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I decided to delete one of my controversial previous posts because I don't want to taint my blog with it. The thing is, I know "something". And that "something" is killing me inside which is stupid because it has nothing to do with me at all. But I hate myself for letting it get to me, which is why, hence the title: "it's fuck to be me right now". Anyways, I guess it is time for me to change my focus to other important things. Otherwise, I will let this thing haunt me for the rest of my jubilant holidays.

So this is what I had been up to last week:

04/06/08 ~ Dinner @ Chilli's with BFClassmates.

I could only post this up after I stole the photos from Ben and Jino coz I did not take much pics that night. Lol. So blame them for posting these pics so slow. It was so great meeting up with all of them again. Gosh, how I miss the all the fun and the jokes and the crap. Lol.

First it was Saisaki. Then Equatorial Hotel. Then Chilli's KLCC. Finally it is Chilli's MidValley. Finding the right venue is hard, trying to please everyone and added to the fact that everyone are on different paths now, it is intensely difficult to suit everyone's schedule.

Despite that, the turn out was great. In fact, the best, I think, since Wai Loon's and Valerie's 19th Birthday gathering.

I am so ecstatic that everyone took the effort;)

WY, Kianty, Moi and Looney. We did this pose for Jino's camera because once again, Jino did something silly for us to ridicule him. Lol. If I try to explain it here, it won't be funny anymore.

Moi, WY, Tsuwern, and Chu. I have fat arms. So? Bite me.

I have no idea what we were all looking at. Anyways, the table was really long. No shots to show for it though.

The only pic I took of the night (except the nachos).

Front row (seated L-R): Li-shia, Moi, Tsuwern, Kianty, Ben, Liling, Len and Yee.

Back row (standing L-R): Waiyin, Phon, Phakhoe, Vincent, Wailoon, Valerie, Sitoh, Justina and Jino.

Outside Chilli's - one of my fave pics because at that very moment, phakhoe cracked up one of his stupid jokes, hence my very distorted face that Ben managed to catch.

07/06/08 ~ Lunch with Mom @ Chilli's KLCC.

Actually, there was supposed to be another lunch gathering that day at Sri Petaling but Saturdays are the days Mom and I run our errands. For one, I finally washed my Cambodia photos and they all turned out superbly well. I swear, that guy did some photoshop to my pictures or something.

Also, it was finally time to do some furniture-shopping to refurbish my room at my new apartment. Well, not exactly, my. There are 10 people sharing. Kinda scared once I start thinking about it. First time I will be leaving out there on my own. But when I think about how every weekend I will come back, it suddenly did not seem that much of a challenge anymore. I have taken photos of my new apartment. Will blog about it another day.

We had lunch at Chilli's. I know, what a coincidence...not! But before that, we did some shopping at Isetan since they had sale. And to think, that night during the BF Dinner, Kianty was coercing all of us girls to go shopping at Isetan. Lol.

I almost bought a top from SEED. Well, almost. But stupid me went and saw the price tag wrongly. I thought the blouse was RM59 and had 50% disc so - 59 / 2 = RM29.50 - not bad right for a SEED blouse?

Only when the cashier scanned the price tag, did Mom suddenly asked me how much was the blouse. To my surprise (and Mom's outrage!), the blouse turned out to be originally-priced RM99! So after discount, still RM49.50, which is not worth it for a simple blouse like that. Haih...then we had to get a SEED assistant to cancel the purchase. Embarassing, no? A day in the life of Fiona Tong...

Chilli's was packed to the brim when we arrived. Btw, you will not see any photos of moi because I have these huge zits (three, to be exact) scattered on my cheeks. And since I do not have the pleasure of owning the "miraculous" photoshop program, I refused to allow my fugly face taint this blog. Lol.

Chocolate Banana.So.Heavenly.

Something to do with cheese sandwich and beef. Too good to even be described.

Of course, the one and only Chilli's signature dish - Triple Play.

Since I did not splurge the RM50 on clothes, I spend them on books instead. I know. These days, I somehow lost the obsession with clothes and handbags and shoes and accessories. Nothing in the shops seem to captivate or mesmerize me as they used to.

Instead, when I entered Kinokuniya, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I swear, that euphoric feeling I get when I see books is something I had not felt for a long time. I guess I had grown tired of the superficial part already. Books seem to be the best companion nowadays.

Also, how could I resist Agatha Christie's books going for only RM19.90??? That is ten ringgit less than what I usually pay for!

Now, I am not really a fan of chick lit. In fact, I never read that acclaimed Shopaholic series before either. I always wanted to give chick lit a try, just to see what the buzz was all about but every time I read that short synopsis at the back cover, I somehow lost interest. I just feel that the plots and storylines are too far-fetched in reality.

But I have given local author Mayzhee Lim's chick lit - "Sweetheart From Hell" a try just to see how this young prodigy's works are like.

Just like I guessed. The storyline - way too unbelievable to happen in real life. Protagonist "conveniently" dates an Asian mega-celebrity? Lives in penthouses? And then scored a job in Vogue America? Uhm, yeah, sweet dreams are made of these.

On a brighter note, the humour strangely left me feeling light-headed. Which, I supposed is the purpose of chick lit - as light reading and not for us to take it to seriously.

Which is why I bought another one - "Frenemies" by Megan Crane (it helps that there is a 20% disc).

07/06/08 ~ Dinner with family.

Yesterday night, both my aunt and uncle cooked up a scrumptious dinner to commerate the "zhong" (dumplings) festival. Since my family is so small, often my uncle and his family will include us in the festivities' dinners.

The food was so great that I think I over-ate. Haih...

Also, my aunt just came back from USA. She went there about 3 months ago and tour almost all the cities. So fun hor? She took so many pics. I swear, I went a little envy seeing those NYC photos.

And then it was souvenirs time!

Hollywood California T-shirt

Lotsa earrings

Necklace with huge pendant

Layered necklace from Corning Glass Market

I so want to go US too but I think I want to plan my trip around the same time DavidCook makes any appearances. (I know, aren't you sick of hearing about him in my blog?) I told me Mom that I want to start saving money now so I can go holidaying in USA after I graduate, as a gift to reward myself.

Mom: Ok, if you get good results, I will help to subsidize your trip to US.
Me: Yay. (Then a pause as I think for a while)
Me: What do you mean by "good results"?
Mom: Well, how much to get into the dean's list?
Me: 3.5 and above.
Mom: Hah? So easy one?
Me: Swt. T____T


hanson said...

bodoh... to get dean list u must score cgpa 3.6 and above la.. not 3.5.. haih.. i cant get dean list this year... it is so disappointing... but nvm la, i will work hard next sem.. u too...

FIFIONA said...

hah...3.6 meh? dunno mah, i nvr got into dean's list before...haih...dunno la, dun really think its possible la:(



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