Friday, February 26, 2010

the world "mourns" for jay, a loss for 2PM

So sad, it is confirmed. Jaebeom will not be coming back to 2PM. I know, I am such a fangirl for posting this but I am a supporter of 2PM and just felt like I really want to post this.

I don't know what to say. I wished there could be a turn around of events. I really don't know what the future will be like for 6-membered 2PM now.

All the headlines in kpop news are equally depressing:

No No NO No~~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

getting annoyed

Sometimes some people can be so selfish and calculative. I get so angry and just want to tell it to her face. But because of jaga image I have to keep quiet and bear with her. Life is already so hectic, why do I have her as a burden. Aargh, I just want to be rid of her~~!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

cny day IV: all well ends well in mid valley

My one week holiday is fast coming to an end. So sad. Wish I can stay at home longer. The weather has been horribly hot these days…makes me sleep 24/7. I am practically hibernating at home here. I know, very unhealthy habit. That probably explains why I feel so sluggish nowadays. Haih…I am 22 years old but I feel like an old lady, with no energy…

Does anyone know if they are cancelling “Star Golden Bell” on Astro Ch303? I hope not, I really love that show. Makes me laugh like mad each time I watched it…


On Chor sam, we didn’t go anywhere and I had a great time hibernating at home. I think I took like, three naps that day. The heat was incredibly scorching and I was so irritated the whole day.

Anyway, on chor sei, my aunt initially asked me and mom to watch movie with her but when I called my aunt on that morning, she cancelled and said she wanted to go to the bank. Haih…

So it was just a duo going to Mid Valley. Movie of choice? Still going with CNY mood, we chose “ALL’S WELL ENDS WELL 2010”.

We decided to go for the earliest screening knowing there will be tonnes of people watching movies in MV. But when we got there, around 10.30am, the queue was so long, it already surpassed the designated line and went all the way to the ‘roundabout’. (Movie-goers to MV should know where I am talking about). I mean, seriously? What time did these guys got to MV?

Fortunately, we did managed to get tickets, for the THIRD screening. From 11.20AM, our plans shifted to 1.50PM. And 3rd row from the front somemore. Really, I dunno why I still go MV to watch movies. The crowd is always so crazy there.

With time to kill, of course have to enjoy CNY deco at the foyer…


The theme? Dunno-lar but I really like the dragonflies at the ceiling. Pretty unique;) Oh, and the pagoda reminded me of Penang.


Nice? Good things come when you look at unexpected places.


Fiona the blogger on CNY Day 4 ;)

a3 a4

Mom & me posing with the pagoda


Me and my odd dressing sense. Kekeke;) Cannot really see in this pic, but I had my mom sew shoulder pads into my new tunic. Makes my shoulder looks broad no? But it does not have the trendy effect like I imagined.

Still with time, Mom went to Metrojaya to look for her working clothes whilst I was bored out of my mind. The clothes there are so ultra-expensive. I browsed around at the only section I can afford – the accessories section.

Copped a fringe necklace. I think I can d-i-y a fringe top like those I saw in MNG.


Must be lots of perverts in Metrojaya.


Ate lunch at Spaghetti Farm. Mom feel like eating spaghetti so we tried this eatery that we have never tried before. Not bad actually. I ordered black pepper beef & cheese. Very yummy. Definitely a place I want to go back again.

After lunch, we went to watch the movie, with almost same cast as last year’s. It was funny, but not as funny relative to “72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY”. The plot can get a bit stupid at times. I really like Sandra Ng though. She is great playing the role of a spinster. Very funny;)

cny day II: 72 tenants at klcc

On replay: “Whatdya want from me?” by Adam Lambert


On CNY Day 2, we usually visit my grand aunt who lives in Serdang but this year we are unable to visit her due to circumstances. Which is a pity. It also means less angpows for me this year.

My mom always say having only one child is a loss, as she has to give so many angpows to other peoples’ children, but they only give me one angpow in return. Kekeke;)

Because my cousins went off to visit their maternal grandparents in Serdang, there is nothing to do. So, my mom, my aunt and myself decided to watch “72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY” at KLCC.

The movie is hilarious. Seriously. And they had an all-star studded Hong Kong cast too!! So many that it kind of get confusing after a while, because you are trying to identify them, and trying to remember their names too. But seriously, must-watch. Very funny~~!!


KLCC CNY decorations. There are so so so many people that day!!! People mountain, people sea.

01 08

The theme KLCC is going for? No idea, but I think it is simple, slightly on the verge of mediocrity. But I do like the lanterns hanging from the ceiling;)

02 03

Whilst Mom shop at Isetan, my aunt and I went to watch the short lion dance performance at the foyer.

04 06

The pseudo lions were handing out mandarin oranges to the audience. All the ahjummas grabbed them like there was no tomorrow.

One funny incident (or unfortunate) is when one of the pseudo lions threw a mandarin orange to the audience and it hit a lady on the forehead…hard! Needless to say, from the frown on her face, the lady was not happy at all. Ouch~~!!



Fiona taking photos after the crowd left | Aunt Wendy also posing


Season of CNY means season of wearing new clothes. Bought the dress from November? But never worn it until now~~!!

My mom and aunt are not please of my vintage sling bag. They say that it is too old-fashioned. I told them, that is exactly what I wanted. Duh, vintage. Then my aunt say you shouldn’t say that. Huh, but that is precisely what I wanted =.=!!

Absolutely loving my clock necklace that I bought in Singapore last Xmas and pink flats from Shenzhen.



My aunt wearing leopard print…hehe | Mom and her new outrageously heavy handbag


Sisters ^^

Thursday, February 18, 2010

cny day I: red, klang and times square

 CNY 2010

Chinese New Year 2010 is finally here. This year, same day as Valentine’s Day. Not that it meant anything to me.

Actually this year’s CNY came a little too soon though. Maybe it is because I just finished my exams. It is definitely much less stressful as I don’t have to study like last year. But, I just did not feel very festive.

CNY morning, Mom and I had vegetarian breakfast at my uncle’s house in Cheras. While waiting for my first aunt and my cousin, me and Vivien (my other cousin) cam-whore in my aunt Wendy’s room, enjoying the air-con.

Yes, did everyone realized how hot it is (again) this CNY? Every year, the weather feels like the Sahara Desert. Totally hate the weather :(


Love the CNY decorations in my uncle’s house. They are totally in the festive mood.

btw, i lurve my new dress too…kekeke…added the embellished brooches myself for something unique;)


Mom and me. Our clothes kinda match because of the colour and the zipper details.


Myself and my cousins. Deric, Vivien and Sher Li. I have a small family, only 7 of us. 2 of my cousins live in Australia whilst the eldest cousin don’t join us for CNY.


Girls hehe. They are like my little sisters. One is totally into fashion and style whilst the younger likes Korean pop as much as I do.


Love this family photo.

Our visit next is to my late Grandmother’s younger brother’s house. All the way in Klang. Out of all my relatives, the furthest is definitely Klang. Going there always makes me so sleepy in the car. And like every year, we got lost again.

The worst part, is the heat seems even more scorching in Klang than in KL~~!!!


Me playing with my cousin’s fedora | New distant cousin, such a cutie with enormous eyes…I can see my reflection in his eyes…so adorable!!!

We were in my relative’s house until 4pm, mainly just gambling where my uncle won all our money. Sob sob, no luck again this year :(

So us 4 cousins decided to go watch movie, just like we did last year.


4 of us getting ready to go to Times Square. Hehe, Deric drove us there.

However, when we reached the cinema, there were so many people that we decided to scrap the plan because the tickets were almost sold out.



We then went to eat dinner. Yay fast food after 2 days of Chinese food. Kenny Rogers!

Since we still had time, we went to the arcade for games. We always play the ‘spot the difference’ game. Does anyone knows that game? 4 of us are such pros, we finished all 20 stages, twice!!!

28 29 

Next, go for some ice-cream at Baskin Robbins. German chocolate is yummylicious ;)

After all the activities, we went back home. Really tired after a long day.


Before – wearing fedora | After – without fedora

(but his hair had the shape of the fedora…kekeke)

32       Playing mahjong all night…Deric tried to teach me the way 3 people play mahjong…it is interesting but kind of confusing…

cny eve:strawberries & yee sang

Tiny updates:
*I love U-Kiss’s new song Bingeul Bingeul (Round Round)*
*My English writing sucks. Having headache now. Lazy to improve.*
*This new blog is so funny (and addictive). The trials and tribulations of online shopping in Malaysia.*
*CNY angpows this year so little. Sob sob :(*
*Why I have not update here for more than 2 weeks T.T (but I updated my shopping blog ^^)


Every Chinese New Year, Mom and I always go to eat reunion dinner at my uncle’s house. Yup don't believe can check back archives. Kekeke.

01 02 
Uncle’s house decorated with lots of CNY stuff. Festive mood no? The Choi san yeh is d-i-y by my cousin Vivien.

This dish is so pretty right? And it tastes as good as it looks too…

 05 09
Strawberries main decor coz my uncle brought them back from Bangkok.

06 07
Crabstick wrapped in bread and then fried. So delicious!!!

08 10
Other dishes that are equally delicious ^^

03  And of course, cannot miss the must-have yee sang for lots of prosperity!!!

 12 13
Let’s lo yee sang!!! Very fun. And I love eating yee sang with lots of sweet sauce but the ginger was a little too strong. Must remind my Mom not to put too much next time.

Let’s start our reunion dinner!!!

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