nd, 3rd and also 4th years!!! Wtf? Do they know how many Pharmacy students live in Setapak? I think there is roughly 100 Chinese Pharmacy students living in Setapak! Minus maybe about half who did not attend, can you imagine 60 students packed into one bus? Plus all the girls in high heels? Did they expect girls to be standing during the whole journey back from Prince to Setapak? I really don’t understand how the organisers think?

Also, I am sad to say this but I was a little disappointed with some guys who did not offer seats in the bus to girls who had on high heels. I guess chivalry is really dead and non-existent anymore.

And finally when the bus reached Setapak…well, if you read my previous posts, you will know what happened.

Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy myself at all this time around. Felt like a waste of time and money going for this dinner. And maybe if I did not attend this function, I might still have my camera…


With Terev Dickxon and Kwee Sze


Pic #1: The mafia gang of 2nd year Pharmacy

Pic #2: Janice with flowers and me with none…lol


Part of Table no. 20 girls: Myself, Janice, Lie Jin, Stephanie and Carolyn


Boys vs Girls: Janice, Wai Kuan and myself with Kah Hang, Wei Han and Ka Wei


Standing (L-R): Stephanie, Lie Jin, Carolyn Lee, Ban Lim, Janice and myself

Sitting (L-R): Mei Chieng, Tze Im, Carolyn Teo and Wei Wei


Standing (L-R): Jan Hong, myself, Ying Xiang, Gim Hui, May Yin, Yong Xin, Yu Siang

Sitting (L-R): Carolyn L., Jane Kong, Sherlyn Tze, Carolyn T. and Clara Sia


The notable people who followed the dress-up theme: Vannessa as a cute Jap schoolgirl, Raymelta as Arabian princess and Fidelia as a cute witch

-all photos here, although labelled with my blog url, are courtesy of ©Janice, ©Wei Ping and ©Kwee Sze-

Saturday, March 28, 2009

just a reminder

Now is the time for us to stop preaching about what we can do for our environment and start acting
Do your bid tonight. Remember!

-for more info, pls google-

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i am not going to blog about it...

...because I do not think it is important.

I just want to say I detest hypocrites, people who pretend they are far better than others that it is a sin for others to wronged that person but if that person does it, everyone is supposed to forgive that person. I forgive, but sometimes I don't forget.

Whatever-lar, I also detest people who think they are "princesses". I am not your partner/husband/spouse/whatever...I am not obliged to "pujuk" you okay?

Life sucks, so stop whining and get the hell on with your life

Friday, March 20, 2009

help! i am so addicted to...

OMFG!!!! Gossip Girl Season 2 new episodes are back and running on CW after a month long hiatus!!!! Finally!!!! 18 episodes down, 7 more to go!!! I am such a fanatic (^^)



-P.S. Clara Sia, this is all your fault-

-P.S.S. my pet is called "papaya le amour" cute le? hehe-

Monday, March 16, 2009

within 24 hours: this is what happened II

Pls refer to “Within 24 hours: This is What Happened I” first…


-Time now is 9.15p.m., still 15th of March 2009-

This morning, my roommate Beng2, housemates Ngiik Ling and Wei2 as well as Wai Kuan accompanied me to the Setapak police station to lodge a police report. Ok-lor, just basic procedures but a bit frustrated at their poor services. Especially the lady I gave my statement to. I know, my BM is not that good. What do you expect when I have not been speaking much BM since secondary school? She actually fucking LAUGHED at me when I said, “lelaki itu lompat dari motorsikal dan datang dari belakang saya…”. She said, “Lompat ke?…*sniggers*…turun baru betul kut…”. Then I said in a slightly angered tone, “Kan saya dah cakap? Dia datang dari belakang. Mana saya ada nampak?” I hate to say this but, so so so dumb-lar the policewoman.

Then they make me wait to see the seargeant, who was supposed to interview me. This is afterall, classified as a criminal case. Luckily for all my friends there, who helped me explain over and over again the whole incident. So many BM grammar mistakes somemore in the statement he showed me. Anyway, to summed it up, making police report = memang a waste of my precious time!

Also, today more people showed their support. So nice of them all. Wei Han messaged me this morning, after hearing about the incident from Kah Hang. Mei Chieng, Tze Im, Jia Ying, Ai Li and Janice also dropped by just after lunch to see how I was doing (after hearing from Wei Ping). Everyone was really nice.

My Mom came this morning. Saw her at the police station parking there. When we came back to Setapak, she brought me to the clinic to treat the wounds on my knees. Doctor gave me diclofenac sodium (NSAIDS! Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs!), ciprofloxacillin (antibiotic) and others with no name. Haih…also gave me an anti-tetanus shot.

Just now my buddy, Cherh Yun dropped by for a while to see how I was doing. Told him about what happened since he did not know this actually happened in Setapak.

Thank you for all your concern, everyone!;)

Tomorrow I guess when I go back to classes, everyone will probably be asking. I am quite tired of giving the same answer, i.e. I am okay, I am fine, Nothing-lar but honestly, I don’t know what else to say but: Life goes on, I definitely will not let this incident stopped me from going on with my everyday activities. But I have learned my lesson. I will definitely not let my guard down anymore, even if I am walking with a group of friends, or even if I am walking in a busy area.


Sob…I am in the midst of collecting photos of me during the Pharmacy Course Nite. The first to send me one is Terev Dickxon. Hehe. Hopefully more people are able to send me some more;)

UPDATED: Thanks Chun Hong for calling after reading my blog (^-^)...

within 24 hours: this is what happened I

Boo-hoo, I am so so so unlucky that it is not funny at all anymore…


-I am writing this at 15th March 2009. Time now is 8am-

Last night after midnight, I walked back with a group of people who live in Plaza Prima. We had just came back from Pharmacy dinner, an event held in Prince Hotel & Residence. I was walking specifically with my housemate Wei Wei and my coursemate Wai Kuan. I guess you could say we were kinda walking at the back of the pack because we were exhausted and I could not walk really fast with my high heels on.

And then out of nowhere, someone grabbed me from behind. Before I knew what was happening, I noticed the hands were grabbing my clutch. I screamed and held on tightly to my clutch. However, the guy’s hold was too strong and he managed to snatched my camera away. Previously, I took out my camera in the bus and look at the photos and after that, my fault, I forgot to placed it back into my bag.

And so, after taking my camera away forcibly, I lost my balance (because I was wearing heels) and fell on my knees. I quickly got up and tried running after him but I saw him running towards a motorcycle, got onto it and sped off.

Fuck the bloody asshole. I hoped he ends up fucking dead in the street. Fuck fuck fuck him.


Very very upset – that was how I felt. My camera, the most expensive thing I had on, was stolen and what is left are cuts and bruises on my fingers and especially my knees (which now has swollen).

My coursemates who live in Plaza all saw me injured and frantic, told me to go back home first and wash up as they wait for the two guys who helped me chased after the perpetrator.

I got home, still very much upset. Luckily my housemates and roommates, who were more rational than me at that time, helped me wash my cuts and apply antiseptic, remove my makeup, and told me it was okay, and that better for an object to be taken away than me.

Alas, my coursemates came back and told me they waited a long time for the guys to come back but no one arrived. It was okay, I knew deep inside, they cannot get back my camera anymore.

I wrote this actually, firstly, as a warning that one should never ever let his or her guard down, doesn’t matter if you were walking in a group or you were right in front one of the busiest corners in Setapak – the mamak shop. Sometimes it is when you are least cautious, that is when something like this strikes. Let what happened to me be a warning sign to everyone. I don’t mind news about me and this incident spread across UKM KKL, as long as everyone becomes more careful after this. I would never wish for something like this to happen to anyone I know, and I hope it never will.

Also, this is a post of gratitude. I am so eternally grateful for caring people around me. Thank you very much to my roommates Suz M and BengBeng, as well as housemates Wei Wei, Mei Chen and Ngiik Ling who ordered me around and told me what to do as soon as I came back home, as well as going down in the dead of the night, to see if anyone returned with my camera. I could not sleep after what had happened and my roommates accompanied me, chatting with me until I got tired (or actually, Suzane got tired. Hehe).

I guess BB is right. After something awful like this happened, you know who your real friends are. Kah Hang called me to see how I was, just shortly after what had happened, Chye Teck messaged as well (I don’t know how the news spread so fast to KTSN), Yan Ying also messaged me later as well, and a call from Wai Kuan, who not only helped me when I got back home, accompanied me, but also called me at 1.10am to see how I was doing, even though I knew she was equally tired.

Kah Hang also messaged me much much later at 2am, as I tried my best to fall asleep but failed miserably:

“…hey fren hang in there oh, jus a cmera being grabbed away, nt d life…Don get upset by those god damned guy. mst get tougher than thm oh!”

Thank you. It is friends like all of these people that makes me humble in life. There is a lesson I learned before – to never expect anything in return from your friends. And for all of them to be so kind to me, I am eternally grateful and touched.

So that is all. My mom say to get my insurance claim on the camera, I need to lodged a police report, so later I will be heading to Setapak police station. Updates later.

Monday, March 09, 2009

watching oscar winner of mumbai

Okay, so I have yet to get used to using Windows Live Writer. I liked how I get to play around with the fonts and how I get to blog without having to be online because I tend to get side-tracked every time I am online. And this leads to me blogging for hours on just one post. But now I get to save it as a draft first and then post into my blog when I am done!


I thought I would not have anything interesting to update about this week since it was mostly a week full of homework, assignments and tonnes of never-ending classes. But over the weekend, Mom and I finally were able to catch the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Date: 8th March 2009
Venue: Mid Valley

Activity: Watch Slumdog Millionaire by director Danny Boyle, lunch at Little Taiwan, Haagen-Daaz ice-cream for dessert and bought a pair of shoes in Jusco.

Of course this movie is no stranger to anyone. I think it was really a dark horse, winning multiple awards at the Oscars, including the much-coveted Best Picture. But really, I wanted to watch it ever since I heard about its storyline. I enjoy watching rags-to-riches movie, I find it very inspirational and face it, we all need some hope and inspiration in our lives now and then. Plus, when I read that it revolves around the game show, “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, I was curious as to how the film will fold based on this theme.


In short, watching this movie was something like taking a cough medicine. It is potent but it gives you a nasty bitter aftertaste. No, the bitter taste was not because the movie was horrible. In fact, it was anything but that. The taste actually refers to how horrifyingly cruel and real the life of the poor in India.

Nothing breaks the spirit like poverty”Becoming Jane the movie

I read before about how this movie caused such a great hoo-ha and controversy over its depiction of the life of the slums in India. However, I am glad this movie did just that. Often, people will try to cover up the negative side and portray the only the positive. Does cover = forgotten = ignorant? Just because no one shows that part of India to the world, does that mean they do not exist? Does that mean they are forgotten by the government? I simply do not understand why they are making such a fuss.

slumdog2-The main cast recently at the Oscars-

Okay, back to the movie. Yes I did very much like it. It was told in flashback form. The main protagonist, a honest guy called Jamal. Tortured by the police, he reveals how he knew all the answers in WWTBM as many people, including the host of the show (Anil Kapoor) believed he cheated as Jamal came from the slums. I find it a bit unbelievable that his life follows the same chronological order of the questions, y’know, like question 1 was from his childhood, up to question 9, which is about his adulthood.

slumdog3Like I mentioned, question 1 was about his childhood, growing up in the slums with his mother and elder brother, Salim. And then no. 2 was about how his mother died, beaten to death by protesters and how he met Lathika, another orphan. The 3 orphans were left to fend for one another until they were picked up by Maman, a gangster who owns an orphanage.

This was when the nightmare really begins, well, for me mostly. I am especially affected when it comes to stories about violence towards children. This is because I feel children all have a right to be protected. Their innocence leads to some people manipulating them for money and I find this utterly disgusting. The most horrifying scene, IMO, is when Maman trains the children in the orphanage to sing and there was this boy called Arvind who sings really well. Then, Maman’s right-hand man gets the boy to faint using chloroform before making him blind using a spoon. Well, I don’t really know how he did it because I closed my eyes. “Blind singers give double”. Ugh.

After that terrible incident, both Salim and Jamal ran away and ultimately start working many odd jobs to survive. This include selling stuff on trains illegally, becoming tour guides, stealing and also working in a restaurant. Throughout that period, we see how Salim became obsessed with power and money, causing him to become a gangster in the end.

Beneath all this story about the poor, there is also the subtle LURVE story between Jamal and Lathika. How Jamal kept looking for Lathika, and then lost her, and then found her again and then lose her again. Although this love story seems a pretty run-of-the-mill storyline, it was Jamal’s earnesty and loyalty that left an impression on me.


Dev Patel, the 18-year-old who plays adult Jamal did a

pretty good job. I read somewhere that he was cast in this film because he was not good-looking. LOL. I don’t think he is that bad.

But I think credits should also be given to the child actors in this movie. They made it so believable and these kids can really really act. I find the actors that played Jamal really cute and sweet whilst those that played Salim so so evil.


-See the boy in the front row, extreme right? Isn’t he just adorable?-

This movie, I feel is kind of love it or hate it. I like it a lot and the impact it had on me, despite not being to erase the terrifying scene of mutilating small kids out of my mind. The ending is of course, like finally, Jamal and Lathika ends up together. Oh, they have a Bollywood dance routine at the end of the film, which is like the inevitable essence of every Indian movies. I thought it was entertaining and quite cute. Lol.

So, yes do go and watch it (^___^)!!!!

more new pics

-and that sums up my day-


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Sunday, March 08, 2009

my A-5-5 housemates (^-^)

I turn my head to the east, I don't see nobody by my side,
I turn my head to the west, still nobody in sight,
So I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride,
The old me's dead and gone, but the new me will be alright...

(“Dead and Gone” – T.I. feat Justin Timberlake)


Being in an experimental mode: The previous post’s pics were posted via Picasa 3. And now I am using Windows Live Writer to blog this post.


In A-5-5, my Setapak home, I am not the only blogger. My housemate Clara Sia and roommate Suzane Mah also blogs, although they are relatively new. Previously, they have blogged about “A-5-5 housemates” and now I have decided to copycat follow in their footsteps.


my housemates (12)

HAMSTER My name is Hamster and this is my narrative about my housemates.

A-5-5These are all my housemates. As you can see, we come from all different paths of life – We looked different, we come in different sizes, colours and species.

my housemates (10)

SUZANE JR. Suz JR. is the stylista of the house. Although sometimes she looks more like a “fashion don’t” rather than a “fashion-do”.

my housemates (9)

She is also really lazy. Always want people to carry her around. I have told her relentlessly that she needs to exercise and go on diets but alas, my words has had no effect upon her.

my housemates (6)

Secretly, though, between you and me, I think she has a crush on me.

my housemates (5)

PROFFESIR He is the genius of the house, although sometimes he can be very stressed out by exams. I always see him wearing his graduation robes so sometimes I wondered when is he ever going to graduate?

my housemates (11)

Due to his stress, he gets his studying energy from drinking ginseng. The way he drinks is kinda funny, maybe coz he has really short arms. Shhh…don’t tell him I said that.

my housemates (2)

LITTLE J @ KAPO He is the smallest among my housemates. Always very cheerful, I have never ever seen him sad or angry at all. Literally. Loves to drink milo. Looks like he is doing an ad here right?

my housemates (13)

See? Even as he is getting hanged, he is still forever happy. So annoying sometimes (=.=!!)

my housemates (4)

JAY CHOU Then there is our rapper wannabe, Jay. Other than practising his vocals and choreography, he also likes to read. I caught this photo of him as he looks through my Pharmalink magazine.

BACON She is very camera-shy so I have hardly any pics of her. I like Bacon although sometimes Fiona likes to throw her at Suz M. Well, cannot blame Fiona-lar. Bacon always gets thrown to Fiona’s side when she sleeps. Bacon reminds me of a flying pig (with wings!) whenever she gets thrown around.

my housemates (17) my housemates (8) my housemates (7)

My housemates and myself are such computer addicts. Always glued in front of our laptops. Luckily I am such a great multi-tasker, thanks to my 8 handy hands. Suz JR likes to chat online whilst Jay is always looking for music ideas online.

my housemates (15) Meetings and discussions are an integral part of this house. Often, we have to discussed many things to keep the house running or if we want to have birthday celebrations or etc. Although sometimes we have disputes, we always managed to keep our meetings running smoothly.

my housemates (16) See? We are a happy household. Suz JR is seen here patting our Little J. So cute (^_^)

my housemates But sometimes Little J also gets bully-lar. What to do, he is the smallest. Jay Chou very bad here, he don’t let Little J see the magazine with him and Proffesir.

my housemates (3)

This pic taken when I found a packet of Lexus biscuits lying around. Everyone were kinda hungry so we had a hard time deciding who should take it.

my housemates (1)This photo looks like Suz JR is dead right? No-lar, she is just sleeping. But I dunno why we were all so wuliao that day, observing her as she is sleeping. Fiona says that it looks like we were attending Suz JR’s burial.

my housemates (14)

Eventhough we all do not always get along but it is nice to know that we can all still live in harmony together. What can I say? We are just one big family, I guess. Now, as the exams approaches, I hope that we can all work together and study hard. Gambateh everyone!



  • Models: Hamster (Fiona’s), Suz JR and Jay Chou (BB’s), Bacon (Suz M’s), Proffesir (Ah Wei’s) and Little J (Ngiik Ling’s).
  • Photographer: Suz M
  • Stylists: Wei Wei. Mei Chen and Fiona
  • Location: Suz M, BB and Fiona’s room, A-5-5.



(unless you ask ms blogger first)