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Bangkok 2013 (Day 5): Khao San, Terminal 21, Siam Square, Siam Paragon

This was from last year:

And this year we returned to Khao San Road:

OOTD: spikes cap: sg wang; yellow tee: primark london; stripes pants: times sq
The others commented how much my outfit complimented Mr. Ronald McDonald himself wtf.

If you have been reading my blog, you will know I have had an obssession with Running Man (and Gary oppa~) lately. Khao San Road was also one of the filming locations for Running Man Thailand special episode. It was in this restaurant where the teams performed one of their missions, which was playing charades with other tourists. I was super estatic when I spotted this restaurant wtf.

Jane and Sherlyn both decked in newly bought clothes from Bangkok. Seriously, there is no need to pack any clothes at all when going to Bangkok.

The same landscape we went to last year. Brings back memories.

The main reason we wanted to go back to Khao San Road was because last year, we really wanted to try the Tom Yam Kung restaurant but sadly it was closed. We said we will come back again and we really did. 

Yess! We finally tried the famous tom yam gung here. Because it is an outdoor cafe, the heat of the hot weather was really bothersome but the staff was kind to place many fans near us lol.

9 Trokmayom Jakapong Rd., Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200
Opens at 12pm. To find the place, locate 7-11 at Khao San Road first. The restaurant is actually quite hidden and there is a short road leading to it off Khao San Road. Alternatively you can try to locate its signboard at Khao San Road, which is actually quite noticeable.

After our lunch, we wasted no time and whisked off to Terminal 21 shopping mall. The reason we were so rushed was because we actually went to Big C Supermarket at Pratunam in the morning to buy our snacks before checking out from our hotel. We then took a taxi to our last hotel in Bangkok, which was Galleria 10 Sukhumvit (details later). After that, we took a taxi again to Khao San Road.

We were stuck in heavy traffic jam en route from Khao San to Terminal 21. Whilst in the taxi, Clara came up with her funny antics to make us laugh (as usual lol) and our driver was a very friendly man who taught us some simple Thai language. Chan Rak Bangkok! It means I Love Bangkok~~

To go there take BTS Sukhumvit Line to Asok station or MRT to Sukhumvit Station.
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm.
There is free wifi services available. Go to the information counter and let them see your passport to obtain the username and password.

Each floor has its own country theme. The best part of each floor? Its restrooms hehe. Seriously, each restroom has its own unique design suitably to the theme of each floor. Here we are cam-whoring at Ground floor which has a Roman theme.

I like how the signboard totally resemble those found in the airport. Very creative huh.

At 1st floor is the Japan floor, complete with colourful signboards and lanterns. One of my favourite floors :)

Group photo with Mr. Sumo Wrestlers themselves.

At 3rd floor Istanbul restroom where I made them all do the giyomie pose while cam-whoring. Being cutesy is so not my style but my younger cousins have influenced me with their constant giyomie acts.

A creative way of taking pics hehe. This was at 2nd floor London themed restroom. This totally brings back memories of the London underground tube.

Playing around with Clara's camera.

We wanted to take pic with this giant double decker bus model but a couple was non-stop snogging right in front of it. *Sigh*. After noticing us looking at them, finally they went away. 

At 6th floor which has a Hollywood theme. Posted this up because Clara looks funny in it. I know, I am so mean.

4th floor and 5th floor both had a similiar theme, which was the San Francisco theme. 5th floor was also Pier 21 the famous food court. Other floors which I didn't post pics is the LG floor which had a Carribean theme and M Floor that had Paris theme.

For our last night in Bangkok, we decided to "clear our currency" by shopping. This time, we went back again to Siam Square night market, just like last year. The clothes here, albeit pricier, is of better quality and nicer designs. It was so refreshing to see the stalls selling totally different designs than at Pratunam. I really like some of the stuff I bought here.

It was so hot and so packed that we cooled ourselves down with one of my favourite drinks - Thai coconut!

Located right opposite Siam Paragon and Siam Centre. Can be reached by BTS Siam Station. Stalls opened as early as 5pm. Besides the night stalls, there are also a number of nice boutiques around.

We had dinner at Jutharos, just like last year because the food was so good. 

-       420/11-12 Siam Square Soi 1. To find this restaurant first locate Soi 1, then turn right after the cinema. The restaurant's front signboard (red and white colour) has its name but in Thai language.

One of our favourites from last year is the chicken (also got beef) balls with its special sauce.

This one is my absolute favourite. Jutharos's Pad Thai is the best I ever had. Big prawns and crunchy nuts, this is a definetely recommended dish. The tom yam kung here is also recommended but because we had one during lunch so we didn't order it.

After dinner it was time to go back to our hotel. As we were walking to Siam Station, we decided to stop by Siam Paragon to buy some bread so we can eat them at the airport the next day. And by luck, we saw "After You" dessert cafe right next to the Gourmet Supermarket.

Although we were still quite full from dinner but we decided to share the dessert. This place has been greatly recommended by many bloggers. The specialty is Shibuya Honey Toast and the bloggers are definitely not wrong about how delicious it is. If only we were not so full, I would have definitely try all the other flavours in the menu.

Opens from 10am to 10.30pm everyday. Located at Ground Floor near the supermarket. 

Our tired faces at Siam Paragon.

Finally, we reached the end of our short trip to Bangkok/Hua Hin/Cha-Am. This is a group pic of our spectacled faces as we are taking an afternoon flight back to KL. 

The hotel we stayed at for our last night is at a more upscale neighbourhood called Sukhumvit. The hotel is located in an alley off the main road and can be quite tiring to walk. But they do provide shuttle services in the form of a golf cart lol. 

21, Sukhumvit Soi 10, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok.

Honestly, there is nothing bad to say about all the hotels we stayed in. I think Clara did an awesome job of booking good and comfortable hotels for us throughout this trip. The beds were so comfortable that I really had a difficult time dragging myself out of bed every morning.

For our final meal in Bangkok, I managed to persuade the girls to eat McD's wtf. I know many are against eating these fast food chain outlets when overseas but I really wanted a cup of coffee and to also try their chicken pies (which sadly Malaysia no have >.<)

And so this concludes my recent Bangkok trip and my very long post. Annyong it's time for me to sleep...


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