Sunday, August 31, 2008

ozeki, old town kopitiam, little eastern & ice world

This sem we have something called an "attachment" whereby we go to our campus pharmacy and have the pharmacist there explain to us the type of medicines there are and how to dispense them the correct method. Recently, our topic has been "Skin" and an important fact I learned is that if you wash your face many times in a day or for a long time, it doesn't make the face any cleaner, just drier. And dry skin makes it more sensitive and prone to allergies. Huh, bet you did not know that...

Lately, there have not been much events / gatherings going on, which explains the amount of food and restaurant and dining pics in this blog. Well, it's just because they are all new food / places that I have not tried before so got-lah some cam-whoring pics to remember them. Whatever-lar, is it my fault my life now is filled with culinary temptations?

Date: 13th August 2008
Mission I: Celebrate the blogger's mom's birthday by treating her to dinner
Venue of her choice: Ozeki, opposite KLCC
Rating: Raw fish are so heavenly
Price: Outrageous :s

Yup, so every year, during the blogger's Mom's bday or during Mother's day, the blogger's present for her mom is to treat her to a meal at anywhere of her choice bcoz it is always so difficult to choose a present for her mom. If the blogger's mom likes something, she will get it on her own, no need to wait till her bday for the blogger to get it for her. She is a woman of fast action, ok?. Likes something, she gets it immediately. And besides, which M'sian doesn't like to eat food? Food makes the people come together, y'know? So this is the best present from the blogger to her mom.

This time around, the blogger's mom has started a new healthy regime so she decided on a place that serves basically, much healthier food in smaller portions. It took a while for both the blogger and her mom to decide, but finally the blogger's Mom decided to have her free meal at Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine.

For those who frequent KLCC might have seen the place (or not). Anyways, this is not the blogger's first time here as the last time she came here was with Suz C, back when they both worked at Reliance, and Suz C's dad treated both the girls for lunch here.

The blogger still remembered the fresh sashimi...(mouth watering as she thinks about it).

The restaurant from the outside view

The appetizer before the actual meal comes. Sorry for the bad quality pics:(

The absolutely colourful & beautiful menu...sigh, the blogger wishes she can order every single thing inside the menu

Yours truly, the blogger

The bday girl - the blogger's Mom

The pretty & relaxing interior inside the place, next to the blogger's table

Blogger's Mom's order - Inada sashimi. Guess how much it costs? is RM55 for just 5 pieces! But each piece is cut really thick. A word of caution here: their sashimi has no pics in the menu so both the blogger and her Mom didn't know it would be in such small portion. Okay, so that felt a little short of expectation

Blogger's dinner set (RM49) that was too large a portion, so lucky both people shared

Yummy yummy unagi - lurve the sweet sauce!

Fresh salmon slices - yum yum!

A last pic before calling it a night


Date:16th August 2008
Mission II: Have brunch with Waikuan, fellow coursemate

Venue of choice: Old Town Kopitiam, Setapak

Rating: Good (but maybe coz both people were absolutely famished)
Price: Ok-lar

This is just a short update. So after Khidmat Masyarakat Class on Saturday morning, the blogger had brunch with her cute and pretty coursemate, Waikuan who stays just one floor above her at Plaza Prima.

Waikuan had the Javanese Mee, the blogger had Nasi Lemak Rendang and they both shared the French Toast. Didja noticed the cute kid sitting next to our table?


Date: 27th August 2008
Mission III: Have dinner with
Ah Wei, fellow coursemate and housemate
Venue of choice: Little Eastern, Setapak
Rating: Dee-li-cious
Price: Affordable

Okay, so actually the pic shows a combo of two places but lazy-lah want to explain twice.

The first place is Little Eastern / Xiaodongfang. Ah Wei had the sweet & sour fish rice whilst the blogger had Black Pepper Fried Udon (which is just simply good). Also, the blogger had white coffee to last her thru the night as the exams were not over yet. Actually, the next day, the blogger had the Open Book Law Paper to sit for.

The second place in the pic is Ice Ice World. Ah Wei and the blogger ordered Honeydew Boat Ice and Sotong Balls. This was to commemorate the end of exams. The remaining three people at the table - Meichieng, Ai Li and Janice did not joined us indulging in sweet dessert.

All five people chatted until midnight that day. So exhausting ok?

KFC pics coming up next...

why some girls are so bitchy

You know what I don't really get?

Some girls are drop-dead skinny, pretty, well-articulate and have possibly every single thing in the world at their feet but omg, they swear like a sailor. "Bitch", "slut", "ass" and the most famous one, "fuck". Not that I am saying it is wrong or something. Sure, they have a freedom of speech but what the hell are they trying to prove? Does swearing make you seem cooler, that people will worship you, and adore you, and RESPECT you?

Does dressing skinny, go clubbing, swear, smoke, drink till you get heavily intoxicated makes you a cool person? What if you do not do any of those things? Does that make you "uncool"? A geek, a nerd, a LOSER?

Honestly, I don't know why some girls like to attack other girls in their blogs? Why can't we all just get along? What happened to GIRL POWER or WOMEN UNITED? Omg, they just make themselves a laughing stock in front of guys. Wait, maybe that is their purpose, to parade themselves to impress guys. Well, I called that DESPERATELY SEEKING ATTENTION.

Really, that is a totally immature thing to do. Shows how vindictive you are, or maybe that is what you are trying to prove to the world.

Well, a blog is a way of expressing yourself to the world so I guess there is no right or wrong.

What is the message they are sending?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

it's been a long

I downloaded Jason Mraz's "We sing, we dance, we steal things" and I have grown to lurveee it! "♫Do you hear me? Talking to you? Across the oceee-an, across the deep blue seee-aaa...♪" - Lucky, a duet with my other favourite singer, Colbie Caillat

I know wtf is such an overused word but I am going to say it anyway. wtf? wtf? wtf? wtf? wtf?

The thing is this, I will try to explain it in simple layman's language since basically, I am computer pak-chee anyways. All this while, I thought everyone was too busy to update their blogs (yes I do blog-stalk, blog-hop, blog-whatever you call it...bite me) but the truth was there was something bloody wrong with my mom's laptop. It is "stuck in a time zone of about two weeks ago" (okay, that is as simple as I can explain it)...Can someone tell me what the bloody matter is for the computer to act so un-computer-like? (omg I sound so bimbo).

So yeah lah, I just brought my laptop home today for the 4 days break as well as to celebrate the fact that I regained my freedom. Six awfully difficult papers (honestly, what exams are not difficult?) in super-hectic five freakin' days! Even Pharmacy Practice, an open Law book exam, also didn't cut us any slack (I have a newfound respect for Law students The questions weren't that hard but super no time lor. Even the first question requires a three-page answer!

Alamak, dunno how I got terpesong, what I was trying to say is that when I came back home today, I realized there had been so so so many posts in my friends' blogs that I didn't know existed until today. So many that I gave up reading some of them halfway because super tired already.

The reason I am writing so freakin' long is the fact that I realized I have not been writing much in my blog lately. So far it has always been a bombardment of pics - pics of myself, of food, and of other people. Clearly, words give a better indication of a person's personality.

Don't get me wrong, I am not feeling obliged to write. It's just that I miss writing and writing craps, all spontaneously without planning. I have not been doing it for so long that it just feels like the right moment is now, after the heavy burden of exams have been lifted off my shoulders.

Anyway, there have been some updates about myself since the last time I posted here. More pics to come, of Mom's bday dinner, KFC dinner with housemates, brunch with Waikuan and my shopping spree! Ya lah, must be the stress getting to me, shopping like damn madwoman already. Just yesterday supposed to go buy bday present only, ended up not only buying present, but a pair of shoes, sweater and T-shirt. And then today, another pair of shoes and pants. The week before, two blouses. 2 weeks before, a pair of shoes and also 2 blouses. Gawd, so freakin' becoming shopaholic already!

Not much happening these weeks besides that. Every second-year has been busy with "buddy" stuff. The usual-lah, give notes, have lunch, introduce the small buddy to the rest of the buddy line. And ya-lah, I had lunch with my entire buddy line, which consists of all guys except me (=.=!!!). My grand, Eng Wee, my buddy, Cherh Yun and now my small buddy, Chye Teck. Really glad that my small came despite the fact he had no classes at all that day. Took a bus all the way from KTSN to fac just to have lunch with us. Ok-lah, he had one class that day but he "ponteng". geng-lah first-years.

Today's mood is very very tired. Send my roommate to lrt station and then afterwards, shopping with me mom for more than 3 hours. And someone made me irritated today as well, which explains why I am not in the best of mood now. I still do not think I was wrong, but whatever-lah. At least I had was the bigger person to talk first. Better than some small gas person.

That's all for now. More updates soon:)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

setapak delights menu

We finally had the Pharmacy gathering, instead of Judgement night this year. The main objective is to know the first-years and of coz, also for the juniors to get to know the seniors. An essential part of being a sophomore also means getting to choose your own little buddy. I already decided on mine. Just hope I won't regret my choice.

The blogger hopes this doesn't turn out into some kind of food blog - not that she has anything against it, but she is just not that passionate about food...lolz

Lunch with roommates at "Ming Tea House"

So on a Saturday, the blogger and her roommates finally found the time to eat a proper meal together ever since they started staying off-campus at Setapak. The lunch destination is in this quaint and pretty restaurant situated on the first floor.

The ancient door that greeted us at the entrance

The peaceful and lovely ambience

All kinds of tea stuff - it is essentially a tea house anyway

Of coz, before any food, there is the customary cam-whoring, esp with these narcissistic roommates

The place is decorated pretty much in Chinese culture style

Gorgeous paintings and cute korean figurines (crap, why is the blogger so short?)

And so our meal arrives

The blogger's - Macau-style chicken rice

Suz M's - Honey lemon pork chop rice

BB's - deep-fried chicken salad (you can see who is the health junkie here)

Suz M, BB and the blogger

Dinner with BB at "Mat To Yao"

Yes, this is the meal for two (shuddup the blogger is not on a diet, just not hungry that day)

Ah, the lovely Mango Ice dessert, how much do I love thee...let me count the ways...

Vietnamese deep-fried prawn rolls - yum yum

Dinner with ah wei at "Six Noodles House"

The blogger's spicy Emperor noodles - Ah Wei had Yangzhou fried rice, btw

Lunch dessert with waiyin at "Little Tree Cafe"

Waiyin came to visit the blogger last Saturday and dunno why, we ended up eating ice-cream for lunch.

Waiyin's - Tropical Forest

The blogger's - Banana split (the blogger just went to heaven)

Supper with roommates at "Mat To Yao"

Dee-lee-cious honey chicken wings

French fries - bad for health but so addictive

Dinner with ah wei at "Spice And Chill Noodle House"

Salad Chill Noodles - so refreshingly different. Must-try!

Dessert supper commemorating Tze Im's bday at "Mat To Yao"

The rainbow tong yuen dessert - each tong yuen had a different filling!

Potato wedges - so long since the blogger had them!

Dessert snacks with ah Wei from "Pistachio's Bakery"

When we took the bday cake from the bakery, we got side-tracked and tempted to buy these cute little tarts, even after we had dinner...sigh...

Blueberry cheese tart and fruit tart

shuddup anyone who comments that the blogger will gain weight after this, bluek:p

Sunday, August 03, 2008

fun pharmacology lab day

I enjoy living in Setapak so far. The food is great, my housemates and roommates are fun and best of all, it is NOT HOT like KTSN anymore. But despite everything, I really hoped my studies do not deteriorate because of me living in Setapak

So last Thursday guess what we did?

Here is a photo hint:


Yes, for our Pharmacology lab practical, we had 10 mice that we had to inject and test with. We were supposed to test which route of adminstration is the fastest for a drug to act. There are five routes that day: oral, subcutaneous, intraperitoneum, intravenous and intramuscular.

The lab assistant demonstrating how we were supposed to hold the mouse and how to inject phenobarbitone (a sleeping draught) into it.

Ok, if you know the blogger back in Form 6, you would probably know that the blogger is extremely afraid of rats and mice. I swear, when we had to do the dissection of mice back in Upper 6, the blogger almost fainted.

It is dirty and disgusting ok?

The experiment object and the syringe

Well, the blogger dunno why but she feels less afraid this time around. But her phobia of rats/mice still prevented her from mustering enough courage to actually grab and hold the mice.

The oral route of administering drug

Our group was assigned the oral and subcutaneous methods. The oral method is really cruel ok? Forcing a blunt needle down the mouse's oesophagus. One group managed to kill 4 mice just by using this route. One even had blood dripping on the mouth.

Janice, the blogger and tze im with our little lab mouse fast asleep

Meichieng joined us cam-whoring during the practical

Group photo: (L-R) yusiang, the blogger, janice, tzeim, hockpeng, meichieng, weiwei, aili and weihan

Thank gawd for the guys. Lolz. Some of the girls were pretty freaked out ok? Hockpeng is like practically the star of our group. He played with those mice like he has been doing it for a very long time.

The blogger did contribute despite her fear. hehe. She injected phenobarbitone into a mouse subcutaneously. But her mouse took a long time to fall asleep.

The girlz - all of them were great except maybe weiwei and me. hehe. meichieng even got bitten and aili had super fun with the mice

The mice which still roam around actively despite being injected with the drug. We had to wait for them to fall asleep. The red marks are for us to distinguish the mice from one another.

When they finally fell asleep, we had to lay them down to test their reflex. Lolz. They actually look like satay here (omg why am I so disgusting?)

Hockpeng trying to turn the mice into gays. haha ROFL. All of our lab mice are males.

Despite all our efforts, only 7 mice fell asleep. Dunno what happened with the other three. Just simply refused to sleep. So damn hyperactive.

Hockpeng displaying the sleeping mice. So damn funny when the mice first show signs of falling asleep. They started moving like they were drunk or something.

You can read ah wei's cute account of the practical *here*

Oh ya, one thing I heard from a friend. Regardless of the fact whether you kept your mice alive or not, in the end, all of the mice will be killed.

So cruel hor?

But I had fun wor. (-.-!!)



(unless you ask ms blogger first)