Friday, May 07, 2010

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Today was the last time I go to HUKM for my thesis work before starting my industrial training next week. But I am quite disappointed since I only had few patients this week, lesser than last week. I am more upset at XXX than at the patients.

HUKM pharmacists khen pen bu pang shu sen. Jiao ta pang wo screen prescription, kan you mei you diabetic yao, heng jian tan de se, ke se ta men lan duo. Luong tao wo missed heng duo patients. Wo heng xiang sa kwa, zhang zhe den patients. Jin tian wo heng shen zi, ming ming jiu se diabetic patients, ta bu keng wo jiang. Xin hau wo zhe zi kan, na ke prescription. Wei she me ta men jiang bu pang wo men? Wo mei you jiao ta pang wo interview, just keng wo jiang jiu ke yi. 150 patients le~~~ wo zheng de heng stress, pang wo xiao she ke bu ke yi? Heng tao yeng ta men jin tian. Pharmacy jiang sau patients, hai se jiang lan duo.

I had to write in mandarin pinyin what happened today because I don’t want to get into any trouble. All I am saying is that, from now onwards, I won’t depend on others so much, and no need to care so much about the others. Just do my work, regardless of others. At the end of the day, it is MY thesis, not theirs. It is not their responsibilities, but MINE.


On a lighter note, here are some delayed pics. Sometimes I take pics of so many things that I don’t even remember taking…


On Earth Hour day, my cousin Deric and aunt Wendy belanja (crap, what is the English word for belanja already? My English is getting worse) the family for dinner at Eurodeli, this European-style restaurant at Ampang, right behind Old Town. My first time here, like to try new places. We all had the buffet option since it gave us more varieties of food.

01 04

A little of the food I took – there were so much choices of meat – chicken, beef, lamb, fish, pork and the sausages are the most delicious!


Dessert – love the yummy carrot cake

02Bday boy who turned 21 y.o., Deric and my other cousins Vivien and Sher Li

03 07

Us girl cousins | The rest of the family after enjoying buffet dinner

08 09

It was Earth Hour day so EuroDeli did turn off some of their lights. Yay support Earth Hour!!! | The restaurant surrounded in partial darkness


At the entrance, just before we leave

Overall, the food there is not bad. Well, it was mostly meat so not recommended if you don’t like eating lots of meat. The mashed potatoes was also delicious. I am really bad when it comes to buffet because I get full so fast. Le sigh…


Finally tried the Pepper Lunch Express at Mid Valley Food Court. Saw this restaurant when I was at Singapore last Xmas. A lot of people were having it so I thought of giving it a try. The verdict: absolutely delicious. I will definitely try it again, all the other flavours too!!! But I am probably bias as I am a fan of pepper! Not Pepper Potts, but the pepper that is the pride of Sarawak. Yes, I love adding pepper to everything I eat;)


Salmon pepper rice. Having promotion now, only RM11.20 without egg

01 03

Before mixing | After mixing


I realized Mom and I go to Mid Valley a lot. Kekeke. Mom was craving for fish so we had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market.

04 05

Mom had the new dish, Mediterranean sauce fish | I ordered my usual favourite, Grilled Salmon. Absolutely heavenly:)


shutter-island-movie-poster_600Iron Man 2 movie poster War Machine

After exams, I managed to catch two movies. Shutter Island is one movie I have been wanting to watch for a long time since I saw the trailer and I am glad it did not disappoint me. It is mind-blowingly good, plays and manipulates with your mind a lot. I especially like the twist in the end.

I also watched Iron Man 2 with Sia & Lee. Too bad I did not have the privilege of watching the first Iron Man installment. The beginning was quite good, filled with Robert Downey Jr.’s serious sense of humour. Mickey Rourke is also superb as the villain. The effects are also great, especially Robert’s 3D game room. But I think the ending was way too short. It kind of fail as the climax.


Suzane Mah said...

fiona...gambateh o dnt gv up.yalo it;s ur thesis n nt theirs so must depend on urself n shouldnt hv expected on others to help will only disappoint u.nvm la, things happen for a gud reason de..hehe btw, i oso tried d pepper nice but so spicy o..ish...
jia you n ur pinyin so cute hihi

cLaRa said...

dont tell others im ur shi fu.. ur pin yin.. haihz... duno how to describe.. btw, im also realise that we have to be independent in this journey, no ppl can help us except ourselves.. very agree with u~

but, when u have problem, can share with me anytime, im willing to hear..

yS said...

ur chinese pronounciation is.............awful...==
say thanks to ur sifu...
yeah, dun have to see u again next
dun angry, with THEM...add oil....

FIFIONA said...

suzane> ya, i nvr expect them to help pun...i wanted to check it on my own, but i didn't want to disturb their difficult...thanks ya;)

clara sifu> pinyin so difficult la...i think i edited that part so many times finally i give up, u didn't teach me well la...kekekeke...anyway, thanks ya;)

ys> always being mean, yaya dun miss me cannot see me next week...yeah i dun have to see u during the week after my LI also...thanks also;)

The Manhattan FISH MARKET said...

Hi Fifiona,

Thanks for patronizing MFM Mid Valley! Glad you & your mum enjoyed our food ^_^
We shared your story in our FB Fan Page, check it out!



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