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singapore part I: 10 hours train ride + orchard rd

Singapore trip: 25th and 26th December 2009 with Beng Beng, Suzane, Wei Wei, Ngiik Ling and Mei Chen. All photos credited to me, BB and Suzane’s camera. For more pics, go to the “all-useful” Facebook.


Our journey started early AM in KL Sentral as we await for our KTM train to Singapore. Why train? I guess we wanted to try something different rather than always taking the bus for our travels. Although the train is a lot more comfortable than bus, but it actually takes longer because it makes many stops along the many stations from KL –> Singapore.

The guide map is basically, our Spore trip planner. It is our Bible, you can say. We never leave anywhere without it.


Clara & me. It was mostly snooze time all the way to Spore. And music of course, thanks so much to my trusty mp3 player for helping me survive the boredom.

02 03

Sadly, all is not smooth as our train’s engine broke down somewhere in Johor (?). We were like stuck in the middle of nowhere. While waiting for the replacement engine, we walked outside for some village air.

To fill in the one hour wait, we walked around and later settled for card game “cho tai di”.

We finally arrived at Tanjong Pagar @ Spore approx. 7PM…

04 05

I love taking the MRT in Spore because it is so efficient and so fast. You don’t have to wait a long time for the next train. No wonder the MRT stations are always packed with people. Not only is the train super quick, so are the escalators. I was so nervous the first time around because the escalator’s speed is so unlike KL’s.


06 Our first stop is to Orchard Road. Because our train was delayed, when we got there, the whole place was packed with people and we missed the Christmas Parade too. T.T

07 08

My first impression of Orchard Rd, besides the sea of people there, is the fact that there so many shopping malls. Seriously, they are all clustered together like a residential area or something. Not sure how many are there as we walked down the road.

09 12

We had our dinner in Wisma Atria’s food court. And took photos at Paragon’s Xmas tree.


We are all red, thanks to laser lights from a show that was going on.

10 14

Cute Xmas reindeers decorated the street. Although I wanted to take photos of all, it was quite hard due to many people also having the same intentions.

11 13

There were also Xmas parade boats in the road. Clara pulling out her cheesy “Heartbeat” pose. 2nd pic is me with this cool Ferrero Rocher Xmas tree.

15 01

My roommates imitating the statue. And 2nd pic are us along the busy Xmas decorated Orchard Rd.

02 03

Sia's imitation of the billboard. 2nd pic is one of those rare group photos. It was so disorganized, really.

04 After tired not only from our 10 hour train ride but also from walking, we treated ourselves to ice-cream wrapped in sandwich wafers. Tasted good but so messy. kekeke…


Finally we decided to head back to Asphodel Inn at Little India, where we were staying. Nearby is City Square Mall. We made a short pit stop there to take pics and play around with the carriage. If you pedal hard enough, the lights will lit up.


My roommates. Our room is pretty small but I guess due to tiredness, we did not think too much and just went off to dreamland…

****to be continued (hopefully)****

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