Wednesday, December 02, 2009

anime hanabi festival = want to watch cosplay ;)

Small thought: What do dreams mean?


On a Saturday, four people decided to go Times Sq to check out the Anime Hanabi Festival, organized by Taylor's College. Two are anime virgins, One only know a fraction, and another One is a super fan. LOL.

Myself, as well as roommate Suz M, housemate Mei Chen and coursemate Yong Xin wanted to take a look at the anime festival after our exams. I am just really curious because I have never been to one, and mostly what I really wanted to see was the cosplay. I always read about it in Sunday Star but have always wanted to see one for myself.

As we arrived, we realized that there was a Cosplay competition going on at the concourse level of BTS. There were 7 finalists dressed up as their favourite anime characters and they had to do a performance each.

I like the ghost in the pic above. No, he was not an anime character, he was just an accompanying act to one of the finalists. I think he is more funny than scary.

When we arrived at 6th floor, we were greeted by this amazingly and scarily loud Japanese rock band. Although I am all for rock bands, but when you don't understand the lyrics or don't know the song, it is hard to enjoy it. Sorry :( But kudos to them anyway. I thought my ears were ringing long afterwards.

She was one of the finalists from the competition. When we saw her came in, we just could not resist asking her to take photo with us. If you don't recognize her, she is Cardcaptor Sakura. I really like watching that anime when I was younger. Only that time, it was subbed in really bad Malay language.

The maids at Manga Cafe. I think their maid costumes are really cute, no? This photo was not really special until I discovered that Nuffnang's Blogger of the Month (Nov 2009) actually knows one of the maids. Hehe. I checked out her blog and saw the same girl there.

She was also one of the finalists. Sexy no her costume? I am not sure what manga it was, I think it was something about Chinese Kingdom. Anyways, she was really sweet when we asked to take photos with her. She was like, "Of course you can!"

These two girls were from "Sudden Attack", an online game. Too bad I don't play video games much. I pretty much suck in them. Every time I played with my cousin, she always win. By a wide margin. Up to a point where I don't expect to win when I play with her, only try to survive as long as possible :(

Another one of the finalists. This one I am sure many will know. He is Naruto. Although I did recognize him, but I don't really read or watch the anime.

The other finalists were Super Mario, Hellboy, Rinku (?) from Final Fantasy and another one that I did not recognize. Sorry...

I think this girl is super pretty no? I really like her costume. Like pretty purple lolita no? Her contact lens were purple too ;)

This was taken outside the exhibition hall on the 6th floor where the festival was held.

Overall, the festival is not very large. There were not many manga sold too. I think there was only one booth that sold manga. In fact, there were not many booths at all and about half were actually online games. But I did have fun taking photos of the cosplayers. I think they are really creative and really brave to parade in their costumes. It is okay to do so in the festival itself, but when they walked through the shopping mall, I am sure there were some curious stares all around.

For more photos, please go to my FACEBOOK. Since I uploaded all the photos there, I am too lazy to duplicate them here.

Lastly, a random photo of me with the balloons meant for Sweet Chat, the cafe. My face looks super perverted lar. But I really like all the colourful balloons. LOL.


cLaRa said...

yerrrrrrrr.. i like the white ghost too~~~~pretty cute~~~~~~~

HoNg hOnG said...

y no sailormoon??
my favourie character...

FIFIONA said...

clara> yup i laughed when i saw the cute hahaha, he was supposed to be flirting with a girl

hanson> sailormoon sudah kolot not "heng" anymore...i tot jino was a fan...



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