Monday, December 21, 2009

first day of year 3 sem 2, what i did during holidays and just lots of random updates

I will still be continuing my posts about Hong Kong and Shenzhen but a little lazy on updates right now. Will finish it soon!!!


Today was the first day of classes.

As some may know, I am living in Setapak currently, renting an apartment with friends. My uni hostel sucks, truth be told. It is not only dirty but quite a depressing place. After living for one year there, I am glad to be rid of the place, however convenient it may be.

I came back yesterday evening and the house was pretty quiet. Because half of my housemates are not back yet, including one of my roommates. Sia is even funnier. Three of her roommates are only coming back tomorrow so she had the whole room to herself.

I really don't like unpacking stuff. Takes a whole lot of time. Luckily my room is not very dirty since one of my roommates had been staying in Setapak during the hols due to work commitment.

My first night was basically spend on watching "You're beautiful" the k-drama. Yes I am really slow because I am solely relying on English subbed videos on youtube. Still on episode 2 so don't ask me anything about it yet.

As I previously mentioned, today we went back to our campus to a "newer" classroom. It is not exactly "new" because we are still in BSH5 like last semester but they removed the teacher's table and replaced it with a podium. Also we had new PA system installed. Oh, and speakers too! The funny thing is that the voice that came out of the speakers this morning came from a lecturer speaking at the classroom downstairs. Yes, it took us a while when listening to realized that the lecturer was talking to 2nd years. God knows why us 3rd years have the "privilege" of "eavesdropping" on our juniors' lectures.

This past holidays, I am glad I had the chance to re-connect with my Form 6 classmates. Kekeke. They are a great bunch of fun people. I went shopping, ate lunch at TGI Friday's as well as had dinner at Li Ling's house (cooked by 3 wonderful chefs). [P.S. I won't be blogging about it here, can refer to BF blog for pics...]

Hearing about my friends who are going abroad for their studies makes me envy them. I wish I had the opportunity too. But I doubt if I will be able to adapt to a new place as easily as they can. But if given the chance, I would like to go;)

This hols, I also went to watch the movie, "Zombieland" with roomie, BB. I had doubts about this movie but it turned out to be not bad at all. It is gruesomely hilarious, if there is such a word.

[Random photos:]

I wanted to try some d-i-y projects this hols but I was so lazy that I ended up doing only ONE. Yup, I am really lazy. Just tried some fabric painting. I wanted to do an easy design for my first try. So I got my inspiration when I saw this writing on a T-shirt that Nichkhun 2PM wore. The end results? Not bad, although not as smooth as I would like it to be. I have not wash the top yet though. I don't know if the colour will run or not. I had fun with it, want to do another one again. I will write more in detail in my other blog (once I feel motivated enough to update).

I could not decide if I wanted to buy a new dress for my Chinese Pharmacy Course Night next week. On one hand, nice formal dresses are so expensive and not very practical. So initially, I thought I will just wear back one of my old dresses.

I know my dress doesn't seem like the conventional "prom" dress but, after 2 years of attending course night, maybe, I want something refreshing? Oh well, I like it and who cares what others think about my eclectic taste right? I wondered if anyone will end up with identical dress as mine? It happens quite often than one think actually;)

My briefing on research project (thesis) also started today. Needless to say, I am already in a nervous frenzy even before it starts. My biggest concern is not knowing how to start, how to do and basically, just not knowing what to do. Everyone is afraid of the unknown. In this case, I have never done a research project before so yes, I am quite afraid.

Underneath all the layers of worries and anxiety, there is one piece of good news. Yes, I finally got replies regarding my internship / industrial training for May 2010. I was so worried when I heard my friends getting places when I have yet to find one. I received two replies. And these two places are completely different from one another which makes it even harder for me to decide. The first is Natural Wellness, a factory in Cheras. The other is Tung Shin Hospital. Industrial or clinical? I want to choose a place where I can learn a lot of things so I have to select the place carefully. Not yet made up my mind but I know I will have to soon.

This Xmas weekend, I am heading out to Singapore. Good side is that I have never been to our sunny neighbour before so I am curious about the place. On the downside, I heard on Xmas day, the place is awfully packed with people and since it is only a weekend trip, I am wondering if we have enough time to tour the republic.

And since my dates for internship has been released, I am glad that it does not clashed with my Macau trip in May as well. But my other travel buddies have yet to know their fates so I am not sure if the plan will still go on. The air tickets were such a great deal to resist. Only RM75 for both ways. However, accommodation might take up a large portion of my budget.

The reason I am able to type such a long post is that I am waiting for my downloads to complete. Since studies have yet to officially begin, I thought I might kill time by watching dramas and variety shows online. Sad thing is, it is quite slow. I just wish it will go faster.


Aili said...

u jz start u're beautiful, so slow la u.... far, me, janice and suzane alrd finish it.... hehe..

i also watch zombieland with my sis in holiday... tat movie sucks la, wat we learn is rule
no2 double tap and
no3-fasten ur seat belt!!!! xD

FIFIONA said...

ya la coz hols i want to finish watching 2PM that I am done with that, i only watch A.N.Jell...kekeke...

not funny meh? i tot it was quite funny coz they make fun of zombies...kekeke...sick sense of humour...

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