Tuesday, December 01, 2009

of birthdays and post-exam outings

Macau was not bad, HK was a blast, and Shenzhen is disappointing


Yes I am back from my holiday trip. Before I start blogging about my trip, however, there are still a bunch of photos that I want to post first.

Most importantly, are bday photos of my Pharmacy friends dating all the way from September. Coincidentally, they are all BLOGGERS too. LOL.

~Clara's 21st birthday
~Jia Xiang, Plaza Prima
~6th October 2009

For Babi Sia's birthday, we decided to celebrate one day later than her actual bday (which is on the 5th) because she kept expecting us to celebrate her bday, so we decided to give her a surprise. It was a joint bday between us Pharmacy gang + my housemates. Her present? It was a SS501 cd since we knew she is a huge fan of Kim Hyun-Joong. It was difficult to choose a present for her. I hope she likes it =)

Read more about it *here*

~Jane's 22nd birthday
~Pizza Hut Setapak
~30th Sept 2009

A much much belated bday post is Mei Chieng's bday. Us Pharmacy gang celebrated her bday with pizza + cake. Hehe. I hope she likes her present we got her. It was a humongous heart pillow. LOL.

Read more about it *here*

~Carolyn Teo's 21st bday
~Cannes Cafe Setapak
~13th October 2009

The "maknae" of our gang has finally become "2NE1" (according to her). We had a small celebration for her between us 6 girls + her "bro" Terev.

Sorry I do not have any photos. I thought I did take photos of that night but turns out that I did not. But, you can read more *here*.


Another interesting event is of course, the post-exam outings. Facebook of UKM students are now flooded with photos of what they all did right after exams.

My finals ended on a Thursday. After that, myself and Sia went to Prima to help with Course Nite souvenirs.

Only on Friday did Sia and I get to go shopping. We went not only to Times Square and Sg Wang but also to Pavilion. Lol.

Outside Pavilion were lots of outrageously early Christmas decorations. Sia wanted to bring one of the reindeer back to A-5-5.

Inside the shopping complex were also no exception when it comes to spreading the Xmas cheer.

I think Pavilion always outdo themselves when it comes to decor. Since we were never going to be able to afford to shop here, we might as well take photos.

Are these photos creative? Hehe. I got the idea because when passing by the Christmas trees, I saw my own reflection in these ginormous tree ball decors.

For lunch, we had the tea time buffet @ Sakae Sushi. Only with Sia, can I sit in a sushi restaurant for 2 hours eating twenty plates of sushi.

For dinner, my roommate BB and I went to Red Potato, this really nice restaurant that had just opened in Setapak.

This is our 2nd time and who knew, I bumped into my coursemate here. Haih...you know who you are...*lost appetite*

While waiting for our food, we played around with the curtains. Looks like wedding veils? LOL.

Yay, finally our food arrived!! I forgot what we ordered but this place is really "dae bak!" Must come and try the food. The lady is also funny. BB accidentally left our apartment keys and the lady scared us by telling us she did not see our keys anywhere. Turns out she was tricking us, because she later returned the keys to us ;)

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