Tuesday, March 31, 2009

something very wuliao: pictures I like

I discovered my lecturer's blog but feel paiseh to want to link him. He is from UK but have been staying in Malaysia for a long time now. He teaches us Pharmaceutical Technology and IT in Pharmacy.


I have decided to do some spring-cleaning. In my laptop, that is. I started with the folders in My Pictures and found some pictures I stole copied from websites that I had meant to post in my blog a long time ago but had always procrastinated, until now.

This is currently the background for my laptop. Yes, Gossip Girl Season 2 is going to be over soon and I absolutely love the show. I read one book from the GG series before I started watching the show and did not like it that much. But the TV show totally converted me into a fan. I know many say season 2 seemed a little lack-lustre as compared to the previous season but I still cannot keep myself away from it.

I got this picture from a blog that I had forgotten the name. I was feeling bored one day and went to "Blogs of Note". There, I found this blogger who posts photos that he took everyday on his blog. And this one in particular, captivated me because of its uniqueness. He posted this to commemorate Valentine's Day.

Although I have many links to online boutiques on my sidebar, I am sad to say that I still have not tried buying anything online. After reading Fashion Truth, I just feel it is way too risky to buy clothes online, especially considering I don't have the ideal body shape that many of these models have.

However, I cannot help but be attracted to the products! In particular, the toga dresses!!! I love this trend ever since it emerged. Love the Greek feel to it but I have yet to find one to suit me. Pictures taken from DressyDresser, which sells absolutely gorgeous dresses, well, for quite hefty prices. Best part - one of their previous collections was named after me! LOL.

This photo is from Pearl's boutique Bunnynoo. Posted it here not because I like the dress (although it is not bad) but because of the pictures in the background. I have a thing for dolls with huge gargantuan eyes...LMAO. Even in my bedroom, I have three Victorian era-esque porcelain dolls which everyone has been telling me how creepy they look. On the contrary, I think they look beautiful. There is another website called Plasterdoll that sells pictures of animated dolls in designers' creations. Really pretty too.

Got this website, WhoWhatWear from a friend's blog and I found it to be very inspiring. I like how the fashion style portrayed, suit my personality, i.e. slightly edgy and rock. I also like the part about menswear because I think guys have it more difficult than the ladies when it comes to dressing up. One don't want people to think one is gay just because one is experimenting with new fashion styles and trends.

More GG photos. ROFL. Blair, Chuck, Serena, Dan, Vanessa, Nate, Jenny...I love New York!!!

And finally, pictures from Kennysia.com, the famous Malaysian blogger. Before I went to Bangkok last December, I scourged through Kenny's site to learn more about the city. There, I saw the T-shirt that he bought (LMAO...so cuteeee!!!) and "It ain't over till the fat lady sings!" Wth.


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