Friday, December 04, 2009

youtube, pasta zanmai & 2012 movie

Finally have the time to start on my diy projects for this hols. Can you believe I only 2 weeks left of my hols? So so short....I want more hols!!!


This holidays, it has all been about youtube for me. How I wished my internet line is a lot faster so I can watch the shows I want faster.

Besides watching practically almost all 2PM-related variety shows (except those without subs), I also watched another Korean movie called "Antique", which is adapted from a Japanese manga of similar name (Antique Bakery). It is a live-action movie, meaning it preserves some of the humor we get from manga, just like Nodame Cantabile.

I always wanted to watch it after hearing about it a few times on "Idol Army", especially the episode when 2AM came.

The story is simple but the plot is really interesting. It is a "yaoi" movie, btw, but the love story does not play a major role in this movie although some scenes I do find a little funny.

The main actor is actually the guy from "Goong/Princess Hours" (Joo Ji Hoon) but he looks very scruffy in this movie. Not sure it is a good look for him.

As I watched further, I realized that the boy playing the chef's protégé/ex-boxer looks familiar. When I google-ed him online, I found out he was from the K-drama, "He Who Can't Marry", one of my favourite dramas that used to run on KBS. That boy is really cute ;)

The story, in short, is about young rich guy, Jin Hyeok (Jung Ji Hoon) who wants to open a bakery and hires a great chef, Seon Woo. He later found out that Seon Woo used to be the guy who confessed his love for Jin Hyeok back in high school but was rejected cruelly by Jin Hyeok.

Because Seon Woo has a fear of girls, Jin Hyeok could only hire male employees. One of them is Yang Ki Beom, Seon Woo's apprentice, who loves sweet things and used to be a renowned boxer. The other is Nam Soo Yeong, the very clumsy waiter, send by Jin Hyeok's family to protect him.

As the story continues, Seon Woo's ex-boyfriend came to lure him to follow him back to France. And then we learn the reason Jin Hyeok wanted to open the bakery despite his hatred for sweet things and his troubled past that lead him to change his name.

The bakery and all the pastries are so pretty, just like those one will see in Japanese manga. And all those French names. Oh my~~!!!


My bday this year is simple compared to my 21st bday bash last year. Less fuss definitely means less stress. Lol. I had my bday lunch at Pasta Zanmai with my mother at Mid Valley. It serves fusion of Japanese and Italian.

The baby octopus appetizers were really great, mom's unagi dish was also good but sadly my salmon pasta was only so-so. It was way too plain-tasting for me. But this place is not bad, they have a variety of choices. I would go back there again, only I will choose my dishes wiser this time around.


After coming back from my holiday trip, my Mom took a few days off to do the laundry. So we had time to catch a movie at Mid Valley. I wanted to watch "2012" after hearing about how interesting it was from everyone watching it. Previously, the tickets for this movie were always sold out so I wanted to wait until the excitement of this movie dies down. Now would be a good time to watch this movie, actually, because right now, tickets for Twilight: New Moon are selling like hot cakes.

I must say, everyone was right about this movie. It is really really awesome. Probably because of all the effects. Many near-death experiences here and yet, the main characters die in the most unexpected circumstances (not natural catastrophe-related).

The synopsis, in short, is about how the world will end in 2012 but basically people have nowhere to run, except for some wealthy people who bought tickets onto a "metal Noah's ark". The main characters, John Cusack and his family are not rich enough to buy the tickets but they never give up in trying to survive. Many many nail-biting scenes here. Really really "dae bak"!!!


Ultraman Jino said...

ehh is pasta zanmai something to do with sushi zanmai?

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FIFIONA said...

oh....i don't know about that...maybe?

r4i said...

The 2012 movie is brought to us by master of disaster Roland Emmerich, director of ID4, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow and 10,000 B.C. The preview is trying to sell us on effects awesomeness. Let’s strip away the bulls**t and see it for what it is - a likely sign of the moviepocalypse.



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