Saturday, March 15, 2014

Macau July 2013: Part II

On a roll now with my travel posts :)

Actually, there isn't much to blog about Macau because I only spend a very short time there. Just 2 days. But this was actually my second time to Macau. I wanted to try to go to places I didn't had the chance to go to the last time I was here.

As mentioned in my previous post, our hotel is located near the tourist attractions so just a short walk away we reached Senado Square.

My travel buddies are well aware of my love for anything architecture, especially in vintage style. Senado Square was like a piece of heaven to me because the buildings were so beautiful. The best part about our hotel being a stone's throw away was the fact I get to admire these places during the day and night.

Macau General Post Office at daytime.

Macau General Post Office at night.

Senado Square fountain at daytime

Senado Square fountain (and throngs of tourists) at nighttime.

Holy House of Mercy at daytime with its white facade.

Holy House of Mercy with its white facade illuminated by glowing lights at nighttime.

More snapshots of my favourite place in Macau:

The unique "wave" pathway that makes the Square distinctly unique.

Pharmacia Popular => popular Pharmacy?

St Dominic's Church with its beautiful orange and white facade.

Have no fear, for the signboards are here.

Following the arrows / signboards, we make our way to St Paul's Ruins.
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St Paul's Ruins is a must-see on every tourist itinerary to Macau. I had initially wanted to visit this place at night, just like in Running Man where they had a three-way tug-of-war here. But unfortunately we came back too late from The Venetian that night.

So so so many tourists during the summer. So difficult to capture a good shot >.<

Feeling a little disappointed that I could not get any nice pics of St Paul's Ruins due to the crowds of people, Ah Len so kindly accompanied me to St Paul's Ruins again early the next morning before breakfast. Even then a few groups of tourists had already arrived.

But the photos were definitely better than the yesterday's. So my advice is start your day early when visiting famous tourist spots. Not only it is less noisier, you get to enjoy a better view!

 I thought these couple shoes were adorable :P

Smallest post office in the world just at the bottom of the St Paul's Ruins steps. However the lady working inside is so unfriendly.

More shots of red doors en route to our hotel

Finally last pic of The Venetian. It was my 2nd visit here and after seeing the actual "Venetian" at Venice, this place just doesn't wow me as before. Monte Carlo Casino is also way more beautiful lols.

to be last post on Macau :):)


yS said...

Hahaha, I kena from that lady in the post office as well! She was very rude! And no stamps available >.<

FIFIONA said...

Haha ya she was so annoying. At first she don't want to accept my HK Dollars, she only want Macau money. If not because of the stamp, I also don't want choi her



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