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Bangkok 2013 (Day 4): Bangkok City is Love~

Day 4 in Bangkok is finally the day we get to fully explore Bangkok, the metropolitan city filled with lots of shopping malls. Yippee, Day 4 was the day we dedicated to shopping because that is one of the must-do in Bangkok for shopaholics like me :)

The first shopping destination is the Pratunam morning wholesale market. Located in front of Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the market hours are from 6am - 9am. Last year, we woke up too late and only managed to shop for a short time before all the stall vendors started to leave.

Good points: Cheap cheap cheap. Here, the stock are mostly similiar to Platinum Mall but at a much cheaper price. If you buy more than 3 pieces, you get a even cheaper wholesale price. Awesome if you have friends of similiar size and style. Variety of stuff too, I found mostly what I came for here. 

Bad points: Small lanes, so conjusted and very hard to move around. You can expect being pushed around and moving aside for trolleys to pass through. Also, some vendors insist on you buying same clothes but in different colours (but not all). 

Since we woke up early for the market, we had some breakfast afterwards at food vendors near Pratunam area. The food were simple Thai soup noodles but tasted awesome. We also had Thai iced tea but not pictured here.

Tom yam, so deliciously spicy

Yamunseng - glass noodle salad, but too sour for me

Simple noodles with soup but the broth was excellent

Noodles with pork

Btw, the hotel we stayed for Day 4 and 5 is Hotel Vista Express located in Pratunam area. We decided to stay in the shopping district so it will be easier for us to drop off our shopping stuff before heading to other destinations.

4/41-47 Petchburi 19 Petchburi Rd. Thanon Phyathai, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400, THAILAND
The problem with staying at Pratunam area is the lack of public transportation. Even the nearest Airport Rail Link Ratchapraprop is so far for walking. Almost always, best option is by taxi or tuk-tuk. Good traveller's tip I learned is that if the tuk-tuk driver charges you a cheap fare which is too cheap to be true, most probably he will bring you to those tourist catch spots like gems store or honey store before heading to the destination you want. If you don't want to waste time at such places, then ask clearly first before boarding on a tuk-tuk.

Our hotel was really good, nice and comfortable with awesome hot shower, perfect for my sore feet after our shopping. It was really near Platinum Shopping Mall too, just within short walking distance.

OOTD: ombre tee; white origami skorts: zara; "hello!" cap: times sq; sunglasses: uniqlo
Hehe, there weren't many solo shots of me taken that day because we were all too busy shopping. Got tonnes of new clothes from Pratunam and Platinum. Latest trends are monochrome, logo tees, and neon.

One of the spiritual places I have to go is Erawan Shrine. I always offer prayers here whenever I come to Bangkok. I am grateful that my friends accompanied me here although I know how hot it was that day. 

Anti-social shot of me taken by Clara. This is what happens when restaurants offer free wifi. Anyway sad because we got lost looking for Greyhound Cafe (heard it serves delicious food TT_TT) so we ended up at a Korean restaurant at Central World for lunch. Food was okay but nothing special.

One of the malls I wanted to go last year but couldn't make it was MBK Mall. If you are an electronics & IT shopper, then MBK is the place for you tech gadget fans. But if you are into shopping, there is nothing much except an awesome handbags shop that sells all handbags for 199 baht (~RM20) only! Got myself a studded sling bag like I always wanted here.

Also, we accidentally stumbled upon this shop that customized caps! Yes, as you can see I have recently developed an obssession for caps. Probably due to me being a fan of Running Man. The casts wear awesome looking caps in almost all episodes.

The shop is at 6th floor called, "Seven Sis". You can choose your cap for 290 baht and then they will charge you for each letter you customized on your cap. Takes about 1 hour to get it done.

Because I wanted to get one but have no idea what word I wanted, I just went with the first word that came to my mind - DREAM. When I think about it now, there are so many other words I can make but oh well, I do love the colours of the cap and happy that I have my own personalized cap.

Clara took an interest in my "Hello" cap so I let her play around with it. It is actually inspired by one of the caps that Song Ji Hyo wore in Running Man episodes.

To go there, take BTS Silom Line to National Stadium station.

We went back again to Platinum for more shopping before finally retiring back to our hotel. Despite our sore feet and fatigue, we wanted to make use of our pass and we went to Asiatique, one of the places that we also went last year. Initially, I wanted to go there in the evening but due to our fatigue and lack of time, it was not possible this year.

Take BTS Silom Line to Saphan Taksin. Take the exit leading to the pier. There is a service boat that is FOC bringing you to Asiatique. However, I noticed many peddlers charging 50 baht to bring passengers to Asiatique as well.

We had dinner at this restaurant called, "Checkmate" because it has such an unique concept.

Btw, Clara's new outfit totally matches with Checkmate's design too lol.

OOTD: Lips print long sleeve and lace shorts: random boutiques
Sorry no better pic of my outfit and me that night. Probably due to my tiredness I wasn't much in the mood for taking pics. I get tired so easily, must be the aging *sigh*.

seafood noodles
salmon salad
salmon pasta

The food was quite good actually but the portion is pretty small so we were left a little unsatisfied afterwards. Also due to the fact it was quite late and we were all pretty hungry. But the restaurant has a really good ambience and atmosphere, they even have a jazz band performing.

Asiatique has changed a little since my last visit last year, more new shops and definitely more crowded than before. But I didn't enjoy as much as before, probably my mood swings lols.

They were having some display on Romeo and Juliet. This is a replica of Juliet's balcony at Verona, Italy. 

Giant lighted ferris wheel that wasn't there last year. Thanks for the great shot Clara!


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