Tuesday, April 27, 2010

when the clouds are in the sky, know that they are just passing by

Got to love that song, "Clouds" as mentioned in my previous post. Wah, are you surprised to see me blogging again? One day just after my last post? Tee-hee.

Because I had to settled repairs on my car, today is an "off-day" for me, because I had to sit at home whole day and wait for the mechanic to come. All alone at home. Not that I am not used to it, because some of you may know, I come from a super small family so I am always home alone (not Macaulay Culkin). But it is atypical because in Setapak, I live in a house with nine other girls, so yeah, for me to be all alone at home, is pretty unusual and out-of-the-ordinary.

The reason being? Four girls went back to hometown, three more went out shopping and one more little piggie went to lab to work on her "liposome". Lol.

Due to the current absence of my car, I had to take public transportation (bus) to my campus this morning (at freakin' 7am) to meet with my supervisor. It has been a while since I took the bus on my own. Felt a little lost, like a little lamb. Through this short "adventure" of mine, I realized how truly ugly Malaysians are, or more specifically, maybe just the KL-people.

Damn that lady. How dare she put her arm across me and block me from entering the bus just so she can enter the bus first? WTF? There were only 2 people waiting to get on the bus - her and me. She was before me, I know but she was busy enquiring with the bus driver. Common sense would tell you that of course I will walk past her and enter the bus first, right? I mean, c'mon. When I am asking something with the bus driver, I also will allowed others to get on the bus, not let the whole world wait on me. It seems like I am making a big deal out of something small. Well, maybe. But it is because everyone always tends to close eyes on rudeness like this, that everyone end up being oblivious and even more ignorant than before. Why not bring up this issue so more people are aware or know about it?

I know I am not perfect, sometimes I procrastinate on my work and come up with some lame excuse to cover it up. I know, but when I am aware, I try not to do it. Excuses are just another lame way to avoid taking responsibility for your actions. So imagine my fury when someone cancels on a pre-planned (mind you, we all plan this trip ages ago) trip because of the much overused excuse - no money. One more time I hear this excuse, I am going to explode. So if you know me, don't repeat this two words to me unless you are being humorous or sarcastic.

Yes, there it goes again. My procrastination. After meeting with my supervisor, I realized I have a lot in my hands right now. And I want to make it right before I begin my survey officially. They are all nagging me in my head, as I chose to blog rather than do my thesis. This is one bad habit of mine - procrastination. I must must must must must learn to SAY NO to this bad habit of mine. Clara is going to scold me for not doing on my thesis when she comes back. Although she is a year younger than me, I swear her actual age is about 50 years old. From her clothes and music sense, to her constant nagging. Lol.

this is a blog, not twitter

I realized all my posts have been really short and simple. This is what happens, I guess, when one is lazy. I always want to blog, but never feel like writing a really long and reflective kind of post.

Anyway, today was my last day of exams. So glad that the toughest phase of any semester is now finally the end. But there were a lots of series of unfortunate events that happened along the way.

Most noticeably is the fact that just as I got into my driver's seat to get ready to drive to the exam hall for our last paper, my car battery died. I know, so cheh right? LOL. It just had to happened at that moment. I could not start my engine and with 45 minutes remaining before our exam starts, Sia and me quickly rush to the bus stop and halt a taxi to the exam hall. We did reached in time, but not with a lot of puzzlement and panic on my part.

So now, I am car-less, if there was ever such a word. Not having a car feels like a part of me is missing. And worst still, I have an appointment with my supervisor at 8am early tomorrow morning and I have to wake up early to take the bus. So sad;(

Because of the sudden "demise" of my car, I had to cancel all my after-exams activities, which previously included 2 shopping trips. One is, however been postponed and the other one is ultimately cancelled. Oh well, on a positive note, it could be a good thing as I can save money.

The end of finals signify the beginning or technically, the continuation of my final year research project. However, I feel so de-motivated to get my ass off my chair and my eyes off my laptop to bring myself to go to HUKM and continue with my thesis. Eventually, I will have to. And soon too, as I have a quota to fulfill and I am nowhere near that amount of people.

This week I have learned a lot of things, not only academically, but also about other people. People have disappointed me this week, but it is never the end of the world. I guess, once you start to know a person too much, you end up not liking what you see...

I have to go zzz now...it is almost 2am. Damn. Only 4 hours of sleep. But I have to share this new song that I am absolutely loving right now. It ain't my usual cup of style, as I am not much interested in the underground hip-hop rap music kind of thing. The reason I got to know this song is thanks to one of the rappers, Jay Park but more popularly known to me as Jaebeom, ex-member of 2PM, my favourite K-pop boyband =)

Give it a listen. I am absolutely fawning over the cool lyrics.

"CLOUDS by Dumbfounded ft. Jay Park & Clara Chung"

Roll, roll back the clouds
Let the sun shine through

There's light at the end of the tunnel
I haven't seen it
Not all of us become rockstars and ballerinas
Even in California the sun ain't always beaming
Can't predict the forecast for all four seasons
We have dark days
Can't make your car payments
Workin a whackass job living in mom's basement
Some lands never get rain so there's starvation
Some only see snow through neighborhoods scarred faces
Not everything is set in stone
The weather changes
It's like god that the devil's trying to entertain us
Walked in the treacherous storm and overcame it
It is never an easy path on the road to greatness
So don't you give me that boo hoo hoo shit
We're moving on to that new new new shit
Look up into the clouds and watch it blow away
Until my problems just go away

When the clouds are in the sky
Know that they're just passing by
There'll be sunshine
If your days are stormy nights
Dry the raindrops from your eyes
There'll be sunshine

Everybody works hard for their goals to achieve
But like the ocean is sea, man, the motion is free
So nothing ever adds up the way we want it to
I guess my math teacher was just a substitute
Everybody hits a rough patch turbulence in the sky
Life's a cow I made a burger
And I'm serving it with some fries
Gotta make do with the cards that are dealt
And though it's hard as hell
I know that God will help
Cause although I live in Seattle
It's not always gonna rain
There'll be some sunny days coming up this way
Everybody's wanting to see me struggling
Running away from pain
But I know the wondrous things are coming to visit again someday
So no worries I just stand here with a smirk on my face
Although I know some people out there throwin dirt on my name
But it's all good
Still show em some love
Cause unlike that girl from the movie
I ain't holdin no grudge

When the clouds are in the sky
Know that they're just passing by
There'll be sunshine
If your days are stormy nights
Dry the raindrops from your eyes
There'll be sunshine

I've been a little lost
But I'm not colorblind
I'll follow that yellow brick road
And put my fears behind
And on that yellow road
I'll find a wishing well
Cast a line and in time I know I'll prevail

Other kpop songs I am listening on replay:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

i wanna go back home

today has been an awful day...sometimes i dunno why i keep having expectations of people, just to have them let me down. it is my fault, i know. and i should not have been so immature, letting these small things get to me. i have such a bad temper sometimes. anyway, tomorrow is a brand new day. everything happens for a reason, right? i wanna start tomorrow on a brand new slate, and erase all the unhappy things that happened today.

one more last difficult major paper on monday. hopefully i can survive it:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

chitty chitty bang bang

Random photos taken during exams week in 3rd year 2nd semester. Playing with the camera whenever I feel bored.

By the way, I realized my English has been deteriorating in this blog. I sound like a bimbo in some posts. Lol. I will try to write better after my finals.

My mp3 player broke…again…anyone want to sponsor a new one for me?

2 more papers to go…faster faster end-lah!!!






My housemate slash coursemate is the clown of my house…





-clowning around-

Sunday, April 18, 2010

should i buy this?

The more I see it, the more I love it. But it costs a whopping RM75 (excluding postage).

I am so tempted to buy it, but worried it might be an impulse purchase as I am currently living the exams mood.

What do you think? If I love something a lot, despite the price, I should go ahead and get it?

To buy or not to buy, that is the shopaholic's question...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

i love this drama a lot...

being at home right now, i have to restrict myself from watching too much TV. but one show i will never miss is KBS's God Of Study!!!! I love this drama a lot....so inspirational~~!!

hwang baekyeon, gil pulip, hong chandu, na hyeonjong, oh bonggu and teachers, kang seokho, han sujeong, cha gibong, etc.

i love 'em all~~~!!

2 more episodes left till it ends....so sad:(

Friday, April 02, 2010

my life in a photo album

Yay, cannot wait for Lee hyori’s and Rain’s comeback soon~~~!!!


Finally mt Literature review for my final year research project is finish (still need to bind). Ya, finish just one day before deadline. That is why lar, keep telling myself don’t do last minute work, end up do even more procrastinations. So stressful life lar, I think I have not had a good night sleep these past few weeks already=(

Plus, my questionnaire damn lot of problems lor. I also dunno how already. Suan le ba, I will think about it after my exams. Exams, haih, another big worry…


Recently, we had a Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) workshop. Quite fun actually preparing the TPN but very difficult. kekeke. I keep squirting the liquid out of the syringe, make my whole table messy. They let us bring back our “work”. LOL.

IMG_5048 IMG_5046

At Setapak, sometimes life very stressful. kekekeke. Clara & me playing around with some selca / camwhore…I recently posted a video of her on facebook which was so funny. kekekeke. Generated many comments and likes =) Clara, you are a star, thanks to me…

25234_1243638046401_1092867289_30553822_3301610_n On Monday, we had farewell dinner with my buddy Cherh Yun, who is graduating this year. So fast time passed by right? Soon, I will be graduating soon, in one year’s time. Anyway, my buddy line came, as well as seven dwarves because CY asked me to invite them.

25234_1243638086402_1092867289_30553823_4423605_n Thank you to CY for the present + cake. My buddy line pic spoiled by my roommate who was also coincidentally having dinner at the same place. Another coincidence is the fact that our whole buddy line wore white that night without any planning~!


For those who have yet to see me, this is my new hair. Wanted to cut it short for a long time but delayed it because of course nite. I jarang2 post my selca pics here. LOL. Anyway, it looks okay, except I kinda want it shorter a bit more.

scallop bag cotton candy bag TKT

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Need more words? I absolutely am in love with these 2 bags, one from style influx (scallop bag) and another from kooky thing (vintage bag). Damn pretty lor, but came with such hefty price tags. So sad that I am too broke to shop now.

clash-of-the-titans-2010-20091211065924947_640w Today went to watch movie. Really awesome, esp all the Greek mythology thing. The effects also nice but I think the ending a bit too rushed lar. But seriously, nice and super effects movie. =)

*sorry today's updates seem short. I am really tired right now*



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