Saturday, January 23, 2010

silver lining in a cloud

Today is the worst day ever...

Today is the worst day ever...

Today would have been the worst day ever...

If not for some instances that showed me that there can be some good despite all the bad.

Everytime I go back home for the weekends, I have to carry loads and loads of stuff, since I do my laundry at my own home. Besides that, I also carry my laptop back and also my notes. Every single time, I carry all these heavy stuff from A-5-5 all the way to the car park. Never once has anyone (except my housemates) offered to help me. Not that I expect them to, since they are strangers anyway. And I don't mean as in help me carry my stuff, because I preferred carrying my own stuff anyway. But I mean as in helping me to open the door, or help me press the lift would be quite helpful considering my hands are full. But yeah, no one has ever done it. They just stare at me carrying my heavy loads and that is it.

But today, a kind lady actually helped me open the door to the parking lot after I got out of the lift. Mind you, she wasn't anywhere near the door because she was also waiting for the lift. But she went out of her way, walked to the front door and opened it for me. For that, I am so grateful. Not only because she did a small favor for me, but make me have a little hope that there is some good people out there.

Also, I absolutely hate it when people don't help to press the "open" button when they see people getting into the lift. Especially guys. So damn un-gentlemanly of them. Even worse was the fact that I know at least 2 guys who have done this sort of ignorant thing. I won't reveal the name, but yeah, they are from UKM and not third-years. I am just so disappointed in them, because I actually thought they were better than that.

Another unfortunate thing that happened to me today is that I left my mp3 player in my class, BSH5. I was a little sleepy and blur today because I had to stayed back until 3pm for seminar. I guess I forgot to keep back my mp3 player after using it.

I was on facebook when a friend tagged me in a photo. I opened the link to the photo and lo and behold, I saw my mp3 player case in the pic. It is written at the bottom that whoever owns the mp3 player please called XXXX. OMG, I did not even know I lost it until I saw that pic.

I am really glad my coursemates are the one who found it and put in effort to find the owner. I am so happy that my coursemates are so honest.

Actually, I have never seen so many theft cases until I came to UKM. My stuff has gone missing before, wallet and handphone - taken by some stupid bastard who had no intention of returning them to me. Also, some of my good friends' belongings were stolen from the library.

It is such a privilege to be able to be accepted into a university. One would expect people with good results, who are educated, can get a place in here. But some of this trash, this uneducated scum are willing to sell off other people's stuff just to gain money. I honestly am so disappointed in their parents, for raising such monsters. I hope one day, they get the punishment that they deserved.

That is the end of my post. Today, although has not been a smooth-sailing day but I want to thank the kind lady at the lift and my coursemates for making this day much more bearable for me. Thank you. Kamsahamnida ;)

"What do we live for, if not to make life easier for one another?" - Unknown


cLaRa said...

kesiannya unni~as u said, 'chivery'was dead..

Ultraman Jino said...

there are many kind of people in this world. bear with it and learn your lesson. personally thinking la, i think la. if you left your stuff and lost it, that is your own fault and cannot blame other people for it. turn to stuff being stolen, itu cerita lain where you can curse the thief kenyang kenyang

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

FIFIONA said...

clara> yes, memang gentleman species considered "endangered"...anyway, you mispelled 'chivalry'

jino> yes, i did lost it but i remember exactly where i left my stuff so it's not really consider lost if you know where u left it right? besides, if i saw something that did not belong to me and i know it may be important to the owner, i always try to leave it with someone safe...i wished those idiots would have done the same thing as i did, instead of thinking that finding someone's priced possessions as a source of is wrong of them to take something that does not belong to them, regardless if it was that person's fault for leaving it behind...



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